• Radio Personality Michael Baisden Announces Submission Details for his “Million Dollar Business Pitch” Campaign

    Michael Baisden is “Paying It Forward” with $500,000 of his own money!

    Radio personality, Michael Baisden announced the details of his “Million Dollar Business Pitch” campaign during his nationally syndicated show, “The Michael Baisden Show,” on Monday, November 28, 2011. Last month, Baisden initially announced his plans to provide a half-million dollars to small businesses and non-profits via the campaign. Listeners were instructed to tune into the radio show, Twitter, or FaceBook on November 28th for submission details.

    Since then, Baisden has been telling his listeners “There’s no such thing as luck in business, you have to be prepared when opportunity presents itself!”

    That opportunity was revealed in a three-step process for entrepreneurs to submit their businesses for a chance at a portion of a $500,000 small business investment, contributed solely by Baisden. Beginning January 2012, Baisden promises to begin cutting checks for businesses that can pitch their profit and non-profit companies the best. But there is a catch, he added, those selected must be committed to “Paying it Forward.”

    “I want to support entrepreneurs who understand the importance of giving back,” states Baisden. “I started my business with $3,000, which was loaned to me by two co-workers and my mother. Once my business became profitable, I immediately started reaching back and paying it forward and I’ve been blessed ever since.”

    Michael also stated that the process of submitting a business is not an easy one, nor was it meant to be. “In order to achieve success you must be diligent, organized, and above all else, have integrity,” he says. Entrepreneurs who are prepared for the challenge must go through three steps to get to the final round. Those step are as follows:

    Step One – Read the Terms & Conditions then fill out the application
    online at http://www.BaisdenLive.com, include a brief description of your business and submit a one to three minute video pitch of your business.

    Step Two – If you make it to “Step 2″ you will be contacted to submit a complete a comprehensive questionnaire, submit your business plan, your business financials and tax returns.

    Step Three – If selected for “Step 3″ Michael Baisden will fly you to a city of his choice to pitch your business live in front of him, a live audience and other potential investors. (Airfare, ground transportation and hotel will be at his expense.)

    The winners will receive an investment of $10,000 to $100,00 in accordance with the rules.

    For more information log onto http://www.Baisdenlive.com and click the Million Dollar Pitch banner. You can also connect with the Michael Baisden Show on Twitter @baisdenlive, on Facebook at Baisdenlive, or http://www.Minglecity.com.

    “Good luck and may the best business win!” says Baisden.

    About Michael Baisden
    Michael Baisden has been recognized as one of the most influential men in radio. He is also a TV talk show host, filmmaker and New York Times best-selling author with nearly two million books in print. His “One Million Mentors: National Campaign To Save Our Kids,” implemented via his The Michael Baisden Foundation, lead to him being awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation “Keepers of The Dream” Award.

    The Michael Baisden Show is an entertaining four-hour afternoon drive radio program airing Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET and combines the best in music, comedy and social commentary to inspire real change across America. Heard in 22 of the top 25 Urban radio markets, The Michael Baisden Show reaches more than seven million listeners each week and is syndicated by Cumulus Media Networks.

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  • Quadriplegic Rap Producer Professor X Is Determined to Stand Up in the Rap Game

    Los Angeles – As far back as grade school, young Bran-Don Aubert, aka Professor X, always had a big dream. Hailing from the crime-riddled streets of South Central Los Angeles he wrote his first rhymes in the second grade. Developing a passion for rap while listening to songs by Eazy-E, De La Soul and Too Short, he knew in his heart and soul that if he worked on his rap skills he would one day become a big hip hop star.

    As a teenager however, his dreams were seemingly shattered, when one day, while playing around at his high school, a freak wrestling accident left him paralyzed. Not only could he no longer take simple steps or move around, things he had taken for granted; his despair was doubled when he discovered he no longer had the lung capacity to rap! Sixteen years old and the world that he knew and embraced had ended.

    Today, as a young man, Professor X is a testimony to the essence of true determination. What might have crushed many only propelled him forward. With true grit and persistence he redirected his energy and stayed in the game. The release of his mixtape series presented by DJ Rah2K and TNE DJ’s, is a compilation of his production efforts with guest appearances from his crew.

    Armed with a plan to change the world’s perceptions about disabled artists, Bran-Don, in a stance similar to the popular Marvel Comics superhero, Professor X, is a visionary on a mission. Inspired and motivated by the quadriplegic comic superhero, Bran-Don aka Professor X eventually formed his own entity; an entertainment company called Taupnoych Entertainment and launched his own entourage of DJs known as TNE DJ’s.

    With the release of his debut mixtape, Professor X hopes to gain massive attention and accolades from rappers and hip hop fans internationally. But even more so, he hopes to inspire those ‘abled’ and ‘disabled’ as a living testimony to the fact that there are no setbacks in life. When not producing music, Bran-Don stays busy motivating elementary, high school and college students with his personal story of perseverance and success.

    “In my hood, I was always ‘that guy in the wheelchair.’ I could hear the whispers about me and folks were always feeling bad for me. But the mind is our greatest muscle and the accident left mine in tact. I used this experience to propel me. Once I realized I might not be that great rapper I always dreamed of, I put my energy into producing. So when they ask now, ‘Who the hell is that guy in the wheelchair?’ It’s Professor X and I’m coming at you to show you if I can do it, so can you! The music is gangsta’, because sometimes life can be gangsta’. Regardless though, we are here to win!”

    Under the auspices of Taupnoych Entertainment, Professor X has produced music for various hip hop artists, including Jet Black, and E-40’s artist Turf Talk. He has formed his own group called, 110, and recorded a track with rapper E-40 titled “Gettin’ That Gwop.” His artist crew, all featured on the mixtape release, consist of Lost of 110; Gizzle of 110; Cree-8 of 110; Donmo; Interstate Tip; Grown Up Goddi; Dj Mainvybe and J. Money Films. Turf Talk and Compton Menace also make guest appearances on the mixtape release.

    For more information about Professor X and his music, visit http://www.ProfessorXTNE.com , follow him on Twitter @110harborfwy and friend him on Facebook under 110Harborfwy.

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  • Chef Shay Atkins Plans to Feed 5000 Needy Families for the Holidays with Creative Turkey Cuisine Fundraiser

    Chicago – Chef Shay Atkins knows a thing or two about frying turkeys. In fact she knows about 15 different things because that’s how many flavors her fried turkeys come in! From jerk BBQ to Thai Coconut Curry to Peaches & Rum, Taco Fiesta or just plain old Southern Fried she may just well be the queen of turkey frying. As a young entrepreneur and owner of the Chicago-based Creative Turkey Cuisine (CTC) restaurant, Atkins has a huge holiday cut out for her. In addition to her holiday orders, she intends to give away over 1000 turkeys to needy families this season, feeding 5000 families.

    With the launch of her First Annual Creative Turkey Cuisine Fundraiser, Atkins is offering the public several opportunities to assist with reaching her heart inspired goal. Individuals can sponsor a family or families directly or donate to participating organizations and businesses who have committed to the CTC effort. In addition, organizations and businesses can select to become involved in the effort.

    A budding business women, Atkins was the grand prize winner of the Elevator Pitch Competition at the 2010 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference. With a passion for helping people and feeding them great food she opened Creative Turkey Cuisine after her win. Creative Turkey Cuisine is the very first exclusive, all turkey and vegetarian catering company and restaurant providing clientele with choices for a healthier lifestyle. Her 15 flavors of signature fried turkey are available for shipping during the holiday season and she has plans to open additional locations in Washington, D.C., Atlanta and California in 2012.

    “I have been blessed with a wondrous opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Creative Turkey Cuisine was a vision that has been made a reality. Healthy food is a fabulous form of happiness and during the holidays, happiness and food are not things that everyone can take for granted. The Annual Creative Turkey Cuisine Fundraiser is another vision I am determined to make a reality. The goal is 5000 families but with a little holiday spirit, I’m hoping we can feed even more,” expresses Atkins.

    Love in Action (http://www.loveinaction.org) with locations in Philadelphia, Orlando, San Diego and Chicago; the God Promise Ministry (http://godspromiseministries.net); WOW Women International (http://www.wowwomen.org); Billionaire Minds, which is focusing on feeding students and Mikal Clay Hair Products are currently participating with Atkins campaign and accepting donations.

    About Creative Turkey Cuisine
    Creative Turkey Cuisine is an exclusive turkey and vegetarian restaurant that ships its Signature Gourmet Fried Turkey’s nationwide. The menu options feature creative, flavorful and delicious cuisine. CTC appeals to the current demand in the country for health conscious food choices that still taste great. Health and wellness is the focus through sumptuous, gorgeous meals that don’t compromise flavor or taste. CTC offers all the flavor, taste and creativity without the guilt, essentially less sodium, fresh herbs, fresh produce and more flavor.

    Turkeys are available in 15 gourmet flavors, fried in 100% peanut oil, vacuumed sealed in reheatable oven bags and packed with dry ice to ensure fresh delivery.

    For an updated list of charitable organizations participating in the First Annual Creative Turkey Cuisine Fundraiser visit http://www.CreativeTurkeyCuisine.com.

    Organizations interested in participating may submit all requests directly to info@creativeturkeycuisine.com ( subject line: Help Feed 5000 Families) or call 1-877-6-TURKEY (877-688-7539). Single family orders may be made at http://www.CreativeTurkeyCuisine.com or by calling 312-870-0282.

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  • Urban Saga “SnitchCraft” Resurfaces as Ebook as Drug Sentencing Reforms Reduce Prison Population

    Atlanta, GA – When author Edrea Davis debuted her fictional saga, “SnitchCraft” in hardcover back in 2007, everyone from readers to activists to academics took note of this creative approach to advocacy. Davis cunningly fused hip-hop with a civil rights agenda to offer a glimpse into the corrupt environment created by the use of informants and underscore the unfairness of racially biased sentencing guidelines.

    Last year President Obama signed legislation reducing drug sentencing disparities, but the law was not applied retroactively. Dogon Village Books celebrated the new sentencing guidelines becoming retroactive November 1, 2011, with the release of the ebook version of “SnitchCraft,” updated with new information and facts.

    “I am happy about the progress made on sentencing reform. Reducing the disparity between powder and crack cocaine from 100-to-1 to 18-to-1 is a positive step,” said Davis, a volunteer with the November Coalition (http://www.november.org), an education foundation working to end the drug war injustice. “The release of my ebook at a time when thousands of federal inmates become eligible for release from prison is a reminder that if we continue to raise our voices for education over incarceration we will chip away at the remaining disparities and the corrupt snitch system as well.”

    Praised by civil rights legend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery for, “shedding light on deep-rooted problems plaguing the Black community,” “SnitchCraft” juxtaposes the themes of family, spirituality, and social justice against the backdrop of a popular Southern California nightclub battling escalating gang violence. It uncovers the street life escapades behind the dynamics of snitching, while questioning the morals and values that are often convoluted with the issue.

    “SnitchCraft” pushes the boundaries of typical ‘urban lit’ fare however. Davis incorporated a unique “After the Book” section with a reader’s guide of discussion questions, suggestions on how to become active in your community, and an index of leading organizations focused on criminal justice reform and other issues impacting the Black community.

    The engaging read even landed on the required reading list in a curriculum guide at the Yale National Initiative of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. According to the guide, the introduction to Criminal Justice course incorporated the book because it looks at the present day social phenomenon of snitching, police corruption and the use of paid confidential informants in solving crime.

    The novel revolves around flamboyant nightclub owner, John “JC” Powell. JC is making more money than he can count, providing for his entire family, and on the verge of winning back the love of his life, Candace Banks. When he is arrested, convicted, and imprisoned based on the testimony of someone he trusted, JC struggles to clear his name and get back over two million dollars in assets seized by the government. As the pieces of the puzzle come together in a surprising courtroom drama, JC realizes that he is caught up in a ruthless game, playing against a criminal justice system set up to win by any means necessary.

    “Snitchcraft” is available online at Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad iBookstore, Smashwords, and at other online retailers. For more information on “Snitchcraft” go to http://www.snitchcraft.com or www.dogonvillage.com and view the book trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-91GCbGx7CE.

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  • Makeda Smith, president of Jazzmyne PR, featured in Daily Single


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  • Gospel Great Vickie Winans To Grace 2011 WOW Women International Conference

    Chicago – Darlyn C. Turner, the First Lady of Liberty Temple Full Gospel Church and the World Outreach Ministries Network and Vice President of Clifford E. Turner Ministries, takes her mission seriously. As the founder of WOW Women International and host of their annual W.O.W. Conference, she has been instrumental in bringing a powerful message to women for over a decade, addressing the wholeness of their bodies, souls and spirit.

    This year’s event will further that legacy when a dynamic group of speakers and panelist gather for the 2011 WOW Women International Conference, ‘Moving Up!’ on Thursday, November 10 through Saturday, November 12 at the Marriott Resort in Oak Brook Hills, IL. Billboard-charting gospel icon, Vickie Winans will grace the occasion during a special “Fireside Chat,” providing song and inspiration with her personal testimony. The multi-day conference will also offer interactive sessions and lively discussions designed to tackle tough questions on relationships, personal development, money, business, health, nutrition, and more.

    Founded in 2001 by Darlyn Turner, WOW Women International has become a vibrant, growing network with chapters in California (San Diego), Florida (Orlando), Illinois (Chicago, Bolingbrook and Waukegan, IL) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia). The WOW conferences are an unique extension of the organization, designed to provide practical tools and valuable resources that women can leverage to build and sustain full, rich lives. The key to this is providing mentoring opportunities and building quality relationships.

    “Mentoring is crucial to success and reaching our individual potential,” states Turner. “Mentors have made a tremendous impact on my life and I would not be where I am today without them. Unfortunately, for many women, the mentoring component is absent from their lives. Often, they have not found the right mentors or even know how to identify them. My desire is to provide women from all backgrounds access to highly successful and gifted leaders that they would normally not have the opportunity to interact with. I know firsthand that just one sentence from them can literally change your life.”

    This year’s event is the biggest and boldest gathering of leaders WOW Women International has ever assembled. Offering an unrivaled and highly productive conference experience at cost-effective rates, participants will be afforded the opportunity to network with leading entrepreneurs and professionals.

    A special conference highlight will include the Women of Excellence Luncheon with keynote remarks from Tasha Green Cruzat, COO for the State of Illinois, as she acknowledges  the 2011 WOW Women Honorees: Dr. Michele Hoskins, CEO & Founder of  Michele Foods; Brenda Palms Barber, Executive Director of North Lawndale Employment Network and CEO of Sweet Beginnings, LLC and Donna Thompson, R.N., M.S., CEO of Access Community Health Network.

    “The women we have assembled this year are beyond amazing,” adds Darlyn Turner, “and needless to say, we are overwhelmed to have Vickie Winans as our featured guest.”

    Vickie Winans is one of the best-known artists in gospel music with signature songs such as “How I Got Over,” “Shake Yourself Loose,” “As Long As I Got King Jesus” and “We Shall Behold Him” to her credit. Her profile on BET’s Sunday morning TV series “Lift Every Voice” remains the most watched episode in that program’s history with over 800,000 viewers.

    WOW Women International has special opportunities available to sponsor student attendance at the Women of Excellence Luncheon.  Visit the WOW website now at http://www.wowwomen.org for complete details, conference registration and speaker and panelist information.

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