Hollywood Hair Stylist Dr. Boogie Captures The Ultimate Merger Look with Toccara and Opens New Salon “The Beauty Parlor by Boogie’s Secrets”


Hollywood, CA – As the fabulous super model Toccara makes her debut on Season 2 of “The Ultimate Merger” on TV One, you better believe she will be bringing her “A” game. With fourteen eligible bachelors vying for her attention, a girl has got to look her absolute best. For hair that speaks volumes, there is only one doctor in town to call, and Toccara called the one and only, Dr. Boogie.

As the man known for his defining signature styles, Dr. Boogie sets the pace for a season of high fashion and fun with Toccara’s trend setting tresses. With an image best described at ‘couture pin-up’ Dr. Boogie keeps her mane fierce, fabulous and funky. Having developed Eve’s hallmark platinum short cut, creating Kimora Lee’s sexy glam look and defining Lisa Raye’s signature style, Dr. Boogie now brands Toccara with an illusion that will set a new tone in salons around the country.

Minority Owned Operations Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association and Fresh Choice LLC Secure Cannabis Convenient Store Distribution Deal


Los Angeles – Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals Inc., (https://www.vedicpharma.com/), an African American owned and operated naturopathy pharmaceutical company and cannabis testing laboratory, has announced a ground breaking distribution agreement with Fresh Choice LLC convenience store distributors, and the Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association, both minority dominated operations. The agreement will encompass the sales and distribution of Drip SZN (www.dripszncbd.com/ ), Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ new line of CBD-based products.   Drip SZN will be carried in over 5000 stores throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas, to include smoke shops, liquor stores and 7-Eleven convenient stores. John Salley, NBA legend, vegan and well renowned cannabis activist, serves as Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ COO, overseeing the logistics and operations of this landmark deal.

Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to maintaining wellness through plant-based supplements, nutrition, exercise and Pranayama (breathing). Drip SZN, their new lifestyle brand, will consist of an array of offerings including vape cartridges and lip balm sticks, all infused with or containing natural broad-spectrum, USA grown, hemp extract CBD, with zero THC. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the popular natural remedy used for many common ailments and has no psychoactive properties, unlike its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is heralded for offering natural, alternative relief from pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, and enhancing the quality of sleep, reducing joint pain, relieving stress and improving moods. Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ products will be domestically manufactured and are vegan friendly, using proprietary homeopathic formulas. Drip SZN will be available in select stores in April 2019.
The Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ endeavor is a significant one and serves to tip the diversity scales within the cannabis industry. With marijuana positioned as the new gold rush trade, the issue of diversity within this multibillion-dollar industry has become a heavily debated topic. According to Marijuana Business Daily, approximately 81% of cannabis business owners or founders are non-minorities, while African Americans only represent 4 percent.  Testing laboratories in general have historically been non-minority owned, and cannabis testing laboratory spaces hold true to that paradigm.

Barrette LaRoda, Jr.
president, Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals
“This deal is significant and historic on so many levels,” explains Barrett LaRoda Jr., the 23-year-old president of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. “As a millennial ‘gangapreneur,’ I am an advocate for testing not only THC but CBD as well to ensure that the consumer always receives a superior cannabis product. Though CBD testing is not required or regulated yet, our CBD infused Drip SZN products will adhere to our stringent standards and regulations and support the highest measures for maintaining health and wellness.”
John Salley, COO,
Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals


Cites John Salley, COO of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals. “Iam involved in several cannabis ventures, but I consider my role with Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals as pivotal. As a health and wellness brand we are now able to provide healing resources to the community that are completely accessible to all. To be able to purchase a Drip SZN CBD vape pen that might ease your stress or soothe a headache, from your local convenience or liquor store, is the kind of consumer access I have been campaigning for, for years now.”
Barrett LaRoda,  
chairman advisory board,
Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals 

“Collectively we have found that the cannabis industry presents great business opportunities,” adds Barrett LaRoda, the advisory board chairman. “However, access to information and financing has not been well promoted to people of color. We actually plan to start a division in our company for this much needed education service.”

Principals involved in the deal include Barrett LaRoda,chairman advisory board; John Salley, COO; Yogi Solanki, chairman, Bakersfield, CA 7-Eleven Franchisee Association; Earl Bryant, chairman and CEO; Barrett LaRoda, Jr., president; Anthony Francis, CFO; Johnathan Van Beer, CEO of Under Pressure Xtractions; and Raja Mittal, chairman of Fresh Choice Distribution.
Drip SZN will also be available at the Ayurvedic Pharmacy in Pasco County in Florida, the first of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals’ plant-based naturopathy wellness centers. Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals has also partnered with Hollywood actress, Bai Ling to produce her line of CBD-infused beauty products, Eternal Youth Beauty Formulas and White Spirit Cosmetics. In addition, the company is planning to produce the first of its kind “N.O.P.E. National Opioid & Prescription Epidemic Risk Mitigation Conference & Expo” later this year in New Port Richie, Florida, with a focus on utilizing CBD and naturopathy products in the rehabilitation process.
For more information about Drip SZN, go to www.dripszncbd.com/ and for Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, visit https://www.vedicpharma.com.

Comedians Just Nesh and Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith Star in Hilarious Stage Tour Production “If You Are Invited to the Cookout”

Chicago – Writer / director Arnetta Randall has the uncanny ability to recreate characters and scenarios that really touch the heart. As the creative force behind Randall Productions, the young writer may be a newbie on the scene, but she is setting her stage for real success. Her first foray into theater, “If You Are Invited to the Cookout,” starring Taneshia “Just Nesh” Rice from “Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level,” and extreme funny man Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith (Fox TV’s “REL”), is slated to embark on a two-city midwestern tour. “If You Are Invited to the Cookout” will premiere March 15 in Chicago at the Harold Washington Cultural Center and continue on to Milwaukee at the MATC Cooley on March 29.
“If You’re Invited to the Cookout” follows Ally Smith, a young African American Yale graduate upon her return home to the southside of Chicago for a family cookout. She has plans to introduce her family to her fiancé, Ethan Wells, a white college graduate from a well to do family with an upbringing that is the complete opposite of Ally’s. Ally’s family is filled with colorful characters including a cousin who doesn’t approve of interracial dating; a stern disapproving father who doesn’t think anyone is good enough for his daughter; and a loud, outspoken grandmother who constantly bickers with the next-door neighbors. Ally is embarrassed by her family’s humble beginnings and rambunctious nature. Will their love be enough to survive the comedic shenanigans that ensue?
Randall is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in creative writing. The 32-year old talented writer has had her work featured in the Black Youth Project, XO Necole, and Nia Magazine. She’s written, directed and produced two short films, “Kismet” and “Illusion.” “Kismet,” her first film, is a romantic comedy that got accepted into multiple film festivals and garnered wide media acclaim. “Illusion” is a 6-minute dramatic short that was inspired by the murder of Karen Elaine Smith, a teacher murdered by her husband in San Bernardino, and explores domestic violence.
She is also the writer and director of “Hook Ups,” an episodic web-series for Open TV currently airing on YouTube. “Hook Ups” is a show that explores modern dating practices in a culture obsessed with online dating, swiping left, ‘Netflix and chill’ and casual hook-ups. “Hook Ups” showcases people from all backgrounds, gender expressions and sexual orientation, with the first season exploring straight, lesbian and gay couples.

Writer / director
Arnetta Randall
“If You’re Invited to the Cookout” is based off a central character from another web series Randall has in development. The series, “Freaky Phyllis,” follows the carryons of a bad grandma after the death of her husband. “Freaky Phyllis” will be released in April after the last scheduled stage production.
“As a creative writer, I believe it is important to present my work across a diversity of platforms. With so much access now afforded us, I feel the world warrants the broad explorations of different mediums. I’m extremely excited to not only take an actual production on the road, but I’m encouraged by the depth of talents I get to work with. Kevin Hart saw in Just Nesh what the everyone else is finding out – and that is – she is a phenomenal comedic talent. I’ve followed Brian “Da Wildcat” Smith’s work for years, and he cracks me up every time I see him. I can hardly believe he is now performing in one of my productions.  My entire cast and crew have been beyond supportive in making ‘If You’re Invited to the Cook Out’ happen and we can’t wait for the audience to taste what we been cookin’!”
Make sure you are invited to the cookout. For ticket information go to http://www.invitedtocookout.com .

Crypto Boxers Comes Out Swinging With New Logo, New Website and TKO Game Plan

Atlanta – Crypto Boxers, the first and only boxing game operating on blockchain technology, continues to make strategic moves around the virtual ropes. Concept creator Andrew Gilliam, founder and CEO of Me N’ Mines Media, has come out swinging with a defiant new logo; a new website (http://cryptoboxers.io/), designed by independent game development studio, PlayStakes; and a TKO game plan to bring “real boxing to the blockchain.” Pushing the technology envelope beyond what is currently available in the crypto gaming space, Crypto Boxers has gamers in feverish anticipation as it will feature real life boxers as collectible tokens for the virtual fighting action on Ethereum.
Crypto Boxers’ new logo now promotes the player as the ultimate crypto contender, switching the emphasis off the professional boxers and over to the gamer. The dynamic new website provides a preview into Crypto Boxers’ fully immersive, user friendly world where gamers will experience a fantasy boxing arena and engage in an interactive “gloves on” ring experience with the boxer of their choice.
“They said it couldn’t be done but we are doing it,” reveals Gilliam. “After 459 rejections, I now have major commitments, partners and growing interest from professional boxers who are calling us now.  We are the first professional sports game on blockchain, and we plan to go every round! The logo and website are just a teaser of what is yet to come.”
Round4RoundBoxing, LatinoAthlete, FightTyme, and RichPlaceMedia are the first official partners to be announced by Crypto Boxers.  Crypto Boxers will be releasing the names of confirmed professional boxers, boxing officials and judges that will be in the game soon. Some of the current talks with professional boxers include legendary champs like Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks and Antonio Tarver, along with currently active champs Terrance Crawford and female boxer Christina Hammer.
To throw your glove into the digital ring and stay updated on launch details, weigh in with Crypto Boxers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and #GetIntheRing now at cryptoboxers.io

Fitness Femmes Mia Shanté and Sasja Lee Announce Grand Opening of Lift and Flow Performance

North Hollywood, CA – While Los Angeles is the home to a dizzying plethora of fitness centers, exercise fads and workout trends, it can be a difficult trek finding an individual wellness routine that actually resonates beyond the initial buzz factor. Veteran fitness femme experts Mia Shanté and Sasja Lee are all too familiar with the options and lack of options facing women who want to work out in a non-intimidating space.   The dynamic duo plan to positively impact the physical movement landscape with Lift and Flow Performance, their all-female, personalized training center in the heart of North Hollywood. Their new Lift and Flow Performance center, formerly known as Strong 4 Pole, will celebrate its grand opening launch on Saturday, March 9, 2019, from noon to 4:00 p.m., with a full day of free introductory training sessions. Lift and Flow Performance is located at 4795 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA inside the X Action Sports Club.
Their initial operation, Strong 4 Pole, started five years ago as a workshop space for pole dancers, providing them the tools to train stronger, fuel properly and reduce injury. However, under the intuitive guidance of Mia and Sasja, Strong 4 Pole has now evolved into Lift and Flow Performance, a boutique style training center for working women, staffed by women, with a mission to instill strong, confident and powerful transformations. Lift and Flow Performance offers strength training, plant-based nutrition coaching and personalized coaching sessions, along with workout sessions that include pole dance classes.
In celebration of their expansion, Mia and Sasja are offering a sneak peek into their programs during the grand opening. This includes a sample of a training session; Pole Revolution, the resident pole class; Abs ‘n Ass, a core and glute focused high intensity class and Floetry, a sensual movement class. In addition, they will provide a brief talk on how and why to make super easy and simple changes to one’s overall diet for better health results.
Mia Shanté, co-owner of  
Lift and Flow Performance   
photo credit: Shane Karns Photography

“Most women are operating on overload already, between their work, personal and home life. For many, the gym does not feel like a ‘safe’ space. Our vision with Lift and Flow Performance is to provide an outlet where women can come and feel nurtured by our workout and nutrition programs. They won’t get lost in class here, be gawked at by male onlookers or feel left behind while training next to someone more advanced,” explains Mia.

“We have created a supportive space of like-minded women,” cites Sasja. “There is no judgement, no confusing workout contraptions to figure out and more importantly, a staff that is primarily concerned with your safety while making your session fun! Every training session is customized for the individual client. Whether your goal is to fit back into your old clothes, reduce or get off of medication, or become an elite pole athlete, we work with you to give you the tools needed to accomplish them.”
Originally from Chicago, Mia walked away from a successful career in television production to pursue her newfound passions for fitness and pole dance. Upon deciding to dedicate her life to physical and spiritual wellness she transitioned to a vegan diet. Mia has since soared, becoming a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Pain Free Performance Specialist, a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a PoleMoves Master Trainer and a 2014 National Figure Competitor, a 2015 Pacific Pole Championships Level 4 Dramatic Champion and 2015 Paragon Latin America Championships 1st Runner Up!

Sasja Lee, co-owner of Lift and Flow Performance

photo credit:  Shane Karns Photography

Hailing from Jamaica, Sasja was someone who once considered shopping as her cardio! Having no athletic or dance background she took to the pole like a fish to water and became an instructor within only 4 months of being introduced to pole fitness. A four-time professional pole champion, Sasja has performed at Coachella with recording artist, Halsey, choreographed a pole dance segment for Christina Applegate on funnyordie.com and appeared in a music video with Fergie. Sasja has also performed on several pole dancing segments for network TV including, Telemundo, Lifetime, Justin TV, and a Fiat commercial. She shares her love of pole dance across the nation and abroad, teaching workshops with emphasis on technique and overall mental wellness.
For the full grand opening itinerary for Lift and Flow Performance on Saturday, March 9, click here: Lift and Flow Facebook event.
Follow them on Instagram at @liftandflowperformance and on Facebook at Lift and Flow Performance .
Get lifted and flow with Mia and Sasja at https://www.liftandflowperformance.com/ .
Watch their introduction video at https://youtu.be/N-8eFlWxwo0 .
We are now Lift & Flow Performance
We are now Lift & Flow Performance

Fight Tyme Live Announces First Round of World Boxing Foundation 72 Fight Series

Las Vegas – Khalif-Delence A. Sheares Sr., chairman and chief globalization officer at Fight Tyme Live (a Division of Fight Tyme Promotions, Inc.) hinted to investors at the beginning of 2018 that it would be engaging in a long-term strategy to produce its own in-house content for its flagship network in over 188 countries. The network has remained true to its word with an announcement of 72 fights scheduled over the next 24 months sanctioned by the World Boxing Foundation (WBF). The first event of Fight Tyme Live’s WBF 72 Fight Series will take place Saturday, February 9, 2019 in the beautiful capital city Port of Spain on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. The card, promoted by Matthew Collins of Lionstone Entertainment, will be headlined by Prince-Lee Isidor (16-3-1, 16 KOs) of Trinidad and Tobago vs. Antoni Armas (9-3-0, 5 KOs) of Venezuela for the vacant WBF Intercontinental Lightweight Title. The card will also feature four undercard bouts. The WBF’s president Mick Croucher and president of WBF’s North America division, James Gibbs, held the driving relationships and were the forces that encouraged the growth of Fight Tyme Promotions’ and the WBF’s mutual interests.  The event will be streamed live at www.FightTyme.com .
The Fight Tyme Live announcement is unprecedented because it boasts a $72 million advertising deal for 2019 through to 2020 with a strategy that has been financed organically with a private advertising contract projected to be worth an excess of one million dollars worth of SportsCrypto (SPCR) cryptocurrency per fight. SPCR is the #1 sports-based Cryptocurrency in the world, launched in 2018 on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-20 token which is currently trading on the exchanges at roughly $0.45 per SportsCrypto token. In addition to their traditional purse earnings paid by the promoter Lionstone Entertainment, the winner of the title bout will receive an additional $100,000 worth of SportsCrypto (SPCR).
Khalif-Delence A. Sheares Sr.   
chairman and chief globalization officer at Fight Tyme Live

“We have never wavered from our initial vision which was to position Fight Tyme as the ‘Netflix’ of the combat sports world,” cites

Khalif-Delence A. Sheares Sr.  “This first event of the 72 fights we have planned is a major move in that direction. These original presentations cement Fight Tyme’s stance in providing high quality content for our viewers. With the support and backing of the World Boxing Foundation, Fight Tyme is setup for knock out wins!”
Fight Tyme Live, Inc. is a digital-virtual entertainment and lifestyle streaming platform geared towards bringing audiences the most dynamic fighting content across all genres.
Fight Tyme Live is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, on any smart device, game console, VR device, computer, or connected TV device at  http://www.fighttyme.com/ .
NOTE TO MEDIA:  For interviews contact jazzmynepr@gmail.com.

All Ball World Kicks Off The Big Game With Free Movie and .99 Cent Children’s Books Releases

LOS ANGELES — With only days until The Big Game, Chuckle TV Multimedia Network is bringing the zany animated All Ball Band’s football character “Pig” to the 53rd annual championship week celebration. In an effort to highlight the importance of “school sports” and “reading,” the new network is presenting the release of an original free mini-movie and a collection of nine children’s books each for only .99 cents. The twelve-minute film short, “Pig is Chosen Again” is an original animated film produced by Detroit native and Motown’s singing group “Four Tops” member Jim White. The captivating tale is designed to delight young football fans all over the world.  The Grammy Award winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers The Four Tops, provide the soundtrack for several of the song selections, and Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers known for his role as “Turbo” in the 1984 cult classic film “Breakin'” and the 1984 hit sequel “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” returns as the voice behind the kid character of Jimmy.  The mini-movie short film “Pig is Chosen Again” can be viewed on Game Day at http://chuckletv.com/ and on ROKU, AMAZON FIRE TV STICK and APPLE TV.
The All Ball Band is a group of animated sports balls that sing and play instruments. In “Pig is Chosen Again,” we find the band’s funky drummer Pig, as in “pigskin,” as the rambunctious young football sent from the mystical magical place known as All Ball World. Pig is once again chosen by the Ball World’s leaders The Elder Balls to come to Earth and serve as the official football used in the kickoff at The Big Game. Pig’s only nemesis is Victor Pinball, an evil wizard who lives inside a pinball machine. On Pig’s journey to earth, it becomes a real “Ball of Confusion” as the Temptations 1970’s hit song ensues when Pig meets a youngster named Jimmy who helps foil Victor Pinball’s relentless efforts to stop Pig from playing in the championship game.
“This video is only the beginning of the All Ball World story,” says White. “Every one of the over 100 animated characters who live in All Ball World are fully prepared to bring their comedic take to any subject, with an appeal to children and adults alike. The Big Game celebration provides a wonderful occasion to continue to build and grow an audience for these delightful characters.”
In the collective spirit of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts,” Stan Lee’s “Marvel,” and the Walt Disney franchise, The All Ball World animated series of books and films creates characters with a conscience in a contemporary conversation. A series with equal parts education and entertainment, All Ball World is natural content for integrated media, extending its cross-platform reach via television, film, Internet, music production, book publishing, comics, mobile apps, computer and console video games, and live events.
All Ball World combines two of the most potent influences on youth culture, music and sports. The various presentations offer children a fresh perspective on critical issues in familiar language, giving them playful, relatable examples of how to navigate a world that changes every millisecond. Children are guided to respectfully connect with friends and family, to love the process of learning and to discover who they want to be as they grow into adulthood by interacting in situations that are relatable and accessible to viewers of all ages, delightfully driving each storyline to its goal.
Chuckle TV is producing integrated content that seamlessly engages all markets in every available media format, connecting the extraordinary promise of new technology with the time-honored value of quality storytelling.  In addition to the animated short film, the “All Ball World” eBooks are available starting The Big Game Day throughout Spring Break for only .99 cents each, with titles that include: “The All Ball Band,” “The Funny Balls,” “Girl Power Balls,” “All Ball Super Heroes,” “The Billiards,” “All Ball World,” “The Protectors,” “The Elder Balls” and “The Bad Balls.” The audio books are available online at Amazon and other online retail outlets.
The Chuckle TV network features wholesome original content for kids, fashion, music, celebrity interviews, lifestyles, food and sports. In addition to its American content, Chuckle TV also premieres television and film entertainment from Latin America, Bollywood, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Chuckle TV’s original mission was to provide “free” quality short form content for mobile application but once it got the attention of national and international providers and media platforms such as Comcast, the network retrofitted itself to include longer content in the future.
Watch the All Ball Band “Pig Is Chosen Again” Official Trailer at http://youtu.be/wHGvWzUxK7s .
For more about Jim White Enterprises go to www.JWETV.com and www.shoahneveragain.com.

Event Host Kevin Rouse Sets Off Black History Month In Los Angeles with “Can A Woman Raise A Man” Stage Production

Los Angeles – Every year event host Kevin Rouse and his Rouse House Entertainment crew produce some of Los Angeles’ most memorable special events and from the looks of February, this year will be no different. Rouse, in conjunction with playwright and creator Que Allen King and Lawrence Bailey Entertainment, are setting off Black History Month in a big way as they bring, direct from the Las Vegas Strip, the stage play, “Can A Woman Raise A Man” to the West Angeles Performance Arts Center. The play will run for two shows only, on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. and a celebrity red carpet at 6:00 p.m. with the evening performance at 7:30 p.m. The West Angeles Performance Arts Center is located 3020 Crenshaw Blvd. “Can A Woman Raise A Man” is internationally renowned for being the first African American stage play with residency on the Las Vegas Strip.  Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com.
“Can A Woman Raise A Man” is a compelling story of hope, health and healing through an amazing combination of drama, laughter, poetry, singing and music from a myriad of genres. The cast stars include the amazing Marva King, known for her legendary role in Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”; Edwonda White, the Queen of Clean Comedy; Tyrone DuBois, (TV One’s Unsung); and a cameo appearance by legendary jazz singer Phyllis Battle.

“Can A Woman Raise A Man” was originally a book that King actually wrote while he was homeless and squatting in an abandoned apartment building. He would sneak into a computer lab to work and writing became a cathartic experience for him. The play was born after the success of the book. King is the director of PLAY Magazine, a leading magazine covering urban theater around the world. He has also been inducted into the Walker African-American Museum & Research Center in Las Vegas.
“This play is phenomenal,” cites Rouse. “The message behind ‘Can A Woman Raise A Man’ is a tremendous one and will touch lives and hearts. We are excited to bring this production to Los Angeles during Black History month as an inspirational offering for the entire family. The cast is simply incredible as well. Que Allen King’s intention with the play is to help heal our urban communities, and the message he is delivering, through comedy, poetry and music, is really going to surprise a lot of folks!”
In addition to “Can A Woman Raise A Man,” Rouse launches Black History month with internationally acclaimed musician The Funky Sax Man Chazzy Green & The Greenbacks with special guest, Hollywood Walk of Famer, Ray Parker Jr. at the Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club on Tuesday February 5, 2019.
Rouse has been successfully producing quality entertainment for over 25 years at some of Los Angeles’ premier venues, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, OHM Nightclub and the Globe Theater. His highlight events for last year included the “The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot,” during Grammy Week and attended by the heroic bass god himself, William “Bootsy” Collins and Comedienne Luenell’s “Celebrity Black Carpet Birthday Bash 2018.”
Rouse can be reached for bookings on Facebook at @Kevin Rouse. For additional show information call (213) 926-2809 or (702) 881-9673.

Math College Professor Turned Rapper Chad Rico Travels to a “New Level” in Music Video Release

Richmond, CA – When college math professor Chad Rico ventured off into the rap game, he knew he was taking a calculated risk.   As an entrepreneur, financial analyst, clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker and world traveler, many wondered if the teacher turned artist could really pull it off. When Chad dropped his own brand of mathematical science with a seven track EP entitled “Myth” and a debut single, “New Level,” naysayers had to concede that the educator made a move to the head of the class! Now with the release of his video for “New Level,” Chad is proving that his ‘myth’ status does indeed add up!
“New Level” is

Actor Glenn Plummer
and artist Chad Rico

a total elevation experience. More a mini-movie than a music video, the three minutes plus immersion finds Chad as the captain of a spaceship and guardian of the galaxy. He and his crew travel to Planet Crunk and engage in an intergalactic shootout with Diablo Grande, played by veteran actor, Glenn Plummer, and his men, all in an attempt to rescue alien damsel in distress, Sasha Verde, the beautiful green space woman! The set, costumes, body art, makeup and weaponry all convey an artistic creativity that is essentially next level from what is normally delivered by new independent artists.

“I’m extremely grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received since the release of ‘Myth.’ With the ‘New Level’ video, I wanted to deliver something special to my fans and supporters. As an independent artist, I believe it is important to stay cutting edge and creative. For me, “New Level” is a vision and a commitment and ‘myth’ status is my goal,” expresses Chad.
Produced by Chad’s own company, Gold & Gems Production in conjunction with In Your Face Films, the video was directed by Damon Jamal with input from legendary film producer Haqq Shabazz. Justin Amey wrote the treatment, Pashur provided the body art and Susan Gray served as stylist. “New Level” was filmed in the San Fernando valley, right outside of Los Angeles and one of the locations was from the original “Star Trek” set.

Left to right: film producer Haqq Shabazz; actress Carolina Catalino; artist Chad Rico; crew member Marcus Paulk; and actress Rahbiah Robinson
A Belizean American, Chad’s legend began at birth when he was born in South Central Los Angeles, in the same hospital and at the same time as Grammy Award winning artist Kendrick Lamar. Currently repping for the Bay area, Chad’s family relocated to Northern California where he now resides. The esteemed UC Berkeley alumni attended the university on academic scholarship at the age of 16! With a B.A. in African American Studies and Applied Math, and a masters in math from San Francisco State University, Chad also spent eight months in London in a graduate business program. The intentional student turned teacher has taught math at Contra Costa College, City College San Francisco, Berkeley City College and College of Alameda. The 31-year old has traveled to over 35 countries. In addition to his music company Gold & Gems, he has owned and operated his Gold & Gems clothing business for the past five years.
The young college professor is also working with producer Haqq Shabazz to executive produce and release a film next year. “Party Bus” will be based on his adventures and misadventures while traveling. Chad’s next video release will be “Northface in September” from Gold & Gem’s artist, Kam Krzy.
Take notes from Chad Rico at www.Chadrico.com and on Instagram at @internationchadrico . Rise to a “New Level” at https://youtu.be/Qox4ZplREV4 .
Chad Rico's
Chad Rico’s “New Level” music video

Crypto Boxers Takes on PlayStakes LLC As New Game Developers

Atlanta – Andrew Gilliam, the concept creator behind, Crypto Boxers, the first and only boxing game operating on blockchain technology, has announced that PlayStakes LLC has joined them in the ring as their new game development team. Crypto Boxers made headlines early last year as the first boxing game to enter the cryptocurrency platform. Offering crypto tokens issued by boxing professionals, Crypto Boxers will feature real life boxers as collectible tokens for the virtual fighting action on Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. Gilliam is the first African American to bring the power of blockchain to professional sport video games as Crypto Boxers will be the first boxing game powered by the blockchain.
PlayStakes, is a new firm created by Tekysz, a company with 12 years of experience under their belts, servicing numerous Fortune 500 firms and large organizations such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments and American Express, as well as many startup ventures. With the explosion of blockchain-backed games, PlayStakes was created as a separate independent game development studio. PlayStakes will be developing the Crypto Boxer game, the website. and the white paper. They will also assist with all the marketing and promotion of the game.

Andrew Gilliam,
concept creator
Crypto Boxers

together the right team for a championship win is always challenging. With PlayStakes, we are now powered up for our knockout round in the game space. Their development team is available, aware of, and accessible to our needs and together we plan to bring the best game ever to the fans, the contenders and the sport,” expresses Gilliam. “We have been working with PlayStakes for the past few months, establishing a great vibe and a fun growth environment. We are now ready to move forward as a self-contained unit with the same mindset.”

“Crypto Boxer is a uniquely creative concept,” cites Bill Lavin, the general manager of PlayStakes. “We consider ourselves cutting edge innovators and developing this game presents another opportunity to distinguish ourselves amongst the competition. Crypto Boxers introduces a novel way of utilizing blockchain technology to bring e-sports to the next level. We look forward to going the rounds with them for a final knockout win.” Lavin was a pioneer in online gaming, spearheading the launch of one of the first online casinos which led to the development of a pay-for-performance marketing system, and he founded MasterCoin Corporation, whose charter was to deliver electronic wallet technology.
Rob Dixon, the gaming expert at PlayStakes, led the front-end development of Facebook games at the Game Show Network (GSN). “Games on Facebook” application is currently #13 in the Top 20 on Facebook, with over six million monthly users. Rob directed the software development for funBug.com, the successful online entertainment site that pioneered the concept of “promotainment.” He designed the software and the viral marketing scheme that propelled funBug from a startup to 1.5 million members in just eight months without any traditional advertising.
“Crypto Boxers wants to be the ‘Madden’ of the crypto industry and change the total way games are perceived and played,” explains Dixon. “I’m confident that that is exactly what we are going to help them achieve here at PlayStakes! Crypto Boxers, because it is developed on the blockchain, presents a uniquely exciting opportunity that will set the standard for the sports gaming industry for years to come.”
Crypto Boxers will be designed as an experience that transports the player into an actual ring as a fighter. Gamers engage in virtual matches with the boxer of their choice, creating an actual ‘gloves on’ in the ring experience! By offering gamers a unique opportunity to compete while exploring the new realm of digital currency via their wins and losses, Crypto Boxers will do for cryptocurrency what Madden did for the game industry. Moving beyond traditional console games, the game allows the player the opportunity to not only just compete, but to also earn upon winning as the game’s virtual boxers reap digital rewards for their wins.
Players will be able to place bets on their characters, participate in tournaments, and enjoy match-making capabilities that can only be done with digital assets and smart contracts. Players of Crypto Boxers take on the role of controlling the boxer in the match, yet outside of the match, they essentially serve as managers for the characters they own, dictating when to train a boxer, how to improve the boxers gameplay, and at what point should a new character be acquired or let go.
Official announcements of professional boxers joining the game are forthcoming. Presales for Crypto Boxers is slated for spring 2019. Professional boxing entities interested in actual game involvement can contact Andrew Gilliam at A.gilliam@menminesmedia.com .
To throw your glove into the digital ring and stay updated on launch details, weigh in with Crypto Boxers on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram and #GetIntheRing now !
To get on board with PlayStakes LLC go to https://playstakes.com/ .

Urban Superhero DangerMan Culminates 20 Year Anniversary Presents Amputee Cancer Survivor Troy Druppal with DangerMan Hero of the Year Award


All of this year’s recipients received special awards, cash and other gifts presented through the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc. As the “DangerMan Hero of the Year,” Druppal received an additional cash prize to continue his activism. DangerMan cited Troy Druppal as an astounding young character, who didn’t let a terminal cancer diagnosis or the loss of one arm stop him from pursuing his dreams. A basketball coach, motivational speaker and founder of the Flex Foundation, Druppal epitomizes the traits of a true hero. “We were truly honored to recognize eight outstanding community activists this year as heroes,” notes Tinsley. “Troy’s personal journey however, his perseverance and his current activism positioned him as an outstanding role model. His continued efforts to defy limitations and inspire others make him a true ‘super’ hero!” 

Los Angeles – DangerMan, America’s Real Life Urban Superhero, culminated his 20th anniversary with the Third Annual 2018 DangerMan Hero Awards, held recently at California African American Museum (CAAM) in Los Angeles. The momentous occasion acknowledged eight community activists as “DangerMan Heroes” along with California State Senators Holly J. Mitchell and Steven Bradford with the “DangerMan Hero Award for Humanity.” The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the “DangerMan Hero of the Year” award to cancer survivor and amputee, Troy Druppal. The evening was produced by actor, mentor and philanthropist Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Aetna, a leading provider of innovative life and health benefits, products and services, generously sponsored the affair. 


This year’s heroes included Reggie Berry, former NFL Payer and founder/CEO Goals For Life; Juliano Jarquin, behaviorist counselor and founder of The Human Element-Life Passage; Denise Estelle, founder/president of Estelle 4 Humanity; PastorEddie Jones, Jr., president of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association; Nason Buchanan, Mayor’s Office of Public Safety & Community Relations Specialist; “Coach” Ron Crockett, homeless advocate and founder of Fun Zone Kids Reading Club; and Mia Torres, teen homeless advocate.  

Roger Tinsley first introduced DangerMan to America in 1998 after being emotionally impacted by the death of a four-year-old who was tragically killed in gang-related gun fire. He created a real-life superhero who could serve as a role model for school age children in underserved communities while addressing issues that specifically affected them. Using his own money and resources DangerMan, the Urban Superhero was born. As a ‘real life’ urban superhero, DangerMan is an advocate for children’s rights promoting literacy, safety and good health. He wages against bullying and also fights human trafficking. DangerMan visits schools and community events encouraging his audience with a motto of “No gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.” He has traveled throughout America and Haiti, empowering children to live their best life.  

Tinsley credits Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee for a great portion of his inspiration and success and paid tribute to him with by presenting the “DangerMan Hero Award Spirit of Stan Lee for Literacy” to Atticus Baldwin and Spectrum Laboratory (Spec Labs), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create original works of film and music within the autism and special needs community.

In addition, the twelve victims murdered at the Border Line Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA and the people who lost their lives and homes in the California wildfires, as well as the first responders, were also acknowledged during the event with a candlelight moment of silence during the evening. To support DangerMan as he continues to battle for all things good go to www.thedangerman.com. Friend DangerMan on Facebook at DangerMan Urban Superhero (https://www.facebook.com/DangerManUrbanSuperhero/  ) follow DangerMan on Instagram at @dangermanurban (https://www.instagram.com/dangermanurban/  ) and join him on Youtube at  https://www.youtube.com/user/urbansuperhero.


Real Life Urban Superhero DangerMan Will Tribute Comic Book Legend Stan Lee at Third Annual DangerMan Hero Awards

Los Angeles –  An evening of celebration will mark the 20th anniversary for DangerMan, America’s Real Life Urban Super Hero at the Third Annual 2018 DangerMan Hero Awards, taking place on Saturday, December 8 at the California African American Museum (CAAM). During the affair, DangerMan will pay homage to his friend and recently departed mentor, comic book legend, Stan Lee. He will also invite attendees to tribute the twelve victims murdered at the Border Line Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA and the people who lost their lives and homes in the California wildfires, as well as the first responders, with a candlelight moment of silence.
Produced by actor, mentor and philanthropist Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the gala will recognize eight community activists as “DangerMan Heroes” and present California State Senators Holly J. Mitchell and Steven Bradford with the DangerMan “Hero Award for Humanity.” Red carpet and VIP reception will start at 6:00 p.m. CAAM is located at 600 State Drive in Los Angeles. Tickets are available at http://dangermanheroawards.com/tickets/ .
This year’s DangerMan Hero Awards host, Melvin Jackson Jr., returns for a third year. Jackson is an Emmy nominated actor/producer from “This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, and Not Yours,” HBO’s “The Wire” and BET’s “The New Edition Story.” Jackson will be honored with the “2018 DangerMan Hero Award for Creative Arts.”
“Can one man make a difference?” asks Tinsley. “We believe one person can. That’s why in 2016 the DangerMan Hero Awards program was created. This unique show celebrates and honors the ordinary, everyday men, women and children who help make life better for others in the state of California. DangerMan fights for real issues that affect real people.”

DangerMan hero nominees were initially announced online with visitors encouraged to vote for the most compelling community accomplishments and vision.  This year’s “super” heroes include Reggie Berry, former NFL Payer and founder/CEO Goals For Life; Juliano Jarquin, behaviorist counselor and founder of The Human Element-Life Passage; Denise Estelle, founder/president of Estelle 4 Humanity; Eddie Jones, Jr., president of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association; Nason Buchanan, Mayor’s Office of Public Safety & Community Relations Specialist; “Coach” Ron Crockett, homeless advocate and founder of Fun Zone Kids Reading Club; Mia Torres, teen homeless advocate; and Troy Druppal, basketball coach, motivational speaker and founder of Flex Foundation. All the recipients will receive special awards, cash and other gifts presented through the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc. The top recipient is chosen as the DangerMan Hero of the Year and receives an additional cash prize to continue his/her work.

Roger Tinsley first introduced DangerMan to America in 1998 after being emotionally impacted by the death of a four-year-old. The toddler was tragically killed on her birthday by a stray bullet from gang-related gun fire. Tinsley felt compelled to create a real-life super hero who could serve as a role model for school age children in underserved communities while addressing issues that specifically affected them. Using his own money and resources he created DangerMan, the Urban Super Hero.
As a ‘real life’ urban superhero, DangerMan is an advocate for children’s rights promoting literacy, safety and good health. He wages against bullying and also fights human trafficking. DangerMan visits schools and community events encouraging his audience with a motto of “No gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.” He has traveled throughout America and Haiti, empowering children to live their best life. Tinsley credits Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee for a great portion of his inspiration and success. He achieved a career highlight when Lee met and personally congratulated DangerMan on his superhero feats of worldwide motivation.
This 20th anniversary of the DangerMan Superhero brand has been very productive, first with the release of DangerMan’s debut song and the production of DangerMan’s second action film “DangerMan Returns.”
For sponsorship and ticket information for the Third Annual 2018 DangerMan Hero Awards go to www.dangermanheroawards.com and to join DangerMan as he battles for all things good, go to www.thedangerman.com .
DangerMan Hero Awards Show 2017 Video
DangerMan Hero Awards Show 2017 Video

Southeast Super Duo Agents Christopher Young and Tay Smith Celebrate BYSB Talent Agency One Year Anniversary Launch with New Partner, Angela Brown

Atlanta – When Christopher Young and Tay Smith first left their perspective careers and ventured into the agent arena back in 2015, they smartly positioned themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Working diligently under the banner of an Atlanta based talent agency, they were unceremoniously soon asked to leave. However, their trials and tribulations have paid off dearly. They have since joined forces and launched BYSB Talent Agency with an additional partner, talent agent Angela Brown, who cements their foundation in her Los Angeles headquarters. Now celebrating their first year in business, the new team is even better suited to changing the game.
The two young men, fondly known as Smith & Young, are based in Atlanta, the number two market for film production, and commandeer the southeast region of the U.S. With Brown on board, the talented duo is now a trio and steadily rocking and rolling with new talent acquisitions and television and film bookings for their clients. Bringing their big talent agency experience to their new boutique firm,

BYBS’ current roster includes some of the hottest cutting-edge entertainers in the business.

Christopher Young (standing) and Tay Smith,  
BYSB Talent Agents
Spanning actors to producers, directors and social media stars, the BYSB roster includes notables such as veteran actor T.C. Carson (“Last Call”); daughter of Lil’ Wayne and Toya Wright, Reginae Carter (Lifetime’s “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta”); David Busby (BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story”); Amelia Young (Marvel’s “Venom”); twins Tristan Timmons and Tyler Timmons (“Black Panther”); child actor, Trayce Malachi (Fox’s “STAR”) and social media influencer / actor Desi Banks. Shows booked include “Atlanta,” “Black Lightening,” “Ozark,” “The Resident,” and “Homeland.”
Accomplished personal track records precedes all three partners. A Trenton, NJ native, Christopher Young is an industry veteran with two decades under his belt. He is credited with discovering and developing Grammy Award winning artist, Johnta’ Austin as well as mega producer Garrett Hamler, better known as Sean Garrett. Johnta’ Austin has written songs for Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige and Aaliyah, while Garrett is famed for producing more than fifteen number one singles in the first seven years of his start at producing music. Young has served as general manager for NBA star Tyrone Hill’s All Net Records and was product manager and A&R executive at Pastor Creflo and Taffi Dollar’s Arrow Records. Young held his own as the head of his Tricycle Records label and his management firm, Triple Threat Management.
Tay Smith founded and headed his own music production company, Yungsta Entertainment based in North Carolina. As a young teen he ran a staff of producers, artists and writers. Quickly gaining traction with lead recording artist T-LyriQ, Tay’s Yungsta Entertainment became the talk of the city, positioning him as the “P-Diddy” of his town. Upon taking a trip to uncover the booming music scene of Atlanta, Smith kept hearing about Young and his legend. Making it his goal to meet Young, he finally tracked him down and established a mentor/business advisor relationship. The business arrangement proved fruitful and lead to deeper inroads in the music world.
Angela Brown an entertainment industry veteran with 25 years of experience founded Next Up Entertainment. During this time Angela worked with Abby Lee Miller, Lifetime TV and the star dancers for “Dance Moms”.Previously Angela served as the Director of Talent at the top acting school for young Hollywood, Jack Turnbull’s Actorsite where many Disney and Nickelodeonstars found their start! Angela has also worked directly with MTV, producing runway shows for the top-rated shows on the network, including “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.”  She has graced all aspects of the entertainment industry working with television personalities, influencers, fashion designers, casting directors, actors, and many more!
“As agents, we pride ourselves with staying innovative and fluid,” explains Young. “With the explosion of the internet and social media, change occurs daily and rapidly, so staying cutting edge with industry trends is crucial. Our clients are multidimensional with the talent they bring to our table and BYSB prides itself with being multifunctional at meeting their needs,” adds Young.
Check out BYSB Talent Agency at https://www.bysbtalent.com/. Keep up with their talented roster bookings across social media at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bysbtalent/ and on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/bysbtalent/ ).
Reach the individual agents: Christopher Young on Instagram at @ceomgmt
and on Twitter at @ceomgmt ; Angela Brown on Instagram at @angelagentrybrown and on Twitter at @angelabysb ; and Tay Smith on Instagram at  @taysmithent and on Twitter at @taysmithent.
Watch the guys being interviewed by media personality Cyrus Webb at YouTube at https://youtu.be/h7GJ0gThCZY.


Talent Agents Chris Young and Tay Smith return to Cyrus Webb Presents
Talent Agents Chris Young and Tay Smith return to “Cyrus Webb Presents”