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CEO and Author Modi Says “Some Women Prefer Hell” With New Book Release

Chicago – Modi, author, entrepreneur and CEO of Chicagoland’s chain of Premier Child Care Centers, is exploding on the literary scene with the absorbing and intriguing new fiction, “Some Women Prefer Hell.” A must read for women who often precariously seek out ‘bad boys,’ thinking the outcome will be all good, “Some Women Prefer Hell” lends engaging insight into one young woman’s set of circumstances behind this preference of choice.
It has always been said that ‘some women like it hot,’ well Kana, the young teen protagonist in the sweltering ‘urban lit’ offering, “Some Women Prefer Hell,” is one of those women.  “Some Women Prefer Hell” unravels with 14-year-old Kana’s world falling apart all around her. Her mom’s recent divorce finds the family living in Flossmoor, Chicago’s upscale suburban community, with her new man, Mike. Mike epitomizes gangsta’ swag from his 6’5″ frame to his fast car lifestyle and Kana’s mom, Kim, is possessed by him. A violent argument between the two sets off a whirlwind of events that catches Kana off guard, leaving her to figure out how to navigate life’s turbulent waters on her own.
Book Trailer for
Book Trailer for  
“Some Women Prefer Hell” by Modi
Produced by
Markus Watson /Your Video Ninja,
With her mom as her foremost role model, she acts as she has seen, and falls into the arms of her very own bad boy, 18-year-old high school senior EJ. Kana is quickly propelled into womanhood, coming to a deep understanding of owning one’s choices and dealing with the consequences. A revealing narrative and think piece, told in the voice of a young teen, “Some Women Prefer Hell” will pull on the hearts of women young and old as the curse of “crazy love syndrome” is a universal one defying age and logic.
Budding book author Modi is following in the footsteps of her celebrity mom, Tamera Fair, an actress, on-air personality and founder of Chicago’s distinguished Premier Child Care Centers. Carrying on her mother’s legacy, she has held reign as the CEO of Premier Child Care Centers since the age of 23. As the author of the new release, “Some Women Prefer Hell,” Modi, now 25, is carving out her own path and claiming her own personal legend.
A graduate of Fisk University, with a degree in English, Modi fell in love with literature. In fact, words became her lifesaver when she found herself battling a serious bout of depression. Depression can be a crippling disease, but Modi was resilient and refused to let it get the best of her. At the beckoning of her therapist, she took pen to paper and “Some Women Prefer Hell” was born! Her first entry into the world of urban literature, the book has already garnered her media accolades with appearances on Fox32 in Chicago as well as Chicago’s WGN-TV.

“It was a deep heartbreak that rendered me immobile and depressed. I created Kana in “Some Women Prefer Hell” as an extension of my persona and my personal pain. Sometimes the path toward love that we choose is hell. But no one can tell us anything different until we get the lesson for ourselves,” offers Modi.  “So many women suffer from unrequited love. On the surface, yes, it may seem like we prefer hell, but our real preference is just to be loved. Kana, as a young teenager, grows into this understanding, and her life lessons were my life lessons. Hopefully the reader can garner some teachings from her wild and crazy tale as well!”
Modi is raising the bar for millennials everywhere. As the CEO of Chicago’s Premier Child Care Centers, the enterprising young executive stays busy overseeing four state-of-the-art locations that have served the city for over 30 years now. Educational activities incorporated into the vast curriculum include French, Japanese, Spanish, computer classes, etiquette classes and Pre-Fit (preschool gym). In addition, each classroom suite includes a computer lab, library, cafeteria, indoor playground, on-site kitchen, and soft top outdoor playground.
Visioning a full fledged “Modi-vational” empire with the intention of inspiring her peers to keep pushing forward, no matter what love brings or doesn’t bring, Modi is planning a movie sequel to the book, additional fiction releases, and she has launched a “Some Women Prefer Hell” product line that includes lashes, hoodies and scarves.
Some women prefer hell, but Modi knows heaven is the real answer.  Keep cool with Modi at and on Instagram at @justmodi_ and on Facebook at @Some Women Prefer Hell.
Watch the book trailer on YouTube.

Fashion Designer Mieka Joi Celebrates Rich Girl Candy Clothing Five Year Anniversary Fusing EDM and Hip Hop Culture


Chicago – When clothing designer Mieka Joi introduced her Rich Girl Candy concept in 2013, fashionistas knew she was unveiling an imaginative new concept.  Fusing the psychedelic exuberance of the electronic dance music (EDM) lifestyle with the street savvy of hip hop culture, Mieka’s Rich Girl Candy exploded on the fashion scene with an abundance of colorful creativity. She captured the hearts of women who wanted to feel as electric as the music that sound tracked their lives.

Five years later, her line has expanded beyond an activewear brand comprised of just unique hoodies, hats and t-shirts.  With new additions that include her wildly popular rainbow inspired Rich Girl Candy hair extensions, shimmering Rich Girl Candy jewelry, eclectic Rich Girl Fox Fur slides, and a fun assortment of festival gear and accessories, Mieka Joi has assembled a treasure chest of opulence for luxurious shopping adventures.  Actress and media personality LaLa Anthony, recording artist Monica, performing artist Teyana Taylor and rapper Trina are just a sampling of the celebrity factor who now rock and roll with Rich Girl Candy glam.




Juggling entrepreneurship with motherhood, fashion and the limelight run in the family for Mieka Joi. A Chicago native, Mieka Joi is the former longtime girlfriend of NBA player Derrick Rose. Their young son, six-year-old Derrick Rose Jr., has already grabbed his own headlines as a celebrity child model and accompanies his mom on many of her business ventures.

Though Rich Girl Candy is celebrating a successful five years, Mieka Joi is no newcomer to fashion. In fact, she will tell you that she was born into it! “My mom has always been into fashion, so I was her dress-up doll as a child. Even after delivering me, my mom and dad brought me home in a Gucci GG signature fabric bassinet and baby blanket!  As a child, department stores were always my preference over playgrounds!  My mother’s good friend was well renowned fashion designer Barbara Bates.  I remember going to Barbara’s shop when I was six years old. We would design purses and clothes for my dolls, and then she would help me sew and make them.”

Mieka Joi initially launched her career as a stylist.  She attended Clark University for mass media arts, majoring in public relations, marketing and advertising and began an internship at Roc-a-Wear during her sophomore year, assisting the district buyer for the brand in Atlanta.  Her first business, “Socialite Styling,” offered fashion, makeup, and hair consulting to everyone as well as celebrities that included tennis champion Serena Williams, reality TV star, Malaysia Pargo and athletes Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer.

Mieka Joi has special plans closing out the year in celebration of her five-year milestone. December will see her hosting a “pop up fashion museum” for rap star Trina in Miami as well as the release of her unicorn influenced holiday line.  Mieka is also planning to open her first stand-alone boutique in Chicago, to support her burgeoning online business.

While Rich Girl Candy’s theme channels the essence of mythical creatures like unicorns and mermaids, Mieka continues to emerge as her own mythical figure, by providing fashion seekers Rich Girl Candy in all its many delightful flavors. Visit her rainbow collection at  Follow Rich Girl Candy on Instagram at @richgirlcandy; on Facebook at @Rich Girl Candy; on Twitter at @RichGirlCandy and on Pinterest at Rich Girl Candy.

Holistic Practitioner Desiree Arnold Presents “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018” A Free Teleconference Preheader:

Trinidad – With society continuing to place great emphasis on youthfulness, for many women, aging presents its own unique midlife crisis. Desiree Arnold understands firsthand the emotional and physical toil on women upon reaching their 40’s and beyond. A holistic practitioner, naturopath and the founder of Lifely Up, a web portal dedicated to menopausal transition, Arnold wanted to nurture women through a passage that she feels should be celebrated not vilified. She took it upon herself to consult female experts from around the world for their insight and advice and the “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit” is the result of her efforts. A free online conference set to launch October 23rd through November 2nd the “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018” is available at .
Shifting the perception of aging, midlife and menopausal transition from a negative outlook to an exciting journey is a rapidly emerging concept in this new day of women reclaiming their power. Older women in particular are garnering media attention for feats no longer just designated to a younger generation. The “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018” presents a wonderful opportunity for women to learn, bond and share in the privacy of their homes as Arnold interviews 22 professionals, releasing two new interviews per day over a 11-day period. Female nutritionists, doctors, herbalists, holistic therapists, authors, life coaches, entrepreneurs, hormone experts, and physical trainers have all been gathered to lend credence to the joy of seasoned womanhood.
Desiree Arnold, founder of
 “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit”
“Living decades beyond midlife is still a newfangled phenomenon that many of us are now embracing. But for many of us, the thought of living beyond 50 for another 30, 40, or more years is shaded by fears of chronic disease, high medical bills and even living alone. Menopausal transition prepares the body, mind, and soul for that third stage in our lives where we actually can become masters of life as empresses and goddesses. The ‘Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018’ presents the opportunity to take action now and learn to understand and treat ourselves in ways that favor long healthy meaningful years and decades, to which we can gracefully look forward to,” explains Arnold, who was born and grew up in Switzerland and has lived for the past 23 years on the island state of Trinidad and Tobago.
Some of the topics to be covered over the 11-day period include understanding of the physical, emotional, energetical and spiritual changes during midlife; how hormonal changes affect us; nutrition for the midlife cycle; preventing chronic disease; resurrection of the female archetype and inspiration and motivation to get moving with joy. Some of the professionals who weigh in with their wisdom include Dr. Judith Boice, ND, LAc, FABNO, naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, and Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology; Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, CPC, ELI-MP Managing Director of Conec Professional Life Coaching Services Ltd;
Susun Weed, author of the Wise Woman Herbal series and the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition; Meiling, the tour de force behind her premier Caribbean fashion house; Yvonne Heath, author of “Love Your Life to Death”; and Makeda Smith, veteran entertainment industry publicist and creator of the FlyingOver50 dance movement brand.
For registration to and information about “Women’s Midlife Revolution Summit 2018” go to now!

Director Troy Rowland To Shoot “DangerMan Returns” the Black Superhero Film Sequel

Los Angeles – It will be lights, camera and a lot of action as DangerMan, America’s Real Life Black Superhero, gears up to shoot the sequel to his original film release. “DangerMan Returns” will be directed by Troy Michael Rowland, a veteran entertainment specialist whose credits include Disney, Amazon and TV One. Actor, mentor and philanthropist Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will executive produce the film.
Well known for his adventures against crime in Los Angeles’ gritty streets, DangerMan is really Max Manley, an investment banker by day. “DangerMan Returns,” finds the urban crime fighter seeking revenge and justice after the murder of his wife and son. The roles of Max Manley and DangerMan are played by Tinsley. This is the second installment of the “DangerMan Chronicles” crime series. The first episode titled “Girls Aren’t for Sale,” debuted on YouTube four years ago.
“We are extremely excited to have Troy Rowland on board for this go around,” expresses Tinsley. “‘DangerMan Returns” is going to be

grittier as we find DangerMan experiencing heartbreak and loss on a really personal level. Rowland has been a fan and supporter of DangerMan since the beginning and we are confident about his vision to capture the spirit of this project.”
Troy Rowland began his acting career in Philadelphia, PA at the world-renowned Freedom Theater under the auspices of John E. Allen. As one of Hollywood’s premier life and acting coaches, he is currently senior vice president of the Urban Film and Television Department at Patriot Pictures, a Michael Mendelsohn company. Rowland recently worked for Amazon on Sid and Marty Kroft’s “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.” He also directed six episodes of Disney’s “Walk the Prank” and worked on TV One’s comedy, “Here We Go Again,” starring LeToya Luckett and Wendy Raquel Robinson. Other directing projects include the Disney XD show “Kirby Buckets” as well as “The Assist” starring Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young, aka “Swaggy P” and reality star Tami Roman.
Tinsley first introduced DangerMan to America in 1998 after being emotionally impacted by the death of a four-year-old who was tragically killed on her birthday as a result gang-related gun fire. Tinsley felt compelled to create a real-life super hero who could serve as a role model for school age children in underserved communities while addressing issues that specifically affected them. Using his own money and resources he created DangerMan, the Urban Superhero.
As a ‘real life’ urban superhero, DangerMan is an advocate for children’s rights promoting literacy, safety and good health. He wages against bullying and also fights human trafficking. DangerMan visits schools and community events encouraging his audience with a motto of “No gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.” He has traveled throughout America and Haiti, empowering children to live their best life. “Protect, Promote and Provide” are the pillars DangerMan lives by. Tinsley credits Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee for a great portion of his inspiration and success.
DangerMan has steadily evolved into the fastest growing real-life superhero brand and is celebrating a 20-year anniversary! The Third Annual DangerMan Hero Awards Show is slated for December. In addition, DangerMan is a new rap recording artist and will be releasing his single “I’m Danger Man the Black Superman!” on iTunes and across all digital music platforms.
To keep up with the exploits of DangerMan, America’s Real Life Urban Super Hero go to  Friend DangerMan on Facebook at DangerMan Urban Superhero, follow DangerMan on Instagram at @dangermanurban and join him on Youtube at


Director Troy Rowland to Direct Black DangerMan Film
Director Troy Rowland to Direct Black DangerMan Film

Entrepreneurial College Professor Chad Rico Is a “Myth” Taking Hip Hop to a “New Level”

Richmond, CA – Chad Rico is a budding hip hop artist with a curriculum vitae of epic proportions. His new single release, “New Level,” on his label Gold & Gems, is not just a repetitive song refrain but a bold declaration from a music artist who is also a college math professor, entrepreneurial clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker and world traveler! “New Level” the debut single from his upcoming EP, titled “Myth,” is just the tip of a very deep iceberg from a young man who has been making mad, mythic moves since the age of three! The seven track EP is a collection of rap songs as varied as the 35 countries the 31-year-old has visited and reflect the flavor of his nuanced experiences.
A Belizean American, Chad’s legend began at birth when he was born in South Central Los Angeles, in the same hospital and at the same time as Grammy Award winning artist Kendrick Lamar. Currently repping for the Bay area, Chad’s family relocated to Northern California where he now resides. The esteemed UC Berkeley alumni attended the university on academic scholarship at the age of 16! With a B.A. in African American Studies and Applied Math, and a masters in math from San Francisco State University, Chad also spent eight months in London in a graduate business program. The intentional student turned teacher has taught math at Contra Costa College, City College San Francisco, Berkeley City College and College of Alameda. He turned down an offer to teach summer classes at his alma mater (UC Berkeley), opting out in lieu of world travel plans.

Chad started traveling at the age of three, when he boarded his first plane, alone. The experience had an empowering impact, influencing him to become a world explorer. He has visited every Disneyland around the globe except for the newest one in Shanghai. He has filled several passport books in a five-year span with vacations that include Belize City, Dakar and Barcelona.
The music business is a natural extension of Chad’s inventive persona. In addition to a music company, he has owned and operated his Gold & Gem clothing business for the past five years. He and his team design collectively and have created a fashion line of t-shirts, hoodies, crew necks and strapback hats that one can rock anywhere in the world. The young college professor is also working with legendary film producer Haqq Shabazz and has plans to executive produce and release a film next year. “Party Bus” will be based on his adventures and misadventures while traveling.
“I’ve always been a natural entrepreneur.  When I was seven, my friends and I would take blank sheets of paper and place them over characters in coloring books and trace them. We would then sell them to people on the street for 25 cents and advertise it as original artwork,” Chad reveals.”My expansion into the music business, especially as an artist, might seem odd to some, but I believe in pursuing all my passions and living to the fullest. Teaching, traveling and creating, whether its clothing, music or vacation itineraries, there are no limits to my explorations.”
While Chad’s debut release “New Level” from the new EP “Myth” marks his entry into the music game, another track, “Click Click” showcases the professor’s street edge with razor sharp lyrics. “Night in Barcelona” recounts one of many travel memories while “Workin,” a collaboration with Gold & Gems Records’ Kam Krzy, proves that Chad’s acumen is not limited to the classroom, with a flow that shoots real game.
Rap fans know that the Bay area is widely recognized for its cliques. Chad’s entourage, the Cash Register Crew, is headed by his brother, Deezy. An enterprising group of young men, they model themselves after Chad’s example, and in addition to music and business, they devote time to giving back to their Richmond, CA community. Cash Register Crew even started an AAU basketball team to give local youth an athletic outlet. Members of the crew have traveled out of the country, alongside Chad, and everyone has either graduated from college or is pursuing a college degree.
Rappers Kam Krzy and Chad

Cash Register Crew’s overall mission is to set a ‘new level’ gold standard to motivate the youth and their peers alike. Kam Krzy is the first indie artist release from the crew signed to Gold & Gems Records, having worked with various producers such as award-winning producer Michael Denton and Bay Area native producer Top. Kam’s first debut Ep is titled “Kam’s Krzy Modern Life.”

Hip hop has given rise to many myths, included LL Cool J, P Diddy and Jay Z. Chad Rico is laying claim to the next throne and he has all the skills to make the grade! Take a lesson from Chad at and on Instagram at @internationchadrico and get properly educated.

Child Actor Trayce Malachi Returns in Pivotal “STAR” Role on FOX TV as the Son of Transgender Character

Atlanta – At the dear ‘old’ age of eight, little actor Trayce Malachi is already a profoundly wise Hollywood star. His character range in just the short span of a couple of years rivals the roles of veterans far past his age. Television fans anxiously anticipate his return as Jayden, the son of transgender character Cotton, played by Amiyah Scott, the grandson of Carlotta, played by Queen Latifah, and the nephew of Aunt Cassie, played by Brandy, on season three of Fox’s top-rated series, “STAR.” However, in addition to “STAR,” the young actor has been busy racking up credits like candy! As the third child of three amazing thespian siblings, collectively known as #THR33T (3T), Trayce is making his mark in the industry and it’s already legendary.

#TeamTHR33T/ Left to Right: 
Twin sister Tari Ayana, Trayce Malachi & twin sister Talia Symone  
on the set of TV One’s “Sister Circle Live”
Trayce Malachi is the young brother of the acting twin duo, Talia Symone and Tari Ayana (Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”). The eleven-year-old fraternal sisters initiated their journey as professional kid actors at the age of seven with their very first audition for roles on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” Their influence on their baby brother Trayce is obvious, as he caught the acting bug early on at age six. Born on December 28, the same birthdate as Denzel Washington, it’s almost as if acting was predestined for him. Managed by their single parenting mother, Ty Baker, and represented by BYSB Talent Agency, the young trio, based in Atlanta, has quickly established their presence in Hollywood.
Transgender character Cotton, played by Amiyah Scott and her son Jayden, played by Trayce Malachi on the set of  “STAR”

In addition to breaking ground as the first young African American actor to play the child of a transgender person on television, Trayce’s film and television credits scale the breadth of roles as diverse as a preacher’s son to the son of an escaped slave. Trayce will make an appearance on CBS’s “MacGyver,” in the fifth episode of the upcoming third season, playing Calvin, who pretends to be the son of Wilt Bozer, portrayed by series regular Justin Hires. He made his major feature film debut this past April portraying Julian Pearson, son of Bishop Carlton Pearson, in the autobiographical Netflix original film, “Come Sunday.” “Tag,” the no-holds-barred comedy which hit theaters this past June, saw Trayce deliver a featured memorable moment in a crazy mall scene opposite film star, Jeremy Renner (“The Avengers”).

In “Emperor” which is slated for a 2019 release, we will find the young performer starring as Tommy Green, the son of Shields “Emperor” Green, played by Dayo Okeniyi (“The Hunger Games”), in a true story period piece that leads to the start of the Civil War while following the path of Emperor, an escaped slave. In the upcoming independent film feature, “Bricked,” Trayce continues to display his versatility by playing the son of a doctor portrayed by veteran actor T.C. Carson (“Living Single”). Trayce is also remembered as “the kid with the eyes” in the very last Toys R Us commercial, and has appeared in five different short films on Nick Jr.
Ty Baker is the hardworking and proud mother of the #THR33Ts. As a single mom, she juggles managing her children’s acting schedule with her own work schedule as a high school math teacher. In addition to acting, the three siblings maintain an active extracurricular itinerary that includes martial arts, the chess club, science fairs, basketball, swimming, camping, traveling, and more.
“Trayce never fails to astound me,” Baker lovingly reveals. “He is a straight ‘A’ student and reads two grades above his grade level. I have been his main acting coach and I’m always amazed how he can learn his lines so quickly and adapt to the nuances of each role. Even when he had to learn sign language for a potential role, he did so in one day! I knew he was gifted when he started walking at nine months and then reading at two years old. He has been doing his own laundry and making his own bed since he was three and he started riding a bike for the very first time without training wheels when he turned five!”
What are Trayce’s biggest goals right now? Well in addition to hoping to be cast in “Black Panther 2” and working with his idol, Denzel Washington, the astute young man hopes to book enough roles to hire a driver for his mom, so that she doesn’t have to drive him and his sisters around anymore and can enjoy riding along with them instead! He also wants to eventually start his own charitable organization that helps young boys like himself get whatever guidance, encouragement, and support they need to overcome any learning, social, or developmental challenges they may have. At the rate he is currently booking gigs, his dreams don’t seem very far off at all!
Follow Trayce Malachi across social media at @TrayceMalachi on Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter and YouTube and catch the new season of “STAR” on Fox on Wednesdays, beginning September 26.

Producer of Oprah’s Acclaimed Film, “Building A Dream” Turns Lens on Voter Suppression in “Let My People Vote”


LOS ANGELES/FLORIDA – While media pundits and other experts debate the impact Russia had on the 2016 election, a riveting short documentary exposing the harsh voter suppression laws that prohibit 6.1 million Americans from voting, “Let My People Vote,” is fast becoming a rallying call for youth to participate in the midterm elections. The film won an Audience Award at the Florida Film Festival and will be the subject of a conversation in Los Angeles at the Peacemaker Organizing & Awards Summit hosted by the Community Justice Reform Coalition and the LIVE FREE Campaign.

Directed by Gilda Ann Brasch of Los Angeles-based VUSI Filmworks,”Let My People Vote” will also be featured in The Color of Conversation Film Series, an extension of the prestigious Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. It will be held June 29th at the American Film Institute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center located in the DC area.

“We are honored to be selected to participate in these landmark events, both of which seek to promote positive conversation on the issue of structural discrimination,” said Brasch.

“Let My People Vote” follows voting rights activist, Desmond Meade, as he mobilizes his team to help get Tampa residents to the polls. Meade discovers that a senior citizen they encouraged to go vote is unable to cast a ballot due to a suspended license violation from 1993. This situation struck home with Meade. He’s an ex-felon whose right to vote has not been restored even though he turned his life around many years ago.

Although he can’t vote, Meade still participates in the process. As president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition he helped to gather more than one million signatures to place Amendment 4, the Second Chances Voting Restoration Amendment, on the ballot this November.

Florida’s Jim Crow era voter suppression laws have a disparate impact on African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups. “About 1.7 million Floridians are disenfranchised,” adds Brasch. “The 2000 election was decided by 537 votes in Florida, so these votes clearly matter.”

During the midterm election cycle the filmmakers are working with partner organizations to host screenings paired with panel discussions designed to bring awareness to voter suppression and educate voters on Florida’s Amendment 4. Partners include: AFL-CIO of Central Florida, Latino Leadership Institute, LIVE FREE Campaign, United Faculty of Florida at the University of Central Florida, Orange County Teachers Association, Georgia and Florida Black Youth Vote, Levi Strauss Foundation, and the International Documentary Association. Musical artist and activist, Moby, contributed his new single “This Wild Darkness” (Mute Records), to the film.

An award-winning producer and director, Brasch tells tales of underdog heroes. She helped produce and direct Oprah Winfrey’s ABC primetime special, “Building A Dream,” the acclaimed documentary on The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa. Most recently Brasch executive produced five seasons of VH1’s hit franchise “Love & Hip Hop.” Inspired after meeting Nelson Mandela in South Africa, and filming in his prison cell of 27 years, Brasch founded VUSI Filmworks with a focus on filmmaking for social change.

For more information on the Peacemaker Organizing & Awards Summit at Google’s Venice office or The Color of Conversation visit or To view the trailer or schedule a screening visit

Filming Begins for Documentary About Pioneering Street Photographer Norman Bush


New York/Atlanta – An eclectic selection of art connoisseurs gathered in Atlanta last week as filming kicked off for a documentary about the unique artistry of Norman Bush, a pioneering street photographer who creates art by photographing bill postings on city walls and images of street scenes that relate historic events and powerful movements. Entitled, “Norman Bush: Post No Bills,” the taping took place during a special exhibit and conversation about his extensive photography collection.

“Long before Facebook, Instagram or even the Internet, people used the walls of New York City buildings to post announcements and social justice messages,” says “Norman Bush: Post No Bills” director, Ed Dessisso. “We hope to convey how Norman captured the moment that time, weather and the human need to communicate transformed into a torn and tattered third dimension with the texture and qualities of street art.”

Norman Bush’s photographs transport audiences through the streets of New York City for over more than a half-century. The atmospherically developed art is created from photographs of frayed pieces of posted notices and playbills plastered on buildings throughout the city. It documents “bill posting” as the pre-digital era social media, when social justice themes came to life on city walls.

“My father is a trendsetter. He was a street photographer decades before it became popular,” says Dr. Hector Bush, the photographer’s son and owner of Orthodontic Care of Georgia. “ In addition to creating collages, he captured moments in history that nobody would have ever considered extraordinary at the time.”

“For example, a photo taken in 2008 not far from Trump Towers garners a lot of interest. It’s a shot of a mural supporting the election of then Senator Barack Obama that reads: Make America Great Again Vote Barack Obama for President. Only a small group of New Yorkers know that slogan was used for Obama long before President Trump ran in 2016, my dad has the receipts,” adds the curator of the Bush Family Legacy.

Pieces displayed at the exhibit included “Malcolm Lives,” a 20-foot blow-up of the Audubon Ballroom with Malcolm X on the façade and a compelling photograph of impromptu memorials created after the 9/11 disaster. There was a huge digital wall with a slideshow featuring additional selections from the collection.

During the conversation, moderated by cultural curator and artist, Kevin Sipp, Norman Bush said his camera, “captured a running poster display, altered by time, weather, and passer-bys, of political and social events, the antiwar movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s movement – all this was my material, my muse.”

Raised in segregated Louisville, Kentucky, Norman Bush’s interest in the arts professionally started during his service in the U.S. Air Force. After moving to New York to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts alongside classmates like Robert Redford, he went on to enjoy a 50-year career as an actor in stage, television and film productions in the US and abroad. His attraction to wall collages prompted him to purchase an old Leica 3B camera in early in 1965 which led to years of archiving wall-scapes throughout Manhattan.

“Norman Bush: Post No Bills” is produced by CFF Media and T8KITEZ Productions. The traveling photo exhibit, Post No Bills, is produced by The NUN Group. For more information about the film or to host a conversation and exhibit of the Norman Bush Collection visit or email busnor at

‘FlyingOver50’ Granny Pole Dancer Makeda Smith Continues to Elevate Mature Women with New MercVille Productions Music Video Release

Los Angeles – Grandmother, publicist and pole dancer Makeda Smith, the creator behind the blog-turned-movement, FlyingOver50, has once again teamed with Christina Villegas and Jeff Mercer, the owners of MercVille Productions, to create a mesmerizing pole dance music video. Filmed as part of the production company’s ongoing “Goddesses In Motion: A Pop Up Pole Video Shoot” series and produced by Flying Curves Dance Studio, the release catapults FlyingOver50’s continued quest to encourage ‘mature’ women to reclaim their femininity through dance, fitness and the art of simply moving their bodies. Directed by Villegas, the 57-year-old pole dancing granny fluidly rotates around a pole in nine-inch heel Pleaser Shoes while lusciously combining pole tricks with dance movement.


MercVille Productions’ Jeff Mercer filming on the “Goddesses In Motion” set with Makeda from FlyingOver50.

is Makeda’s third collaboration with MercVille Productions. The company first featured her last year in “The Pole Dancing Chronicles.”  Sponsored and co-produced by Mighty Grip Inc., a leading worldwide sporting goods manufacturer, “The Pole Dancing Chronicles” showcases people and events from within the pole and aerial community in an effort to dispel myths and misconceptions around the growing art form. The working couple created the “Goddesses In Motion” pop-up video series as a platform for amateur pole dancers to experience being professionally filmed while performing to a song selection of their choice. The mini-productions result in a two-minute music video feature that the dancers can share across social media and with friends and family.

MercVille Productions’ Christina Villegas directing Makeda from FlyingOver50 on the “Goddesses In Motion” set.

Christina Villegas, a former reality show producer, who in conjunction with co-owning MercVille Productions also owns and operates Flying Curves Dance Studio, notes, “‘Goddesses in Motion” is another extension of my vision to propel women to be their best selves, regardless of what society tells us about size or age or color. Putting ‘everyday’ women in front of a camera and capturing their inner essence is what this work is about. When we see ourselves on film, it becomes an expansion process. The women actually get to ‘see’ another dimension of their beautiful selves expressed and amplified!”

In addition to running her Jazzmyne Public Relations agency, Makeda offers dance workshops, classes and private lessons to women, while targeting those 50 and older. She also blogs weekly at with positive affirmations that she combines with her pole and aerial photography. “The ‘Goddesses In Motion’ pop-up videos are an amazing opportunity offering artistic expression to women who normally would not have access to such a venture,” she explains. “As a veteran entertainment industry publicist, I have worked behind the scenes on sets with a host of well-known celebrities. It is a tremendous feeling to be in front of the camera and one that I wish every woman could experience. I share these videos with my social media followers in the hopes of inspiring all women, but particularly older women, to nurture their femininity and pursue their dreams without letting age become a factor. I personally believe that women, like wine, grow better with time and we can indeed fly over 50.”
Makeda is currently celebrating the 30th year anniversary of her agency, Jazzmyne Public Relations as she takes her FlyingOver50 pole and dance movement practice to new heights.
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Lowery Institute Change Agent Tank Winner, Madisyn Dudley, Receives Seed Money to Engage Black Youth in STEM


Atlanta, GA – In a time when the leadership of black women is being celebrated, Cheryl Lowery, president and CEO ofthe Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute (Lowery Institute), announced that Madisyn Dudley, a dual-degree engineering and computer science major, received funding to engage black youth in STEM as winner of the recent Change Agent Tank social innovation competition. The money awarded will allow the Clark Atlanta University honors student to start her year-round initiative during the upcoming Rising Change Agent Summer Leadership Camp June 4-15, 2018.

Dudley, who is a member of the Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program and a research assistant studying the transfer of kinetic energy into electrical energy, plans to teach the 4th thru 8th graders attending the leadership camp about renewable energy. She will target middle and high school students during the regular school year.

“Madisyn is a rising leader in STEM,” said Lowery. “We’re excited about her project, It aligns perfectly with our Environmental Justice initiative and creates an on-going opportunity for us to engage young people on another platform to become leaders in their schools and community. Cultivating her type of innovative thinking is the goal of our Change Agent program.”

Other Change Agents awarded funds for projects are Eddie Hawkins, who will offer accredited certificates for social justice focused curriculums, and John Washington, who will produce a monthly podcast relating historical civil rights events to current events in social justice.

Modeled after the popular TV show, Shark Tank, Change Agent Tank encourages Lowery Institute student change agents with a social entrepreneurial mindset to combine their social justice interests with critical business skills to create transformational initiatives and movements. Once the submissions are narrowed to five students from Atlanta area colleges, each participant receives advance coaching from experts to help them assemble their presentation. They pitch their projects to leaders in the business and social justice community who provide valuable feedback and select the winners.

Notable local business leaders serving as judges were: Gail Nutt, GNutt Consulting; Scott Satterwhite, William-Josef Foundation; Aaron Turpeau, 3 T Unlimited; and Harriette Watkins, The Watkins Group. Blake Osborne, operations manager, Lowery Institute , and Mike Watson, a 2016 Change Agent Tank Winner and student at Morehouse College, served as MCs for the evening.

Media and community relations manager for Publix Super Markets’. Atlanta Division, Brenda Reid, was back again this year to present an additional donation of $7,500 from the Food For All Campaign, a register collection program at Publix Super Markets, to support, Mimi’s Pantry, which was established by the 2016 Change Agent Tank winner in response to the growing number of students who often go without food. The pantry currently serves over 100 students weekly.

The two-week Servant Leadership Camp gives 4th thru 8th graders the opportunity to receive leadership training in social justice, human rights, government and voter responsibility. Campers create social justice projects, go on field trips and are exposed to collegiate life on a prominent HBCU campus. Camp runs 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday and cost $250 per week and includes t-shirt, meals and field trip. For more information, phone: 404-524-8406 or email:

The Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute for Justice & Human Rights isa 501 C 3 non-profit organization established to ensure the continuity of the advocacy of Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and his late wife Evelyn Gibson Lowery’s lifelong commitment to non-violent advocacy, and the moral, ethical, and theological imperative of justice and human rights for all people.

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Inspirational Sports Author Richard LoPresto To Donate 500 “Old Timers Day” Books To Central Church During Speaking Engagement

Las Vegas – Inspirational author and sports enthusiast, Richard LoPresto put readers on notice during the World Series when his Celestial Baseball Association announced plans to make a film based on his baseball book, “Old Timers DayAs Told by God to Richard LoPresto.” An epic tale about the forces of “Good vs. Evil,” the book was inspired by and takes place at Central Church, a beautiful non-denominational megachurch headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. LoPresto will make his debut speaking appearance at Central Church on May 5 and May 6, 2018, during the 5:00 p.m. PT service on Saturday and the 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. PT services on Sunday. The engagement will be marked by his gifting of 500 autographed books toward the fundraiser to provide summer camp scholarships to children in need. The event will take place live during all four weekend experiences and will be available on demand beginning Sunday morning at

In “Old Timers Day,” God Almighty and Satan the Devil face off and select their own major league baseball teams comprised of illustrious players, living and dead. Each agrees that once the game is in progress, neither of them can have anything whatsoever to do with the end result. The beloved pastime transforms into an extreme sport of ‘Winner Takes All’ as the instant the game is over, the loser, God Almighty or Satan the Devil, will be stricken from the mind of man and from the annals of history forever! The great game takes place at the legendary Ebbets Field in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.

“Old Timers Day” packs its storyline with amazing baseball tidbits and interesting historical facts, dating all the way back from the inception of baseball to the present. With the opposing teams comprised of over 100 of the greatest baseball players of all time, including players from the Negro League Baseball, joined by celebrated managers, umpires, coaches and announcers, the reader is immersed in a baseball history lesson. Veteran filmmaker Foster Corder has secured the film rights to “Old Timers Day” and recently completed the screenplay.
Veteran filmmaker Foster Corder
Author Richard LoPresto is a well-respected baseball aficionado who knows the game. “God literally gave me the vision for this book while I was sitting inside Central Church,” reveals LoPresto. “I am deeply humbled to have witnessed with my own eyes, here on the church’s campus,the compelling saga that is revealed within the pages of the book! I am overjoyed to be able to share not only that life changing experience with the congregation but to also donate copies of the book knowing that young lives will be impacted with the knowledge of this tremendous family game.”
“Old Timers Day” took LoPresto over seven years to complete. The author spent the last couple of years writing from a wheelchair and in rehabilitation on a walker and then a cane after suffering a debilitating injury. He reveals that God’s voice kept him inspired even throughout the painful ordeal. “My injury actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Where some might have questioned God’s intention, I never did. Those last couple of years provided me a great opportunity to focus on completing the book while allowing God to heal me,” expresses Richard. “And through the grace and favor of my Lord and Savior and with the patient assistance of my best friend and mentor, Jerry Schafer, the award winning writer, producer, and director, I was able to fulfill my mission.”
Founded in 1962, Central Church operates a 148,000-square-foot church building in Henderson, NV with ten additional locations around the world and a thriving online ministry including their God Behind Bars prison outreach program. Listed as the ninth largest church in the United States with a weekly attendance of over 21,000, the church’s mission is to “Introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.” Jud Wilhite is the dynamic senior pastor of the broadcast location.

“Richard is one of our esteemed ‘Generosity Rockstars,'” cites Geoff Sage, CFO and Pastor of Generosity and Giving at Central Church. “It has been astonishing to watch God work his plan through him. ‘Old Timers Day’ is an extraordinary read and God’s voice and vision echoes in every word. We are excited to have him share his personal testimony and broadcast it around the world. His generous literary donation of books toward our fundraising campaign is an extra added blessing.”
“Old Timers Day As Told by God to Richard LoPresto” may in fact be of one of the best baseball stories ever told. The book is available on . Watch the book trailer here
Listen to Richard LoPresto’s Central Church presentation at
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26-Year-Old David Busby Survives Gun Violence and Lands Debut Role on Bounce TV’s “Saints and Sinners”

Atlanta – When viewers watch young, upcoming actor David Busby in his debut recurring role on the third season of Bounce TV’s sizzling series “Saints and Sinners,” they are witnessing the passion of a young man who has had his own personal run-in with real life saints and sinners. Working alongside the show’s veteran stars, including Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell and Keith Robinson, most would never guess that twice in two years, the determined 26-year-old thespian almost lost his life to street gun violence.
The first time Busby was shot was July 10, 2016. He was at a local laundromat in Inglewood, CA when a gunman aimed on him close range firing seven shots and hitting him. Then again, on May 6, 2017, Busby’s life was almost snatched for the second time. While in front of his grandparent’s Inglewood home, a car pulled up just 15 feet away and opened fired on him with an assault rifle. With a total of 18 shots were fired, four bullets hit David’s car and one pierced his head. These traumatizing ordeals would have pushed many into despondency and depression, but instead they fueled Busby to live his life to fullest.
Actor David Busby on the set of “Saints and Sinners” pictured left to right:   recording artist / actor Black Child, David Busby (center) and Clifton Powell

The remarkable survivor is now racking up the kind of notable acting credits it takes many industry newcomers years to book! He has secured four episodes on the third season of “Saints and Sinners,” portraying Profit, a villain who is the perfect menace to society. In addition, Busby has landed a coveted role in the upcoming original BET miniseries, “The Bobby Brown Story” slated for airing later this year. Busby will play Billy, the long-time friend of R&B icon Bobby Brown.

“David Busby is a remarkable talent,” cites Christopher Young, talent agent at BYSB Talent Agency. “BYSB signed him immediately upon auditioning him. His unfortunate life experiences have propelled something magnetic in him. His determination to succeed is so palatable you can taste it.”
An Inglewood, California native, now living in Atlanta, Busby was raised by his school teacher grandmother and jazz musician grandfather. Church played an important role in his childhood and he always believed he was destined to do great things. After two near death experiences, Busby decided that time was now. He always felt drawn to acting and finally decided to seriously pursue it.
“My two brushes with death pushed me to live. It’s crazy because when I think about it, I’m not supposed to be here, but I am. When I changed my mind and my thoughts, my world changed. Today, just a year after being shot for the second time, I’m working side by side with actors I looked up too while growing up. But it’s not just about me. I want to let others know, especially those my age who are going through something bad, that there is good out there. There is hope. Your situation and your circumstances can change for the better and it doesn’t have to take forever for that to happen,” expresses Busby.
“Never giving up is the key,” continues Busby. “I once modeled myself behind man and man is flawed, so I’ve really been aligning myself to that which I feel in my heart is true. God is my truth and I model myself behind that and continue to grow and live in it.”

David Busby is a self-realized saint who was almost destroyed by sinners. He serves as an amazing example of perseverance, strength and vision. Catch him on this season of “Saints and Sinners” and look out for him in “The Bobby Brown Story.” This young man is making moves, and nothing can stop him now!
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