• New Solo Recording Artist Jey Gibbs Wants to “Touch Yo Body” With Debut Single Release

    Brooklyn, NY – When Jey Gibbs stepped foot on the stage of the legendary “Showtime at the Apollo,” and opened his mouth, he was only 13, but he knew destiny was calling out to him. Singing since the age of four, the young artist was blessed with a gift that made the adults around him take note. So much so that even as a child he assisted his mom when she gave vocal lessons to the choir at his home church.

    Today, the 24-year is cementing his talent with his debut independent single and video release of “Touch Yo Body.” If “Showtime at the Apollo” was still taking auditions, its doubtful he would be boo’ed from the stage! Gibbs has a voice and style that naturally causes women to sway and swoon. With a dash of hip hop bravado; coupled with smooth R&B fever, Gibb’s vocal approach is seasoned with special flavor. He gracefully exudes a lustful timbre, tempered with a vintage charm, that he calls “Da E-ffect.” A gifted songwriter as well, with “Touch Yo Body,” Gibbs seduces the ear while he cradles the heart with lyrics that unwind any semblance of resistance. Gibb’s B-side release, “Shoulda Coulda Woulda,” which he also composed, continues the lyrical seduction with an up tempo beat that bangs steady.

    “I am happy to be able to finally throw my hat in the ring,” reveals Gibbs. “It’s taken a lot of hard word and sacrifice to bring my music to the table and I could not have done it alone. I am extremely grateful to the team I have around me. With these two songs, I’m singing to the women and I think with one listen, they will get the message loud and clear. I am an artist who is here for them.” A Charleston, SC native, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Gibbs is a recent graduate of Long Island University with a bachelors in Media Arts. He hosts his own campus radio show, “Business with Jay.”

    Both “Touch Yo Body” and “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” were mixed and recorded at Harlem’s popular Stadium Red Studios. When not singing and recording, Gibbs supplements his craft by working at La Guardia Airport as a Transportation Security Officer. But by the sound of his first solo offerings, that won’t be for long.

    Groove with Jey Gibbs at www.JeyGibbs.com and let him “Touch Yo Body” at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/touch-yo-body-single/id560191181 . View the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dja84796lfM&feature=plcp.

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  • A.M.X and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Collaboration, “One and Only (Deluxe Edition)” Makes iTunes “Hot Tracks”

    Hollywood, CA – What happens when you put two musical forces together to collaborate on a hot single? Well in the case of emerging pop/R&B artist A.M.X. and heir to the Debarge throne, Bobby DeBarge Jr. – the answer is “One and Only (Deluxe Edition).”

    Written and produced by A.M.X. and performed by Bobby DeBarge, Jr., son of the late Robert DeBarge, “One and Only (Deluxe Edition)” has soared the charts as an iTunes Hot Pick in the R&B/Soul genre. The bubbling track combines A.M.X.’s innovative musicality with DeBarge’s special brand of vocal finesse. Together the duo is forging new inroads in the hearts of many.

    As a new artist, A.M.X. is steadily marking his spot on the music scene. His monster single “We Can Do Whatever,” produced by Brian “Chazz” Padilla, is his latest release as a recording artist. His debut effort was the Snoop Dogg laced, “You Made Me Change My Number,” produced by the Grammy Award nominated Da Internz. A.M.X’s mixtape, “Broken Halo,” was downloaded over 90,000 times on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and featured Sean Brown, Shorty Mack and Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

    Check out the A.M.X. written and produced Bobby DeBarge Jr. single “One and Only (Deluxe Edition) at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-only-deluxe-edition-single/id557110223 and party with A.M.X. at http://www.whoisamx.com/index.html .

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  • Hair Stylist to the Stars, Dr. Boogie Says “Hold It” with New All Natural Product Line

    Hollywood, CA – Celebrity hair stylist Dr. Boogie is well known for getting his “mane” business on. With a reputation for teasing the tresses of Hollywood’s finest, including Vivica Fox, Debbie Allen, Kym Whitley and even VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s” own Mimi Faust, the hair doctor is now offering his branded prescription to the masses in an effort to alleviate all hair woes. With the design and creation of a full line of chemical-free, organic, all natural skin and hair products, Dr. Boogie presents a diagnosis designed to rejuvenate and invigorate men and women alike. “Hold It,” a finishing pomade; “Bionic,” a hair and scalp oil treatment; and “Pure,” a shea butter based lotion, are just a sampling of the solutions in the doctor’s medicine bag.

    “Ideally I want everyone to just know the feeling of fabulous. I have always said, when you look good you feel good. With the launch of my new products I’m now able to share on an even wider scale the remedies I have used for years with my celebrity clientele,” offers Dr. Boogie. “My ‘Dr. Boogie’s Do-It-Yourself Clip-On Hairpieces’ enjoyed tremendous success. With my all natural product line, I am expanding my brand to fully include men and women while at the same time honoring the planet with my organics.”

    Dr. Boogie and his product line is featured in the October issue of Juicy Magazine. The two-page feature discusses his behind-the-scene hair techniques on clients Mimi Faust, Toccara Jones and Vivica Fox.

    In addition to his product launch, Boogie has been busy working on several television productions. He styled Debbie Allen for her recent appearance on Fox-TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance”; Vivica Fox for her upcoming series, the syndicated show “Mr. Box Office” and Lifetime’s “Prank My Mom”; and he was the lead stylist for hair and make-up on “BET PRESENTS: BAD25 – THE SHORT FILMS OF MICHAEL JACKSON.”

    Fill a prescription for Dr. Boogie’s new line featuring “Hold It’ at http://www.BoogieSecrets.com or book an appointment with him at Fame Salon at 11288 Ventura Blvd., in Studio City, CA by calling (818) 974-9773.

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  • “L.A. Nights” Returns, Hits Crenshaw District With Comedians A.J. Jamal, Dannon Green, Musical Talent K.D. Brosia and SHIRO and Birthday Celebration for KJLH’s Nautica de la Cruz

    Los Angeles – For the past two decades, event host Kevin Rouse has spearheaded some of Los Angeles’ most talked about nightlife events. His particular brand is known for his delectable fusion of comedic talent, fine dining, live music and dancing. Of particular note, Rouse’s “L.A. Nights…” platform is a vehicle that has literally toured the city of Los Angeles. With entertainment designed to attract upscale and progressive professionals, “L.A. Nights…” has graced venues in downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks. Along the way, Rouse has engaged a number of Los Angeles finest promoters including original co-founder Pernell Clark, along with Lennell Jones, Deshawn Cabeza and Marc Gaspard.

    On Friday, September 21, Rouse, along with promoters Deshawn “Young Gun” Cabeza and Rupert Miley and support from Pernell Clark, will take the excitement back to Los Angeles with “L.A. Nights…in the Historic Crenshaw District” at the legendary Maverick’s Flat! Staying true to his winning formula, Rouse and team have planned an evening to please the most discerning leisure-hungering palate.

    Comedian Dannon Green will serve as host of the night’s Heavy Hitter Comedy Show and present celebrated funny man A.J. Jamal. Vocalist K.D. Brosia will inspire the bill with a magical blend of the best of classic rhythm and blues wrapped in the rawness of soul, while songstress SHIRO lends her flavorful rhythms to the occasion. KJLH radio personality Nautica de la Cruz will also be celebrated with a special birthday tribute. DJ Sidney Thompson and DJ Paradise will fire up the dance floor with their turntables. Happy hour and fine dining begin at 6:00 p.m. with dancing ending at 2:00 a.m. The Maverick’s Flat is located at 4225 S. Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

    “We are excited to bring ‘L.A. Nights…’ to the Crenshaw District,” reveals Rouse. “Maverick’s Flat has a tremendous history when it comes to nightlife and entertainment and we are honored to be a part of the venue’s legacy. The owner, Curtis Fralin has renovated the place and elevated its original ambiance with the added addition of fine dining. We plan to have the joint truly jumpin’! ‘L.A. Nights…in the Historic Crenshaw District’ will be something to be remembered!”

    A portion of the proceeds from “L.A. Nights…in the Historic Crenshaw District” will go to Pathways to Success (http://www.pathways-2-success.org/). Pathways To Success is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prepare youth, adults, and their families for successful lives. Pathways utilizes innovative and creative approaches in mentoring and education to help individuals develop to be healthy, productive, contributing and responsible citizens.

    For ticket information go to http://www.thelooponline.com/email/lanights0921.html or contact Kevin Rouse at (213) 926-2809 or at kevinarouse@msn.com.

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  • Dance & Fitness Instructor Heather West Celebrates the High Art of Lusciousness With Three Year Anniversary of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio

    North Hollywood, CA – When dance and fitness instructor Heather West first envisioned opening her own dance studio, she dreamed of creating a space that liberated a woman’s mind, body and spirit through movement. Juggling the duties of home and career, West recognized that women needed a special brand of nurturing. Not only did the taxing responsibilities of a day-to-day existence often consume them, but media imagery also bombarded and impacted them in many negative ways, often causing them to doubt and second guess their outer and inner beauty. She realized that her notion of encouraging one to seek out and add the healing benefits of exercise, to an already full plate, had to be presented in an enticing and innovative manner.

    West was compelled by a concept she conceived as “The Luscious Lifestyle.” “The Luscious Lifestyle” encourages women to take the time out of their day or week to fully nurture and embrace themselves via fitness that feels like play. She then opened the doors to her Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio, creating a haven for women that offered more than just a laborious routine workout. Located in North Hollywood’s bustling NoHo arts and theater district, West is happily celebrating her three-year anniversary. “The Luscious Lifestyle” has proven to be a winning idea.

    With classes ranging from pole to exotic dance and burlesque, West and her skilled team of teachers present a fitness agenda that rivals the average gym work out. Stretching, yoga and Pilates meet the pole and dance floor in classes that combine exercise with dance art. Unlike the gym however, West has also fashioned a physical environment where women can feel beautiful, connected, strong and supported. A virtual enclave of sanctioned femininity, the studio houses six, 14 feet high dance polls surrounded by elegant padded suede and mirrored walls. With a decor that accentuates sensuous sensibility, lusciousness permeates the studio space.

    Combining her distinctive and innovative style, specialized curriculum and open approach to teaching, West’s Luscious Maven Studio offers a supportive environment where women come to relax and unwind as they replenish their inner selves with outward expressions of dance and fitness. Hundreds of women have benefited from “The Luscious Lifestyle” vision and are now soaring to new heights.

    “There are too few places in the world for women to celebrate their feminine essence,” expresses West. “As a fitness instructor for the past ten years, I found most exercise training and even yoga to be constrained by a lot of rules. As workouts, many techniques are linear and masculine. There is nothing wrong with this of course. But pole and exotic dance can be uniquely feminine, providing wonderful avenues for both strength building and flexibility while incorporating softness. It is important for women to be strong. The world demands this of us. Yet, at our core, there is a lusciousness that sets us apart from men. I believe that it is crucial for us to align with this inner essence as well. Pole dance is an art form that allows this duality of expression.”

    Heather West has been teaching as a professional pole dance instructor for six years and is a veteran in Los Angeles’ pole community. Several of the Los Angeles’ area pole studio owners and teachers originally studied under her tutelage. Also trained as a yoga and fire dance instructor, she is a seasoned and talented performance dancer. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UCLA, and a specialization in education, West has over ten years of teaching experience in a variety of fields including movement and athletic coaching to education for children with special needs.

    Weaving together all of her teaching and performance experience to create stimulating classes for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio exists with a focused intention to be a doorway for students to find and explore inspiration. Sessions are limited to ten students so that instructors can provide personal attention. Class levels vary in intensity and teachers bring their individual style to the program. Some teachers concentrate on the fitness, strength and the satisfaction that comes from a great workout, others focus on sexiness and sensuality and some focus on connection to the music and freestyle flow.

    In celebration of their three year anniversary, the studio will host a series of special workshops during the month of September, including a “BabyBody2BikiniBody” weekly boot camp for mothers with Miss Scarlett; a Showgirls Burlesque Workshop with Alikat Rose; a Sexy Vegan food preparation workshop with Shannon Storm; an Exotic, Lap Dance & Strip Tease Workshop series with Miss Selenia and Heather West; and a Level 1 and Level 2 Pole Dance Progressive Six Week Series taught by Heather West and Miss Selenia respectively. The studio will also present a Pole and Burlesque Performance Night entitled “School of Rock” on Sunday, September 23 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 p.m.
    Heather West’s Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio is located at 11135 Weddington St. #113 in North Hollywood, CA and can be reached at 818-824-4091. For workshop details go to http://www.lusciousmaven.com/WORKSHOPS_UARS.html. Explore “The Luscious Lifestyle” and dance with them on the web at http://www.lusciousmaven.com/ .

    Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio

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  • Black Women’s Roundtable Shifts the Focus to the Issues and Voting Power of Black Women at the Republican and Democratic Conventions

    National leaders join Florida leader of Black Women’s Roundtable for a photo after a discussion of what’s at stake for Black women during the Republican Convention in Florida. Pictured (L-R): Jessica Brown, Black Youth Vote; Dr. Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich, Center for Community & Economic Justice; Barbara Arnwine Esq., Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law; Salandra Benton, Florida Coalition for Black Civic Participation; and Melanie Campbell, NCBCP.

    Washington, DC – In their continuing efforts to make Black women’s issues a top priority and remind elected officials and candidates of the voting power of Black women, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation’s (NCBCP) Black Women’s Roundtable co-hosted nonpartisan round table discussions in conjunction with the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, FL, and this week at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, NC.

    At the Charlotte Convention Center Black Women’s Roundtable joined with Higher Heights for America to co-host, “Harnessing Black Women’s Political Power: The Chisholm Effect 40 Years in the Making,” a celebration and discussion about the power of the sister vote.

    Hazel Dukes, president of the NAACP New York State Conference, opened the session delivering an electrifying speech outlining the historic run of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and chiding leaders for, 40 years after Chisholm’s run, not properly recognizing the power of the black women’s vote.

    Reminding people of the Pew Research findings that the surge in black voter participation in 2008 was driven by increased participation among black women, Melanie L. Campbell, president and CEO of the NCBCP and convener, Black Women’s Roundtable said, “We’re celebrating the phenomenal power of the sister vote. Black women are getting their swagger back in 2012. They’re not just getting themselves prepared to vote, they are making sure their family, friends and neighbors are prepared to cast a ballot that counts in this very important election.”

    Campbell adds, “Black women are leaders in turning out our community; our issues should be a top priority for elected officials and we need to see Black women appointed to powerful positions.”

    Other participants in the DNC conversation included: Rev. Leah Daughtry, President CEO of On These Thing, LLC and Former CEO of 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee; Clayola Brown, President of A. Philip Randolph Institute; Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD; Dr. E Faye Williams, National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women; and Glynda C. Carr, Co-Founder of Higher Heights for America and co-host of the DNC round table.

    Over 30 Florida leaders joined national leaders for a more intimate discussion about the continuing economic crisis, criminal justice reform, and voter suppression tactics, during RNC round table held at St. Petersburg’s Center for Community and Economic Justice. In addition to the conversation, Barbara Arnwine, executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, provided information and tools like the 866 OUR-VOTE hotline, to help the women educate their constituents, organizations and community members in countering the rampant black voter disenfranchisement in Florida.

    The lively discussion was co-convened by Salandra Benton, chair, Florida Coalition for Black Civic Participation; Dr. Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich, president and CEO, Center for Community and Economic Justice; Gypsy Gallardo, publisher, Power Broker Magazine; and Dr. Elsie Scott, president and CEO, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Participants included: Jessica Brown, national field director, Black Youth Vote; Chloe Choney, district director for Congresswoman Kathy Castor; and Shahra Anderson, regional Director for Senator Bill Nelson.

    BWR is an intergenerational women’s network of the NCBCP, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement in Black and underserved communities and developing new leaders. For more information visit www.ncbcp.org.

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  • From Stage to Page, Writer Timothy Allen Smith Commemorates 9/11 and Holds Us “CAPTIVE” with New Book Release

    Timothy Allen Smith’s “CAPTIVE” is nominated by
    Villanova University and the University of Wisconsin
    for prestigious reading list selections

    Los Angeles – What happens when a single, transformational event alters the course of history, when foreign policy is driven by fear? Looking back eleven years later, is what happened more important than how we reacted to it? If the right lessons weren’t learned, are we in danger of repeating history?

    Award-winning playwright turned author, Timothy Allen Smith answers these questions and more in “CAPTIVE,” a riveting new novel from Twenty / 20 Books, based on his acclaimed stage play of the same name. In “CAPTIVE,” Smith masterfully parallels the events of 9/11 and ultimately, challenges the reader to see how fear can be the most dangerous terrorist and our minds the most restrictive prison of all.

    “CAPTIVE” is the story of nine strangers, taken hostage and held in a room together. By unfolding a sequence of events that intersects the lives of these individuals, from various ethnic backgrounds, Smith expertly creates his own little societal melting pot. By locking them in a room together with no way to escape, Smith leaves them with only one thing in common…fear.

    “CAPTIVE” debuted as a touring stage play in 2003, playing to packed houses across the country. Audiences became enthralled by Smith’s vision of an alternative to the deafening beat of war drums dominating public discussion after 9/11. The overwhelming response compelled Smith to create a vehicle that would allow him to expand on the themes of cultural sensitivity and diversity in a post 9/11 world.

    The idea for a trilogy was born, with “CAPTIVE” as the first of three novels, following the hostages from the night of their ordeal, on through the rest of their lives as they cope with the aftermath. Definitely a thinking man’s book, Smith offers the reader a hopeful vision of a future where endless wars and senseless bloodshed are not the only alternatives.

    In light of recent, real life events, i.e. the Colorado theater shooting and Sikh Temple massacres; “CAPTIVE” could not be more relevant and, as such, has been nominated by Villanova University and the University of Wisconsin for their “One-Book” and “Big Read” programs respectively.

    In “CAPTIVE,” what begins as an innocent night at the theater quickly turns into the unthinkable. Smith pulls no punches in taking the reader into the room and allowing him to be a fly on the wall as the hostages react, not only to the situation, but more importantly, to each other. Racial tension, homophobia, and even age come into play as heated discussions and accusations soar and hit like bullets. The characters represent all walks of life including the young and affluent conservatives, Mark and Amber O’Conner; ultra liberal academics, Lisa Woodward and Walter Curtis; born and raised inner city kids, Toshia and Dexter Swindell; the Spanish speaking, Eleodora and Lena Gonzalez; and Robert Cohen, a former marine with a few secrets of his own.

    A seasoned playwright, Smith made his first ‘book mark’ as the co-author of Melvin Childs’ “Never Would Have Made It – The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (and What it Really Took to Get Him There).” A native of Philadelphia, Smith’s bloodline offers him a mixed perspective on the world. As the nephew of Eugene Carl “Bo” Baynes, the recently deceased founder of the Black Mafia in Philadelphia, his background is tempered with views that run the gamut of observation. With a penchant for propelling thought and discussion, he includes in “CAPTIVE” a list of “Book-Group Discussion Questions” designed to elevate the reading experience.

    “At its core, ‘CAPTIVE’ is about the questions we didn’t ask after 9/11,” reveals Smith. “This isn’t about any crazy conspiracy theory but let’s be honest, at the time there simply was no appetite for the discussion of an alternative response to the march to war. Now here we are 11 years later, and nothing has changed. We’re still being driven by fear and, even worse, we’re still at war. The question today is, have all the bullets and bombs really made us any safer? I believe fear is a bigger threat to our freedom than Al Queda ever was, and my vision for this trilogy is to make people less afraid. Simple as that.”

    Smith plans to continue the storyline with his next work, “A Line in The Sand,” which will follow the lives of the survivors as they adjust to life after their ordeal. Ultimately, Smith hopes to reveal that when we are no longer prisoners to our fears, we can become captive to a true vision of freedom and make positive choices that benefit society as a whole.

    “CAPTIVE” takes hostage at www.captivenovel.com. View the book trailer at
    CAPTIVE book trailer .

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  • Following His Debut Single featuring Snoop Dogg, Pop/R&B Sensation A.M.X. Boasts “We Can Do Whatever” With Next Release

    Hollywood, CA – When new pop/R&B sensation Andre Mieux aka A.M.X. boasts “We Can Do Whatever” in the hook of his latest single release, he means it! Unleashing the track on the heels of his debut “You Made Me Change My Number,” which featured none other than rap icon Snoop Dogg, A.M.X. spits game with the stamina of an artist hauling heat. Produced by dance track master Brian “Chazz” Padilla, “We Can Do Whatever” body slams with lyrical combustion as A.M.X. continues to pack power on his musical path to the top! With “We Can Do Whatever,” A.M.X. seamlessly showcases his brilliant artistry, effortlessly fusing elements of rap, pop and house, bringing a sound that sizzles and simmers to the dance floor.

    A.M.X.’s recent mixtape “Broken Halo,” downloaded over 90,000 times on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, was another recent indication that he is an artist with a strong intention for winning. A.M.X. dropped “Broken Halo” late July, following the Snoop Dogg-laced, “You Made Me Change My Number” which was produced by the Grammy Award nominated duo “Da Internz.” Sean Brown, Shorty Mack and Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony added fire to the production which showcases A.M.X.’s vocal finesse, musical muscle and clear capacity to ignite the club. Seven tracks strong, “Broken Halo,” is a far departure from the A.M.X.’s classical roots however!

    A classically trained pianist, musicianship rests deep within the core of A.M.X.’s heart. The West Covina, CA native has been writing, singing and dancing since he was 8 years old. By the age of 12, he was producing music with Grammy Award winning artist, Ricky Lawson of the Yellowjackets. A.M.X.’s musical gift has indeed forged a litany of accomplishments.

    Outside of his quest as a solo artist and entertainer, he is also a talented songwriter and producer. His song, “Let Me Be the One” was recorded by the Korean boy band sensation SS501, he charted on Billboard’s The Next Big Sound Top 25 and his musical vision provides the soundtrack for the DVD independent film release, “Wigger.” In addition to his new single release, A.M.X. produced and co-wrote a song for Bobby DeBarge Jr., son of the late Robert DeBarge, entitled “One and Only.” Both “We Can Do Whatever,” and “One and Only” are available on iTunes.

    Committed and determined to excel as a solo act, A.M.X. has been touring internationally and nationally in support of his career, opening for Boyz II Men, Joe, Ginuwine, SWV, Dru Hill and most recently R. Kelly. “I’m excited to infuse my own special style and brand into the music scene,” offers A.M.X. “As a kid playing classical piano, I knew music was my life. My musical progression has taken dips and turns. To end up here though, making music with some of the hottest in the business, it is beyond a dream come true! I’m really feeling like I can do whatever right now and win!”

    A.M.X. plans to continue to do ‘whatever,’ bombarding music fans with ammunition from his musical catalog of hits. The artist plans to shoot a video music video soon and release an E.P. in the near future. Check for the A.M.X. penned Bobby DeBarge Jr. single “One and Only,” at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-and-only/id556717632?i=556717696&ign-mpt=uo%3D and A.M.X’s “We Can Do Whatever” at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-can-do-whatever-single/id556769314.

    Keep the party bangin’ with A.M.X. at http://www.whoisamx.com/index.html.

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