• New Book Release “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” Reveals a Woman’s Journey to Power

    A.A. Jones is many things to many people. Her roles include wife, neighbor, friend, dog trainer, yoga instructor, Pilates coach, pole dance teacher, and unbeknownst to most, stripper. At 37 – Jones is not your stereotypical college student – moonlighting on the side to make ends meet. She is a real life housewife, desperate, trying to save a marriage from financial doom and in the end, trying to save herself. Her story is everywoman as she struggles to come to terms with her life and in the process finds self-empowerment and moves closer toward inner peace.

    Jones’ “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” is more than a day-to-day account of a woman thrown into the underground world of stripping, sex and drama. It is the intimate, soul- bearing memoir of a woman making her way in a man’s world and owning her power. Revealing, titillating and yes erotic, “Diary” is not merely a confessional. It is the story of a phoenix rising. In the vein of bestsellers “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Wild,” “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” taps deep into the secret sanctum of femininity, revealing a latent hunger determined to be fed.

    In “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” we find Allison Jones as your seemingly typical, happily married suburban housewife. A native of Croatia, she originally came to the States to pursue acting. Having supplanted her career for her husband’s quest for happiness, she finds his American Dream is imploding. Taking on job after job to do all she can to help, it is just not enough. After much research, she finds the answer to their financial woes.

    It sounds simple enough. She will moonlight as a stripper to help make ends meet. As a yoga instructor and pole dance teacher she has the body and the skills to succeed and most importantly, she has her husband’s blessing.

    Jones’ journey takes her to Tilt, a fully nude gentlemen club. Per her European upbringing, the nudity is not a real challenge, and since her dance skills are phenomenal, Jones imagines this new adventure will be a no-brainer. However her entrance into the world of club life uncovers more than just her bare skin.

    Jones brings the reader up close and personal as she goes down the rabbit hole into the maze of the underworld. In the process, not only is a new personality unleashed inside her, but the veil is removed off a marital relationship she tried hard to believe was idyllic. Jones’ sexuality is ferociously ignited and she is forced to come to terms with a powerful predator that had remained dormant, lulled to sleep in a lackluster marriage. The new found magnetism she commands over men in the club is also an energy that she now has to battle within.

    Jones’ diary details her reconciliation of the two halves of her life; her role as Allison, the righteous housewife; and Jones, the siren stripper and seductress. Stripping off layers, exposing skin, Allison Jones realizes she had buried more than just her dream of acting. Life as an exotic pole dancer bares the truth about her marriage, her inner most desires, and who she really is, which is much more than just the perfect housewife.

    Women around the world are tapping into their true strength and sexual power. In dance studios across the nation, pole dance and pole fitness is replacing the typical treadmill exercise routine. As also evidenced by the runaway success of the E.L. James’ erotic fiction paperback, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild,” more and more women are exploring and unleashing their inhibitions. There is a movement rising and “Tilt Diary of a Virgin Stripper” is propelling the occasion. A.A. Jones has generously provided a road map of her sexual revolution and it is a transformation that is sure to liberate many.

    Climb the pole with her at http://tiltdiary.wordpress.com/ and start jonesing at http://www.youtube.com/user/TiltTV1.

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  • Male Pole Champion Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant Joins Aeriform Arts Studio Before Leaving for Australian Tour

    North Hollywood, CA – Television executive Lea Walker holds an expansive dream for her Aeriform Arts Studio. Born from her desire to find refuge from the busy demands of her work in the entertainment field, Walker’s Aeriform Arts Studio is an oasis of dance and fitness offerings that take working out to new heights. From pole, to aerial yoga, to lyra and hanging silks, the studio is a virtual playing field for airborne conditioning adventure.

    Walker has elevated her vision however with the announcement of a totally co-ed curriculum, opening the doors to men who may want to partake in the fitness fun. Men can now workout right alongside the women and take their exercise agendas to new altitudes. The beautiful mirrored space, which houses ten aerial yoga hammocks, a lyra, hanging silks and five brass dance poles is truly a playground for all now!

    To highlight the new agenda at Aeriform Arts, Walker has bought on pole champion, Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant to conduct specialized pole instruction during the month of August before returning to the studio in January from his Australian “BadAzz Aussie Artistic Black Out Tour 2012.” World renowned professional vertical dance artist, international performer, instructor and competition judge, Grant has appeared on numerous national television shows including “America’s Got Talent,” “The Doctors” and “Jerry Springer.”

    “After opening my studio, I was amazed by the number of men who contacted me about wanting to learn pole fitness and aerial arts. I kept hearing complaints that many of the studios around Los Angeles are mostly women-only,” expresses Walker. “I’m excited to open the doors to men at Aeriform Arts. And I actually think the women even appreciate it! In addition, we are just blown away to have Mr. “Bad Azz” Josiah Grant come teach with us. He is not only a pole legend but also a wonderful and gifted instructor.”

    Aeriform Arts boasts an impressive roster of some of Los Angeles’ best fitness instructors including Leigh Acosta, specializing in pole, lyra and aerial fit; Amber Porter for aerial fit; Lacy McGarry for pole & floor; Kristina Serna for BUTI ™ and Saharah Ali and Victoria Platt for aerial yoga. Walker is also bringing on Juju Namjai for additional BUTI ™ classes and adding a “Sexy Silhouettes” class for improving dance and flow technique.

    “Aeriform Arts is a fantastic alternative to the gym,” adds Walker. “The classes are cozy and intimate with great personalized instruction. And with that said, I’d like to say to the men, ‘Hey boys, come hang out with us!'”

    Check out Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant at http://www.badazzinoz.com/. Aeriform Arts is located at 5625 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, CA. Take flight at Aeriform Arts at http://aeriformarts.com/ or by calling 818-980-AERI (2374).

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  • Actor Charles S. Dutton, Judge Daryl Traywick and Detroit Pistons Legend Isiah Thomas Inspire Black Men’s Roundtable Tour Launch

    When the Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation (FCBCP) originally planned and hosted their 2012 Healthy, Wealth & Wise Mini-Expo and Black Men’s Round Table (BMR) in Miami, FL, the organizers were unsure what to expect. But the gathering of Black men that included NBA Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas; actor and producer, Charles S. Dutton (“Rock”); Dade County Circuit Judge Daryl Traywick; and Miami Police homicide detective and cast member of “48 Hours,” Detective Ervans Ford, proved to be so powerful that the singular occasion has spawned the announcement of the FCBCP Black Men’s Roundtable Statewide Tour. Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando will be among the first stops.

    “Our guest speakers triggered a lot of emotion in the men,” reveals Desmond Meade, chair of FCBCP Black Men’s Round Table, “Charles Dutton and Isiah Thomas spoke to the hearts of these men, relating to them on a universal level of brotherhood. We are simply overwhelmed with the positive feedback and excited for the opportunity to connect with men in other cities and states.”

    A springboard of the popular National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) “Black Women’s Roundtable Health Wealthy & Wise National Tour,” BMR will now address and focus on the concerns and issues of Black men. With the goal to uplift, educate and empower Black men and youth, the BMR tour will continue to provide important information related to health and wellness and stimulate honest discussions about issues relevant to Black men all in a mini-expo environment. Due to aggressive voter suppression efforts across the country – with Florida as the poster child – voter education and voter protection are a central component of the event.

    “We are just so thankful to the Knight Foundation, as one of our sponsors, for their support to Florida Coalition. It is because of partners like them that we can continue to host these roundtable events, providing men and women a space to talk, commune, learn about their voting rights, and really make a difference in each other’s lives,” offers Salandra Benton, FCBCP Convener.

    Moderated by Miami Times senior editor, Kevin McNeir, and attorney Larry Handfield, the panels explored topics like criminal justice and domestic violence; physical, spiritual and mental health; and jobs, wealth and civic participation.

    Adds Melanie L. Campbell, president & CEO, The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and convener, Black Women’s Roundtable, “Now more than ever it is crucial that Black men are provided avenues like the Black Men’s Round Table to combat the feelings of disenfranchisement and disempowerment that are so readily evidenced in many of our communities. The Florida Coalition’s Black Men’s Roundtable is aligned with the The National Coalition’s new national focus of engaging black men and boys to live their best lives.”

    The Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation is an affiliate of the The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement in Black and underserved communities. The current initiatives of The National Coalition include Black Youth Vote!, Black Women’s Roundtable, and the Unity 2012 Voter Empowerment Campaign. They recently implemented the Black Youth Vote! men and boys civic engagement initiative supported by the Open Society Foundation. With the 2012 theme “Stand Your Ground,” the Unity 2012 campaign works nationally with APRI, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Cost of Freedom Project, and other groups to ensure that black voters register to vote, verify their voting status, obtain proper identification and are allowed to cast a vote that counts on election day. For more information visit www.fcbcp.org or www.ncbcp.org.

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