• Patent Attorney Curtis Edmonson to Argue Precedent Setting “Dot Com” Name Change Case for Cannabis Activist Ed Forchion

    Los Angeles – On August 26, 2011, nationally known patent attorney Curtis Edmonson of Beaverton, Oregon will argue a momentous case (Trial Court Case: LS020013 / Court of Appeal Case: B227341) in the California Appellate Court on behalf of the equally well known activist, Ed Forchion aka NJWeedman.COM The parameters of this case just might change legislation and impact the world of new media in an unprecedented manner.
    Edmonson is seeking to bring closure to an effort that has engaged Forchion since as far back as 2001.  That’s when Ed Forchion, while in prison, first approached the courts with a request to change his legal name to NJWeedman.com.  Should Forchion get his way, he will be the first person to ever legally change his name to a ‘dot.com.’
    Forchion has been an internationally recognized advocate in the battle to legalize marijuana in the United States for over a decade now. His public displays of civil disobedience are indeed memorable, such as lighting up a joint in front of the New Jersey State Assembly and at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
    Yet, nothing in the last decade has deterred Forchion in his determination to change his name to NJWeedman.com. Explains Forchion, “This battle started in New Jersey back in 2001 when I wanted to change my name to NJWEEDMAN.COM Now, over 10 years later, the internet has exploded and the stakes are even higher.”
    Edmondson adds, “In this age of internet computing, where people are judged more by their computer profile on a Facebook account than the grip of their handshake, the desired replacement of a person’s ‘actual name’ with their “domain name” is bound to occur.”
    Forchion, who is a legal resident of California, continues to broaden society’s perception of the so-called ‘pothead.’ He is the founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party of New Jersey and has run previous political campaigns in New Jersey for Governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, the State Legislature, and the Burlington County Board of Freeholders.

    Over the last decade, Forchion’s case has been argued and denied in several courts, the most recent occurrence taking place in Los Angeles last year. After relocating from New Jersey to Los Angeles, Forchion once again petitioned the California Courts to legally change his name to NJWeedman.com. Judge Steele denied him stating the ‘.com’ would be confusing to people and the ownership of dot coms was the property of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).  Forchion disagreed with the verdict and filed an appeal. He then posted his need for legal assistance on Craiglist.
    To read more about Ed Forchion a/k/a NJWeedman.com and support the cause, go to http://home.njweedman.com/node/118 and http://www.njweedman.com/namechange.htm.  To review Forchion’s California appeal brief, check out http://www.njweedman.com/CAnamechange_appeal.pdf. And to keep informed on the activity of NJWeedman go to http://www.NJWeedman.com.
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  • 12-Year-Old Rising Star Elijah J Says “Meet Me on the Dance Floor!” with new Video/ Single Release

    Detroit, MI – Willow Smith’s musical battle call has galvanized a new generation of fresh, vibrant talent.  Diggy Simmons, Mindless Behavior and Jacob Latimore are just a of sampling of the recent explosion from a rising tween market that is rocking young and old ears alike.   Now wiz kid, 12-year-old Elijah J is tossing his hat in the ring with a sizzling invitational video release  “Meet Me on the Dance Floor” featuring Chaz Marcus, on Motor City Hitz Records. With the new release, the Detroit native unapologetically bangs our senses with dance moves that defy gravity and a voice that bubbles with agile ability. Elijah J  has come out swinging, and his force will spin you dizzy.

    With “Meet Me on the Dance Floor”  Elijah J embodies the excitement, exuberance and exhilaration of the power of movement enjoyed by today’s youth.  Directed by Erica D. Hayes, who  has also directed videos for Kem and Ledisi, with editing by Andrew D. Tomlinson, from JWE Productions, the video takes place in a lively club scene populated with tweens and teens showing off their best dance moves.

    “‘Meet Me on the Dance Floor’ is a fun song for kids that adults can jam to as well,” offers Elijah J.  “I had a great time filming it and I got a chance to showcase some of my original dance skills.  I’m hoping it is a song everyone will want to party to!”

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  • Hollywood Hair Stylist Dr. Boogie Captures The Ultimate Merger Look with Toccara and Opens New Salon “The Beauty Parlor by Boogie’s Secrets”

    Hollywood, CA – As the fabulous super model Toccara makes her debut on Season 2 of “The Ultimate Merger” on TV One, you better believe she will be bringing her “A” game. With fourteen eligible bachelors vying for her attention, a girl has got to look her absolute best. For hair that speaks volumes, there is only one doctor in town to call, and Toccara called the one and only, Dr. Boogie.

    As the man known for his defining signature styles, Dr. Boogie sets the pace for a season of high fashion and fun with Toccara’s trend setting tresses. With an image best described at ‘couture pin-up’ Dr. Boogie keeps her mane fierce, fabulous and funky. Having developed Eve’s hallmark platinum short cut, creating Kimora Lee’s sexy glam look and defining Lisa Raye’s signature style, Dr. Boogie now brands Toccara with an illusion that will set a new tone in salons around the country.

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  • R&B Sensation, J.T. “Ba’Bro” Johnson, Brings Memphis Flava Back With CD Release “I’m Doing Me”

    J. T. Johnson

    J. T. Johnson

    Memphis, TN – J.T. “Ba’Bro” Johnson is rekindling the Memphis flavored, classic R&B sound with his latest heart throbbing sophomoric release, “I’m Doing Me,” released on his own J.T. Productions. Positioned to revive the old school while stirring the airwaves, Johnson delivers a bold, seductive, down home sound that calls to Hip-Hop and R&B alike.

    Infectious originals such as “Playas Life” a gripping, fast-paced jazz-tinged song that clears up the difference between a playa and a true Romeo and “Got It,” featuring rap intermixed with smooth vocals, reveal a collection of tunes that appeal for the dance floor and the bedroom. The hypnotic, “I Want it All,” is a duet that expresses the singer’s passion for a woman while the sexy “Love Is,” is a seductive tale about a woman he wants, but just can’t have!

    Hailing from Memphis, J.T. is an R&B crooner with real roots. He has worked with and is influenced by the legendary Stax Records singer, songwriter Homer Banks, credited for hits such as “Who’s Making Love (To your Old Lady While You are Out Making Love)” and “(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don’t Want to be Right.”

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  • Doctah B. Sirius Champions Health from a Holistic Perspective Celebrates 15 Years of Success with Parasite Cleanse Program

    Los Angeles – If anyone can testify to the merits of holistic, herbal healing it is Doctah B. Sirius. The Grammy nominated music producer at one time almost succumbed to the effects of life in the fast lane. With a diagnosis that his system was shutting down per an over indulgence of fast food, alcohol and drugs, Doctah B knew he had to act fast if he wanted to continue living.

    Today, Doctah B. Sirius is not only an in-demand music producer (he’s produced India Irie, George Clinton, Keb Mo, B.B. King, George Duke, El Debarge, Herb Alpert, Will Calhoun and Ron Isley) but also a well-respected holistic practitioner who can consult on the merits of herbal healing from a first hand basis. As a prominent natural health professional and master herbalist, he has tapped into a familial tradition with roots in ancient Africa, India and America.

    After meeting with several herbalists, nutritionists and natural health practitioners, Doctah B began not only using herbal medicines but creating his own formulas. He changed his lifestyle, began using plant-based nutrition, and within a short time, turned his health crisis around transitioning into radiant health. Now he is on a mission to enhance the life of others.

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  • AIDS Drugs Offer Major Breakthrough in Fight Against Spread of HIV/AIDS But Cultural Determinants Still Crucial Within the Black Community

    By Cleo Manago, (CEO and founder of the AmASSI Centers for Wellness, Education and Culture) – The results of two recent studies known as PrEP, released on Wednesday, July 13,2011, show findings that taking a daily pill containing one or two AIDS drugs can help keep an uninfected person from catching the HIV virus. This is definitely significant news – a definite step in the right direction in the ongoing efforts to eradicate the spread of HIV and AIDS globally. The potential of pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is very encouraging, particularly, as it could impact Black communities, who up until now have endured 30 years of clearly ineffective prevention efforts.

    While the onset of PrEP is great news, we must still continue to examine and address co-factors that contribute to the staying power of HIV and AIDS among diverse African Americans.

    Over three decades, while some in the Black HIV field may have been well-intended; most accepted approaches to preventing the spread of HIV have failed, and could only fail, partially due to the fact that Black AIDS institutions have typically focused on HIV or AIDS alone, and not the social determinants in which HIV risk taking are the symptoms of, and not the cause of HIV.

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  • Soul Man Billy John Drops New CD “Never, Never, Never Give Up”

    Los Angeles – It’s always a beautiful thing when a dream comes to fruition. Just ask veteran music man Billy John. The release of his debut CD is the embodiment of a life long dream for him. So much so, that he titled it, “Never, Never, Never Give Up” because at times he felt like felt it was never never gonna happen.

    But John’s diligence and persistence has paid off as his “Never, Never, Never Give Up” release on Saraleta Records is the melodious concoction of years of music brewing and stewing in his veins. With “Never, Never, Never Give Up” he transports us with bluesy, R&B originals that hearken roots steeped deep and smothered in soul.

    The opening “Make My Day” is “Never, Never’s” celebration. John’s vocals recall the timbre of soul men like Al Green and Bobby Womack. His husky tone rides an r&b beat that bounces off the four walls of a south side dive, where the patrons just bask in the joy off a simple reprieve at the neighborhood bar. “Lil Moma” is a rockabilly joint that finds John celebrating the virtues of a southern bred woman who has real survival game. On “Love Is Blind” John takes it tender with a love lullaby that twangs the heart chords with rhythmic cadence. With “Missin’ You” John breaks down the tribulations of a love affair whose effects still linger.

    Billy John is the product of original bluesmen. Hailing from Evansville, Indiana, R&B, gospel, blues and jazz framed his early beingness. Legendary artists like Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Jackie Wilson and Bobby “Blue” Bland flavored the musical streams of data flowing his way.

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  • Actor Dorien Wilson UnRings the Bell At 2011 National Black Theatre Festival

    Winston-Salem, NC – Celebrated actor Dorien Wilson has wowed television audiences for decades. His comedic performances in TV classics like “Dream On,” “Goode Behavior,” “Sister Sister,” and of course, “The Parkers” have garnered him a burgeoning fan base, awards and numerous accolades. However, when the thespian takes the take stage at this year’s 2011 National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC, we will see Dorien Wilson like we have never seen him before.

    “UnRinging The Bell” is Wilson’s one-man show debut, running at the festival from Tuesday, August 2 through Thursday, August 4, 2011. A special Red Carpet performance and VIP reception will be held on Thursday, August 4 the closing night at 8:00 p.m. A comedic yet poignantly, introspective journey, “Unringing The Bell” reveals Wilson coming to terms with his life .

    In the play, we find Wilson seeking therapy amongst a parade of characters, all of whom are dealing with something done to them in their lives. But now they must bury it and move on. Wilson seamlessly portrays not only himself, but a cast of personalities that also include the Dr. Ira Feinstein, a persnickety old man with a European accent; a white supremacist who falls in love with a Black woman, and a homeless man who was once a Hollywood star. Wilson exposes his personal highs and lows in the entertainment business, his ordeal with alcoholism, depression and the passing of his mother. A range of different media is utilized including voice-over, filmed segments, slides and original music.

    “Theater is such a wonderful and intimate medium,” expresses Wilson. “This is a refreshing return to my acting roots and an acknowledgment of some powerful life lessons. I’m hoping the audience will become engaged and find the piece as cathartic for them as it was for me in the performing of it.”

    “The concept of “Unringing The Bell” is that once something happens, the bell is rung. It is done. You can’t undo it, you can’t go back. You have to deal with the truth of it, embrace it and move on. It can be a liberating experience,” adds Wilson.

    A recipient of the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy,

    Wilson’s career spans over 20 years including three series in network television. He first became a household staple as Eddie Charles in HBO’s “Dream On” and then the Reverend Franklin Goode on UPN’s “Goode Behavior.” Wilson also enjoyed recurring roles on “Sister Sister,” “Friends,” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” His role as Professor Oglevee on “The Parkers” however, solidified him as a mainstay in America’s television history.

    Wilson will be taking his one-man performance, “Unringing The Bell” on the road after its run at the National Black Theatre Festival. For ticket information about “UnRinging The Bell,” go to http://www.nbtf.org/ . You can find Dorien Wilson on Facebook.com and “like” and follow him there.

    NOTE TO MEDIA: Dorien Wilson is available for interviews at jazzmynepr@gmail.com. For review attendance of “Unringing The Bell” send media request to jazzmynepr@gmail.com as well.

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  • The Game Takes Flight with David Cash in “City of Angels” Video Release

    Venice, CA – It’s not many newcomers that can step into the arena spitting with the likes of The Game on their debut single or have their mixtape laced with lyrics specifically provided by J. Cole and Pharrell. But David Cash isn’t your typical wanna’ be artist. The Venice, Cali native on Nu West World Records, is breathing flames into the West Coast rap scene with a style that is infused with heat and fury. His lyrical fire smokes not only the competition, but also any notion that west coast rap is yesterday’s news. The City of Angels has birthed a new rap sun, and David Cash is re-birthing the inferno that started it all!

    With his new video release “City of Angels” Cash serves up a visual reminder of why southern Cali is the envy of the rap music scene nationally. Fully laying claim to the concept that ‘Los Angeles is where you wanna’ be,’ Cash pierces our senses with a soundtrack and scenery that captures the essence of the land of La La, from the streets of South Central to the sunny shores of Venice Beach. Native son, The Game joins him in the video, adding credence to the emergence of this rising artist, alongside American Idol beauty Asia’h Epperson who lends a sizzling serenade with the song’s refrain.

    Cash turns up the heat with his 15-track strong mixtape release, “In Living Color” featuring J. Cole, Devin the Dude, Nipsey Hussle, Flying Lotus and Pharrell who all join him on the project with personalized, non-sampled submissions. Cash’s slow, smoke hazed style entices us with tales of street lore from the bedroom to the beach. On “Curse of Gangsta” he takes us deep into the mind of a man tormented by his choices, then pumps up the volume on “Fame” with rap star Nipsey Hussle. When Cash teams with J. Cole on “Purple Rain” its a mack meets mack sexapade. Then Devin the Dude does what he does best, ad-libbing on “I Like What You Do” while Pharrell graces “Fences” with his one-of-a-kind flow.

    Venice, California offered Cash a unique perspective of the ‘west side.’ Often referred to as the ‘far west,’ Venice Beach inspired him with a melting pot of influences, people and experiences. His more relaxed rhyme style boasts a distinctive variation from the aggressive rhyme patterns of emcees on the “eastside” such as Snoop, Ice Cube, and even The Game, yet his knowledge and recollection of the streets is no less intense. When on the mic, Cash raps raw, honest and real. His rhymes flow with the swagger and introspection of a veteran who has earned his stripes.

    Expresses Cash, “I am David Cash. My heart swells and subsides to the sounds of my life. My music is an expression of everything around me. It may not always be pretty, but its real. Music is my escape. ‘City of Angels’ is just a prelude to what I am bringing to this game. Life has a tendency to mix things up and my music is gonna’ do the same thing. I want folks to hear me, to feel me, to know me.”

    David Cash will soon prove that he is hardly an artist limited to genres. His next release, “Luv Hate Luv” with Chrisette Michelle, sees him leaving his street jacket behind and exploring new realms.

    Take flight with the “City of Angels” at http://www.youtube.com/user/NuWestWorld and download “In Living Color” for free at http://www.iamdavidcash.com/ .

    NOTE TO MEDIA: David Cash is available for interviews at jazzmynepr@gmail.com

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  • Cheryl Pepsii Riley to Perform at the Legendary Blues Alley in Washington DC

    Washington, DC – Any onewho has ever watched a Tyler Perry play can testify to the fact that Cheryl Pepsii Riley is an unmatched powerhouse singer. In fact, her ’80’s hit, “Thanks for My Child” still resonates as a classic old school anthem for many today. The re-release of her independent CD “Let Me Be Me” is firing up satellite radio and internet shows and just recently she made a guest appearance with Tyler Perry on The Mo’Nique Show. Well, Washington, DC is in for a special treat when Riley makes a rare club appearance, with her band, Hot Chocolate, at the legendary Blues Alley on June 30, 2011. Blues Alley is located at 1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Washington, DC. Show times are 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

    Riley continues to invigorate the musical landscape by hosting her own independent artist showcase, “Black Velvet Mondays” every week in New York at the Village Underground. The show has been running for four years now and can be attended via webcast at http://www.TheVillageUnderground.com.

    Check out Cheryl’s recent song “Let Me Be Me” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flt9euT8Ths, or to watch her performance in Tyler Perry’s, Madea Goes to Jail.

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  • Rev. Al Sharpton, Marc Lamont Hill and Cleo Manago to Contribute to Historic Discussion at Black Manhood & Sexual Diversity Forum in NYC

    New York, NY – From comedian Tracy Morgan’s controversial rant to CNN’s Don Lemon’s coming out’, to the historic legalization of same-sex marriage in New York last week – homosexuality is at the forefront of water cooler conversations these days. It is a particularly hot topic within the Black community, given the social, political and cultural ramifications inherit within this community. Where as in previous generations, in order to escape oppression, some very ‘light-skinned’ Blacks ‘passed as White,’ today many same gender loving (SGL) men pass as heterosexual, hiding in plain sight, to escape the pain of being regarded as less than “real men.”

    In response to the brewing controversy around homosexuality and the Black community, the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX) National has joined forces with the National Action Network and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement to present the community forum I AM A MAN: Black Manhood & Sexual Diversity in the Black Community on Saturday, July 16th at 2:00 p.m. at the National Action Network in New York. The National Action Network is located at 106 W. 145th St. (near Lenox Ave.) Black Men’s Xchange National is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to promoting healthy self-concept and behavior, cultural affirmation and critical consciousness among same gender loving, gay-identifying and bisexual African-descended males and allies.

    The historic, multi-media event will feature film and video footage, live performances, a panel discussion and community dialogue featuring National Action Network’s president, Rev. Al Sharpton, “Our World with Black Enterprise” television host, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, and Black Men’s Xchange National founder & CEO, Cleo Manago. Participants in attendance will chart a collective course for intra-community recognition covering topics on Black male diversity, sexuality, manhood, power and safety.

    Recalling the signs carried by Memphis sanitation workers at the strike where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, I AM A MAN is an affirmation of the common struggle of Black men, and a call for the inclusion of the SGL men among the collective. Noting a rash of highly publicized homosexual teen suicides across the country and that the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Black community is still among Black men, most of whom are homosexual and bisexual, Reverend Sharpton cites, “There is absolutely a need to have this discussion.”

    Says Cleo Manago, “For generations, the Black community has been so preoccupied with survival in America, or assimilation, we have rarely stepped out of this to figure ourselves out, or rationally address our perceived differences with each other. This forum is one of those rare opportunities on an essential issue.”

    Black Men’s Xchange-NY Co-founder, John-Martin Green insists, “This human rights struggle – for diverse Black men to be fully present, respectfully representing our range – can only be won as we muster our courage as a community to face our fears and end misunderstandings that produce unhealthy behaviors and division among us.”

    Join BMX National and their community partners to jointly build a stronger community, where whether SGL, bisexual or heterosexual, it is safe not to “hide in plain sight” anymore. I AM A MAN: Black Manhood & Sexual Diversity in the Black Community will be a forum dedicated to insuring that all Black people can be respected and affirmed. For more information go to http://www.facebook.com/bmxnational .

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  • Black Mafia Widow, Thelma Wright Shares Her Story in New Book “With Eyes From Both Sides – Living My Life In and Out of the Game”

    Philadelphia – The words “queen pen” and “boss lady” can conjure up many images. One might think of an icy, cold-blooded gangstress who is heartless about the business at hand. Yet, the sparkling, green eyes belonging to Thelma Wright paint a different picture. Though rumored at one time to be the most powerful and dangerous Black woman in Philadelphia, discreetly running a bi-coastal drug empire that her husband left behind, Wright’s green eyes reflect a pensive view. Peering into them, we feel the love, the loss, the pain and the retribution of a mother, a wife now widowed and a yes, even a friend. Simply stated, Thelma Wright was married to the mob … the Black Mafia to be exact. But nothing is ever that simple.

    With her poignantly, introspective release of “With Eyes From Both Sides – Living My Life In and Out of the Game” as told to and written by C. Alease, the former boss lady invites us not only into her world, but into her mind, her heart and her soul. The woman, quietly heralded by some as the Black Griselda Blanco, minus the murder, was on the lead track of the notorious Black Mafia, a gang which ran Philly’s drug trade throughout the ’80’s and into the ’90’s. Married to drug kingpen, Jackie Wright, one of the top heroin wholesalers in the city at that time, Wright was privy to a life that on the surface, most would envy.

    Like Blanco, Wright was respected as a no nonsense woman who stayed on top of the product. At her peak, she was grossing top dollar and living the high life, attending championship fights via private jets, going on European shopping sprees and driving a fleet of customized Mercedes Benzs. She also enjoyed taking cruises to the Bahamas and speed boating in Miami.

    “With Eyes From Both Sides” however, Wright takes us beneath the surface of the fast lane into the real. The product of a middle working class Black family, Wright attended Catholic school and was a star athlete as a child. Life was never difficult for her and she came from a stable and loving, two-parent home. Wright’s story is not your typical tale of abuse or abandonment. In fact, it was the strength of good parenting and strong family ties that saw her through her darkest days.

    So how did she end up entangled in one of the Black underworld’s most notorious gangs? It was the attraction for men who had achieved financial status and success that was the bait that lured her into the ‘game.’ Like most inner city communities in an era past, the fast life was the road many initially, well intended Black men traveled to acquire seemingly quick and easy riches.

    Wright’s novel is a ride down memory lane, as we flashback to the tone of those times. Nostalgia colors our remembrance of days long past, as she recalls childhood games on the schoolyard in her elementary years to her high school graduation, her first job and her first boyfriend even.

    Through her vivid recollections, we gain recognition of the heart behind a woman who loved so hard that her eyes were blinded to the cold reality of truth. In a world cluttered with deceitful dealings, pain and continual loss, Wright closed her inner eyes and saw only a facade of what was real.

    “There are really roads, highways to this life, with fast lanes and slow lanes and some with banked curves and circles around which we are driven. My story is a warning for women who think that the fast lane is the road less traveled, and therefore the best one to take. It is a cautionary tale for the inquisitive, middle of the road wanderers, who stumble at the fork, wondering what it might be like. But above all, it is a prayer for women all over the world who wish to know the truth of the matter,” reveals Thelma Wright. “If you are in the ‘game,’ get out, because it will destroy you.”

    Thelma Wright’s “With Eyes From Both Sides – Living My Life In and Out of the Game” is more than your cautionary urban fiction lore. It is the real life drama of a woman who played the game in full and survived to tell about it. But even more so, Thelma Wright is ‘everywoman’ who has ever loved someone, but had to learn to love herself first and foremost.

    See what her eyes reveal at http://www.ThelmabWright.com and purchase “With Eyes From Both Sides – Living My Life In and Out of the Game” there or wherever good books are sold.

    A book launch and signing party for Wright will be held Saturday, July 30 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Recess Lounge in Philadelphia. The Recess Lounge is located at 125 South Second Street.

    NOTE TO MEDIA: Thelma Wright is available for interviews at jazzmynepr@gmail.com. For review copies of “With Eyes From Both Sides,” send name, media outlet and mailing address and requests will be forwarded to the publisher for mail out .

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