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Screenwriter Lorna O. Releases Script for Megachurch TV Pilot “MERCY ROAD” on New Web Portal

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Los Angeles – Hollywood is an ‘inside‘ job. Brilliant scripts are written every day, and many of them, if not ‘greenlit,‘ are ever actually read outside of industry professionals. Author and television writer Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi aka Lorna O., has decided to do something about this perceived writer’s dilemma. She has ‘self’ published her original television pilot, MERCY ROAD and is making it available for everyone to not only read, but to also offer input. In a town that operates largely on ‘who you know,’ she is making an effort to expand her already very influential circle with the launch of her new writer’s portal,
MERCY ROAD is the first of many of her scripts to be made available for free download in their original screen format at the web portal. offers readers not only the opportunity to meet potential characters before they actualize on the small and big screen, but also a peek at how scripts are actually formatted and submitted.
Lorna has worked for executives and writers in television and film for 10 years, on such shows as “Dexter,” “The Shield,” and the film “Get Him to the Greek,” written and directed by Nicholas Stoller which starred Russell Brand. Her first writing credit came on the Netflix original television series, “Hemlock Grove.”She co-wrote the season finale with her mentor, executive producer Charles “Chic” Eglee and executive producer Peter Blake. Lorna also wrote and produced the popular Bollywood web series titled “ChaDo.”  Additionally, she collaborated with Eglee and producers at Overbrook Entertainment and BET on the animated television series titled “Cypha.
With MERCY ROAD we find Eli Mercer as the Senior Pastor at Mercy Road Church and Ministries. His wife, First Lady Luna Mercer is dying of breast cancer. She is undergoing chemotherapy but doesn’t believe it is working. She makes a decision that could destroy the church and everybody affiliated with it. Meanwhile, Eli still has to handle the day-to-day affairs of a newly built megachurch that grew exponentially in a short time. He’s on the cusp of becoming the next T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen if he can stay focused and keep the faith, even under pressure to bend to the last wish of his ailing wife. MERCY ROAD is the re-imaging of the story of Abraham set inside a megachurch.
With Oprah Winfrey’s own megachurch series, “Greenleaf,” starring Emmy Award winners Keith David and actress Lynn Whitfield, starting production and Fox TV’s recent announcement to develop an untitled megachurch mystery drama project from writer Julian Breece, Lorna O. is anticipating a surge in Black church themed productions.
“I am excited that producers and studios are reading MERCY ROAD, but I also wanted to know what the public thought,” explains Lorna. “I grew up in the church and a megachurch so I know how intimate and misunderstood that community is because the people talking the loudest about God and faith don’t necessarily represent the whole. MERCY ROAD is edgy in that it goes behind the veil and shows the humanity, frailty and the good hearts behind pastors and the wives who operate on an abnormally bright platform. As a writer, I want to hear from people inside that community and out. Is this something they want to see? And would they watch it? is my way of taking my work to the streets.”
Lorna O. is also a well-established life and love coach and the author of “Becoming BOLD,” a definitive guide to self-actualization and transformation. A woman who practices what she preaches, Lorna acknowledges that the launch of is a bold and unprecedented move in the entertainment capital of Hollywood.
“This isn’t done in television and film-ever! There’s a fear it won’t get made if it’s made public, which is absurd otherwise books would never be adapted. Additionally, script format is designed for production professionals as a blueprint to make the movie or show. Everything in a script is whittled down to its bare essentials, and that style is not meant for public consumption. So I had some trepidation about how people would respond to the writing format. Ultimately, however, I felt was a must do,” cites Lorna. “It offers readers not only a different perspective but also valuable insight into the world of television and movie making.”
Lorna O. graduated magna cum laude from Texas Woman’s University and is a native of Christiansted, St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands. A new mother of two young children and married to popular sci-fi director, Olatunde Osunsanmi (“The Fourth Kind,” “Falling Skies”), she is half of one of Hollywood’s most promising upcoming power couples.
Read the drama that is traveling MERCY ROAD at now!

Ice T, Too Short, Yo Yo and Kurupt Support Havoc Da MouthPiece’s Proclaim To “Go Hard” It’s “Gaim Chng3r” Time

Los Angeles – Straight outta’ South Central Los Angeles, Havoc Da MouthPiece hails as one the true originators of West Coast gangsta’ hip hop! Real hip hop hard heads recall Havoc as a standout pioneer, spearheading the West Coast reign when he was the front man for the rap crew South Central Cartel aka SCC. The group were the first ‘left’ coast rappers to sign to Def Jam and nurtured a loyal cult following with hits like “U Gotta Deal Wit Dis,” “Pops Was a Rolla,” All Day Everyday,” “Eastside-Westside” and “It’s an S.C.C Thang.”
Ironically, Havoc, a Chicago native, also has roots nestled deep in the legacy of R&B as well. Havoc is not only a rap legend, but he is also the son of legend. His father, Robert “Squirrel” Lester was one of the founding members of the legendary soul group the Chi-Lites.

Considering the depth of his musical roots coupled with his passion, there is probably no one better positioned to revive the West Coast rap scene by not only recapturing its history, but also continuing its vintage sound. Under the banner of his new imprint, Gaim Chng3r Enterprizes, Havoc is steadfastly forging a new legacy in hip hop. For the past two years he has been documenting historic interviews with major artists who were in the game from the very beginning. Over 30 artists have been interviewed to date, including Ice-T, Too Short, Warren G, Kurupt, Yo Yo, Da Brat, Ms. Toi, Xzibit and Lighter Shade of Brown.  The footage will be revealed in his new film,“Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,” slated for release in 2016 and the soundtrack, featuring several of Gaim Chng3r’s newly signed acts, is available now!

Ice T visits the “Go Hard set.

Interview snippets and promotional shout outs from a slew of veteran rap artists including hip hop heroes like Rappin 4-Tay,JJ Fad, Kam, Money B and WC, as well as videos from Gaim Chng3r’s new artists, are featured on the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize YouTube channel at The page is also an archive for vintage music videos from over 30 acts supportive of and or featured in the film project.

Havoc has masterminded a diverse assembly of artists for Gaim Chng3r’s roster, all reflecting his hardcore sentiments about the wild, wild west. The “Go Hard” soundtrack  is fully loaded with thirteen rough and ride ’em tracks that sizzle with scorching West Coast heat. Female vocalist Neveah regulates the seduction with “Boom,” Chanel Royale rips the heat on “187 Murder,” and Drewp featuring J. Blue keeps it real South Central with their own cartel on “Talkin’ Money” and break down the politics of green.  Tiffani Lewis’  “Pain,” featuring Cali Pitts, is a street litany that flows R&B with a hardcore rap edge and D.K.F.C.’s “It’s Over” bounces like a low rider with pure ghetto heat. Jank Mobb spits real, raw and unapologetically ruthless on “Sum_Mo_Sh*t,” leaving Shoota Mac featuring J. Blue to take it to the bedroom with “Private Affair” and new super producer Big E regulates with impact on “Wat I’m On.”

“South Central Cartel helped to carve the landscape of the West Coast rap scene. We were right alongside artists like N.W.A. and Tupac back in the day, giving the world a peak into this Cali street life,” notes Havoc.

Flashback photo:  standing left to right: unidentified, DJ Kaos (SCC), (unidentified),  Havoc Da Mouthpieice (SCC), Spice 1 and LV (SCC)
kneeling:  Tupac, DJ Gripp, Prodeje (SCC) and Havikk the Rhymeson (SCC)

“I’ve been true to this music for three decades now, different incarnations, but always true to the game. With ‘Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,’ I am not only honoring and celebrating this west side journey, I am positioning it for a greater outreach into the future. Gaim Chng3r is the new face of West Coast rap and the rebel cry is ‘Go Hard’ because we can’t go home, this is home! The movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was only a small part of the story, but it proved that the world remembers and that they want more! ‘Go Hard’ is taking it back to the streets South Central style. We bringing Watts, the Bay, Sacramento and the entire coast along for this ride!”

Check out the Gaim Chng3r Enterprize’s YouTube channel at:

Get your Gaim Chng3r app on Google Play and iTunes.

Ride with Gaim Chng3r on their website at:
Pick up the “Go Hard: The True Untold Story of West Coast Hip Hip,” soundtrack at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and where ever music is sold.

Black Gay Author Terrance Dean Comes Back “Out” in Hip Hop Re-Introducing the Titles That Started It All, HIDING IN HIP HOP and MOGUL Now Available as eBooks

Nashville, TN – Hip Hop is officially ‘out.’ Openly gay and transgender personalities are now featured on top rated TV network shows like Fox’s “Empire”; Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”; and even on reality TV on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.” While some may not remember, it was best-selling author

Terrance Dean who first flung open the door and literally pushed Hip Hop “out” of the closet. Hip Hop has not been the same since!

In 2008 Dean released the book that turned the entertainment industry upside down, or for some right side up. His memoir, HIDING IN HIP HOP: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry – from Music to Hollywood (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books – May 2008) was an explosive tell-all revealing intimate and heart-wrenching details about his personal life as a gay man in the entertainment business. Terrance tore the lid off a hidden culture within the testosterone-driven world of Hip Hop when he revealed a new dimension in a world notorious for its larger-than-life masculine swagger. Bravely unmasking the deep secrets of a prominent gay sub-culture within not only the entertainment community, but more specifically, within the confines of hip hop, HIDING IN HIP HOP became the runaway, most talked about, and most Googled book sensation of the year.

Dean then followed up with his fictionalized novel account, MOGUL (Simon & Schuster/Atria Books – June 2011).  MOGUL went even deeper inside Hip Hop to reveal just how rampant homosexuality reigns in an industry that on the surface purports hyper-masculinity as its calling card.  MOGUL follows Aaron “Big A.T.” Tremble, a young music icon, as he juggles money, fame, and women as CEO of a record label, while also indulging in a clandestine relationship with his hot superstar artist, the sexy hunk, Tickman.  MOGUL gave readers the inner behind-the-scenes moves of a community of down low and gay industry companions, known as ‘The Family,’ who support and propel Big A.T. as Hip Hop’s most beloved producer. Dean’s debut fiction release ripped through the industry as insiders, naysayers, and fans speculated and compared the tale to real life rumors and hearsay.

Dean met the controversy head on, even as media and readers alike were not quite ready to accept the truth he was serving. However, accounts and predictions he made at that time have now come full circle and today, in 2015, Hip Hop has been fully outed.
“I am elated that my book, HIDING IN HIP HOP, has helped to spark this discourse. Years ago, while I was touring and conducting interviews, I predicted that Black LGBTQIA persons would come forward and no longer be relegated to the “closet.” Now, with talented artists such as, Jussie Smollett, Frank Ocean, Laverne Cox and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, we are seeing ourselves as part of the fabric of America, and, more importantly Black life and Black culture,” expresses Dean.

“When I wrote MOGUL I had no idea that a show like “Empire” or even the recent airing of VH-1’s “OUT In Hip Hop” would be possible. But, after my book was released, I knew I had done something powerful, transformative, and trailblazing,” asserts Dean. “As a writer, artist, or creative person when you produce a product you don’t think of the future. You’re only present in the moment. You never know what the world will say or how people will respond. Yet, when you do something so provocative, so intense and against the grain, and people respond positively and negatively, then, you know you’ve done your job. I’m thankful each day God has given me a voice, and visibility, to express myself in all of my blackness and gayness.”

Speaker, educator, author and Detroit native, Terrance Dean took a hiatus from the entertainment industry and received his Master’s in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt Divinity School in 2014. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Religion at Vanderbilt University in the Graduate Department of Religion. He is also a 2005 John Seigenthaler Journalism Fellow from Vanderbilt University. Dean has lectured and conducted workshops at noted institutions of education around the country.

In 2011, Dean was acknowledged as the first Black gay author to be nominated for two Lambda Literary awards for two books in two different categories; his book, “Visible Lives” was nominated for LGBT Anthology, and his book, “Straight From Your Gay Best Friend” was nominated for LGBT Non-Fiction. Dean is a contributing writer to the anthologies, Souls of My Brothers and Always Too Soon.
Dean has written for and been featured in mainstream and urban media outlets around the globe. He has also appeared across the country and internationally, on popular syndicated radio shows and made numerous national television appearances.

Dean currently writes a weekly advice column,”Straight From Your Gay Best Friend,” on the popular urban website,, reaching by over 100,000 readers weekly.

Both HIDING IN HIP HOP and MOGUL are available in hardback, paperback, and as eBooks wherever books are sold.

Connect with Terrance Dean on Twitter at @terrancedean and on Facebook at .

Pole Dance Matters as Performers Tribute the Black Life Movement with New Video Release

Left to right back row: Sasja "Fierce" Lee, , Kelly Yvonne, Mia Shanté and Divine Em Left to right front row: Jamé Elis, Tehera Nesfield, Onyx Black and Candace Cane

Los Angeles – Dance has always been a catalyst for empowerment. As a powerful tool of artistic expression, its potency can liberate the viewer and incite change. After being bombarded with news and images per the recent upsurge in senseless killings, from Trayvon Martin to Eric Garner to Sandra Bland, Mia Shanté knew she had to do something. Her spirit was calling her to dance out the trauma, the pain and the hurt. Shanté gathered together an ensemble of some of Los Angeles’ top pole dancers to participate in a dance ritual to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” and has released a performance video entitled, “Old Fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter.” at .

“Old fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter,” quakes with bold defiance while resonating with heartfelt compassion. Expresses Shanté, “In particular, I envisioned this as a piece for black women.   We haven’t really been highlighted during this movement. We have had to mourn the deaths of our fathers, husbands, brothers and children and often we are there to build the men who have been victimized back up. This video is to let people know that as pole dancers, we hear them, we feel them, we are them and to still hold on to hope. Black lives do matter.”

Filmed in a warehouse location, eight pole dancers move fearless and graceful between vignettes of protest footage interspersed with passages of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech over Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us.” The pole dancers, dressed in black, move in sync and solidarity, passing through pain to triumph.

“Old Fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter,” was directed by Shanté for Mia Shanté Productions. Pole artist/performer Phoenix Kazree choreographed the production. Kazree, an Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Joffrey Ballet and “The Lion King” alumni, holds pole champion titles from around the world. Brandon Deese served as the director of photography. The pole dance collaboration includes some of the industry’s top polers including Candace Cane, Divine Em, Jamé Elis, Kelly Yvonne, Kitty Marie LaVeaux, Melody Amber-Marie, Onyx Black, Sasja Lee and Tehera Nesfield.

A Chicago native, Mia Shanté aka The Vegan Bodybuilding Pole Dancer, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a 2014 National Figure Competitor, a 2015 Pacific Pole Championships Level 4 Dramatic Champion and most recently the 2015 Paragon Latin America Championships 1st Runner Up. She is also a member of Kelly Yvonne Productions’ Girl Next Door cast, the first and longest running pole dance revue in the world featuring top ranked local and international pole stars. With a background in television production, Shanté has combined pole with production to produce “Old fight. New Dance: Black Lives Matter,” the first release from Mia Shanté Productions.

Shanté’s interpretational dance concept at indeed moves the Black life movement forward. Dance with her at @justmia23 on Instagram.

Sci-Fi Director Olatunde Osunsanmi Tackles the Science Behind the Fiction With Hollywood TV & Film Successes


Olatunde Osunsanmi has always had a penchant for the paranormal. His directorial debut in 2009, “The Fourth Kind,” starring Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), was a Universal Pictures theatrical release based on his original screenplay about a recurring nightmare he had as a child. A cult classic, the film’s success established him as a true industry prodigy and a rising young director. Osunsanmi has since quietly built a list of horror movie and science fiction credits that denote some of the genre’s best work. His skill for being able to juxtapose compassion, existential angst, special effects and aliens has garnered him esteemed recognition amongst his sci-fi peers as one of Hollywood’s top science fiction directors. He is also one of the youngest!

The sci-fi director just recently completed tenure on the set of “Falling Skies,” a TNT series executive produced by Steven Spielberg, about a group of renegade citizens on a dramatic, action packed sojourn fighting an alien invasion in a post-apocalyptic world. A career coup, Osunsanmi was asked to co-executive produce and direct the fifth and final season, including the series finale, after directing two complex episodes during season four. Osunsanmi’s passion for his work was on display weekly as the battle between humans and enemy aliens was waged for ten consecutive episodes on the small screen!

Osunsanmi has a trail of top TV science fiction and horror credits to his claim. He has served as an episodic director for CBS’ “Extant,” starring Halle Berry and the CBS series “Under the Dome,” based on the best-selling Stephen King novel of the same name. Additional productions with the Osunsanmi touch include an episode of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow,” and TNT’s “The Last Ship,” a post-apocalyptic series, based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley. He has also directed an episode of the new hit Fox show, “Minority Report,” a sequel to the Steven Spielberg-directed movie, now starring Meagan Good.

The rising star has also been tapped to direct “The Twisted,” a thriller from Scott Free Productions’ new film division, “Ridley Scott Presents.” Ridley Scott, whose credits include the classics “Alien,” “Blade Runner,” and “Hannibal” will produce “The Twisted” alongside Giannina Scott and Colet Abedi. “The Twisted” is set in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, where strange things are happening to the children at an isolated orphanage.

Before directing “The Fourth Kind,” Osunsanmi started out as a production assistant and then went on to write “Smokin’ Aces II” for Universal Home Video.  He is currently in development to write and direct “Eden,” which reunites him with the producer team behind “The Fourth Kind.” “Eden” is a modern day science fiction spin on the Underground Railroad legend, however instead of humans oppressing humans, it’s aliens oppressing humanity. He is also in development to write and direct “Planet X” with Cota Films and “Vertigo” produced by Michael Costigan and Roy Lee. “Planet X” chronicles three astronauts in a secret space program as they journey to investigate a previously unknown planet at the edge of our solar system.

Olatunde Osunsanmi is a first generation American of Nigerian descent. His parents traveled from Nigeria 43 years ago to live the American dream and his accomplishments are a part of that dream come true. Osunsanmi’s grandfather was the designated photographer for several various Nigerian dictators. The family believes that Osunsanmi’s love for the camera stems from him.

Osunsanmi wants the world to consider a life where aliens are no longer a secret. “One of the greatest mysteries of our time is whether or not we are alone,” explains Osunsanmi. “I can’t help but also ask the question that if we are being visited, who made the visitors?”

As sci-fi director Olatunde Osunsanmi continues to tackle the science behind the fiction with great bodies of work, perhaps we will all secure some answers.

Connect with director Olatunde Osunsanmi’s on Twitter @centerwillhold .

“The Fourth Kind” trailer:

“Falling Skies” trailer:

The Universal Domino League and Actor Omar Gooding Present “Dominos After Dark” at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood



Los Angeles – Starting Monday, August 31, 2015, at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood the Universal Domino League will feature it’s one of a kind professional domino league to add to the excitement of Dave & Buster’s magnificent brand. With over 200 games under their roof, the eatery and mega arcade will add one more game when the Universal Domino League (UDL) brings their “Dominos After Dark” event to the party.   Reigning UDL champion, actor Omar Gooding will stake his claim joining 64 players as they compete for a chance to take home over $3,000 in cash and prizes. The tournament begins at 7:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m. Registration starts at 6:00 p.m at the door or in advance online at Dave & Buster’s is located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA. Universal Domino League “Domino’s After Dark” will continue every Monday Night at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood beginning August 31, 2015.

Founded by Harold Moret, the Universal Domino League consists of over 50,000 domino players worldwide and is the first official gaming association dedicated to the game of dominoes. UDL’s “Domino’s After Dark” Domino League at Dave & Buster’s is the organization’s effort to establish a weekly home base location for domino lovers as the UDL continues to build and grow the brand. Past tournaments have included the Universal Domino League Football Classic Domino Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, Universal Domino League LA Open Domino Tournament in Los Angeles, California, Universal Domino League Boxing Classic in Las Vegas and the Universal Domino League & The NBA Retired Players Association presented Universal Domino League’s Play with the Pro’s Event at the New York, New York Hotel & Casino.

haroldpicMoret’s vision is bigger than just a game of dominoes. A 20-year industry veteran, who worked closely alongside Dr. Dre at Aftermath Entertainment, Moret, conceptualized the league as similar to the World Boxing Association with domino opponent pre-tournament weigh-ins, championship belts and world-class domino tournaments.

Dominoes, is the first game ever invented and provides an arena where the playing field is leveled. Players can participate, regardless of gender or physical prowess and test their skills, gain recognition, and even earn a living playing professional dominos. UDL’s host tournaments and head to head high stakes domino matches for major cash and prizes nationwide.

Players use UDL scoring chips to keep score and a tournament format comparable to the World Series of Poker. The players are marketed, promoted, ranked, sanctioned, and governed by UDL. Moret also stipulated the UDL had its own official gaming mat and game clock, which insures fast-paced action, similar to the NBA’s shot-clock. In addition, Moret has created a charity facet of the league, UDL Kids, a program that helps at-risk youth and visits children’s hospitals teaching arithmetic using dominoes.

“I’m happy to see the UDL plant some roots here on Monday nights in Los Angeles,” offers Omar Gooding. “I am personally challenging any and everyone who loves dominoes and also all my celebrity friends to come out and support the Universal Domino League “Dominos After Dark” at Dave & Buster’s. “Let’s Make History!”

“We are excited to bring “Dominos After Dark” to Dave & Buster’s,” adds Moret. “With their emphasis on creating a playground environment of fun mixing food, drinks and games, they are a perfect fit for our brand and our league.”

For additional information on the Universal Domino League go to . “Like” the UDL on Facebook at Universal Domino League.

Zakiya Hooker, Daughter of Blues Icon John Lee Hooker, Serenades “Live” and “In The Mood” With Jazzy New Music Releases and Video



Atlanta – Blues legend John Lee Hooker is best remembered for his iconic hits, “Boom, Boom” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.” But perhaps his greatest legacy is found in the seductively supple vocal stylings of his daughter, the jazz-inflected, bluesy recording artist, Zakiya Hooker. Zakiya last showcased her brand of the remarkable Hooker inheritance with her 2009 CD release “Keeping It Real,” an unbridled presentation of sassy melodious seduction. Her return to rhythm’s landscape is now powerfully noted with her fifth and sixth releases, the consummate “In The Mood” and the outstanding performance production “Zakiya Hooker Live at the International BluesFest Eutin, Germany.”

zakiya new Front Cover.1“In the Mood” is one of Zakiya’s most diverse efforts to date. With the music actually recorded in Argentina and Zakiya’s vocals laid down in her current home state of Georgia, the project boasts eleven tracks drenched deep in the muddied Delta waters. A defining contribution establishing her own legacy as a woman who intimately dances the blues, Zakiya, like her father, displays no notion of loudly belting the genre. Poised, regal and confident, instead she just pours the blues all over you. Like warm massage oil penetrating the skin, her songs simply seep inside the pores, tingling to the core.

When she opens with “Receipt to Sang the Blues,” her ‘proof of purchase’ is a matter of fact, not notion, as her smooth vocals lusciously ride a rollicking blues train of testimony. Zakiya then simmers in a delicious serving of jazz flavored serenade on “Drowning,” a lover’s ode that gushes with tender surrender. “Look Me Up” offers up some seventies styled R&B while the title release “In the Mood,” along with “One Step,” reminiscence signature Hooker swag with amplified electric guitar over a steady, heavy blues trodden beat. The finger poppin’ “Protect Me” swings hard marrying jazz and blues with regrets and remorse. Then Zakiya seals all deals with the closing track, her beautiful, serene lullaby “Sweet Baby J,” a tribute to her son that she lost in 1991.

The video for the title track, “In the Mood” languidly lays out the blues for all to see. Romeo Wong Henderson, a native of Peru who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, directed the video via his production company, RW Estudio, traveling to the states to shoot a portion of the scenes in Zakiya’s home and neighborhood. Henderson then traveled back to Buenos Aires to finish and shoot the remaining scenes there. The resulting reel mixes southern comfort with South American heat for a visually stimulating treat.

Video for “In the Mood” Zakiya Hooker:

“Zakiya Hooker Live at the International BluesFest Eutin, Germany,” transports the listener overseas and right beside Zakiya onstage as she charms a live audience with her jazzy blue interpretations. Performing blues classics as well as material from her vast catalog and John Lee Hooker originals, Zakiya proves she is live and ‘not Memorex’ with a voice that is smooth as silk and steadies the course under any conditions.

Zakiya made her debut performance in 1991 with her dad, John Lee Hooker, in Oakland, CA. She has since gone on to perform and record internationally. She has performed at the world famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City as part of the Blues Series by Martin Scorsese, graced the stage of the famous Fillmore Auditorium, The San Francisco Blues Festival and The Monterey Jazz & Blues Festival and covered several magazines including Billboard Magazine. Zakiya’s voice has highlighted advertisements for Lexus and AIWA and award winning movie soundtracks. The Bay Area Blues Society, South Bay Blues Society, KCSM radio station in San Mateo, CA and the city of Oakland have honored Zakiya with numerous awards and she has received the key to the city of Oakland, CA, her former home.

Ollan & ZA native of Detroit and longtime resident of Oakland, CA, Zakiya now lives in Atlanta with her husband, producer and recording artist, Ollan Christopher aka Chris James. Ollan and Zakiya work as a wonderful musical team with him overseeing and producing all her musical ventures. Ollan’s history includes forming the 1970’s soul group, Natural Four. His group was with Curtom Records for seven years and appeared on American Bandstand, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Wolfman Jack’s Midnight Special, Soul Train and performed at the world famous Apollo Theater. In 2003 Ollan had the honor of producing “Face To Face,” the final recording of John Lee Hooker.

“The blues is one of our last national treasures. I am happy to do my part and keep it alive and nourished. I know that’s the way my daddy would have wanted it. His music contributions continue to impact pop culture to this day, and I know he is in the studio with me every time as I continue to keep his legend alive,” offer Zakiya.

Get “In the Mood” with Zakiya at .

Connect with Zakiya on Facebook at: .

Inside Ferguson Author Devin S. James Urges Leaders to Acknowledge Systemic Racism and Listen to the Voice of the Community


inside_ferguson_cover_hires_half200Ferguson, MO – Despite angry protests and national outcry after the police killing of unarmed Michael Brown, Jr., a year ago Aug. 9, the police shootings of Black citizens and ensuing uprisings continue to occur across the country. Diversity expert and author, Devin S. James, warns the tragedies and conflict will continue until government leaders make a real commitment to cultural sensitivity training, diversity recruiting, and accountability. In his new memoir, Inside Ferguson: A Voice for the Voiceless, James offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges he experienced while working with Ferguson city officials and leaders resistant to change.

When protests turned violent after Michael Brown was killed, St. Louis County leaders called upon James to help bridge the gap between Ferguson’s all-white leadership and its outraged Black community. They thought his background made him the perfect for the task. James has firsthand experience of the ambiguity of the criminal justice system, making him a very unlikely success story. An abused child, high school drop out, victim of gun violence and former gang member, his transformation as an astute, educated communications professional speaks volumes about his intellect, character and integrity.

Inside Ferguson is James’ chilling account of the hypocrisies of Ferguson’s leadership and the consequences he suffered when he tried to do his job and dared to become a voice for the voiceless. “The mentalities displayed by leadership in Missouri demonstrate how devalued Black people are in America,” states James, whose expertise includes crisis management and community engagement. “The leaders pretend to be concerned about the issues impacting the black community however, they refuse to listen to the needs of the community or make any significant changes. Rather than acknowledge systemic racism exists and try to understand why residents were offended by their actions, the leaders often defended their actions and denied any wrongdoing,” adds the CEO of The Devin James Group.

Inside Ferguson explores the City Council’s inability to address any real issues, and the subsequent character assassination that occurred when James refused to play along and pushed for real change. The book details shocking, yet insightful, conversations based on memories, experiences, e-mails, text messages, audio recordings and transcriptions of events as they unfolded according to James.

Despite the tragedies and challenges evident during his time in Ferguson, James still remains hopeful about what can be done: “Ultimately, it’s my hope that my book can help put the focus back on what really matters: why racial inequality and discrimination is still a major crisis in America today. In the wake of Ferguson and similar tragedies occurring nationally, government officials across the country must examine the racist laws and policies that foster an environment in which the killing of Black men and women is acceptable.”

Inside Ferguson: A Voice for the Voiceless is an explosive missile of truth from a man uniquely positioned to uncover the real mechanics of damage control and race relations. The insider game he reveals is gut wrenching as he exposes the Black community as pawns in a war that rages deeper than the death of one victim. James’s account will make you question the progress America has made in the quest for racial equality and reflect upon the true meaning of “Black Lives Matter.”

Inside Ferguson: A Voice for the Voiceless will be available Friday, August 14th, 2015 at and Please visit and connect with Devin S. James on, Twitter: @Devin_S_James, and Instagram: @devinsjames.

NOTE TO MEDIA: Devin James is available for interviews contact Edrea Davis edmedia at

Former Playboy TV Producer Ken Francis III Inks “Buckwild” YouTube Deal with Fullscreen, Inc.

Snoop Dog and producer Ken Francis III
on the set of “The Buckwild Show”
photo credit:  Joel Payne

Los Angeles – Former Playboy TV producer and CEO of BuckWild Entertainment, Ken Francis III, has signed a deal with Fullscreen, Inc., one of the largest YouTube multichannel network operators. Fullscreen Inc., will promote and monetize Francis’ YouTube channel, “The Buckwild Show,” an archive of exclusive behind-the-scene footage Francis has secured filming, interviewing and documenting the biggest names in hip hop over the past two decades, including Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell, Bobby Brown, and Outkast. Francis’ channel will feature classic episodes of “The Buckwild Show” as well as his new show, “In The Lab.” The signing marks a milestone feat for Francis who was just released from federal prison less than a year ago.

An original and groundbreaking hip hop music video program, “The Buckwild Show” presents top name artists with sexy models. The series originally aired on Playboy TV in 2005 and has now been revamped for YouTube programming. Francis’ other show, “In The Lab,” goes behind the scenes of music productions, featuring footage of studio sessions with various top recording artists. Episodes also showcase the home studios of famous as well as up and coming artists. There is a “Check The Technique” segment where music producers reveal some of their recording tips and Francis’ vintage footage of various celebrities in the studio is highlighted in the “Classic Clips” segment of the show.

“The Buckwild Show” channel will also incorporate current celebrity news into Francis’ funny “Qwik Clips,” a ‘talking heads’ spoof on topical subjects and current events like the Blake Shelton /Miranda Lambert and Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Garner relationship battles. There is exclusive archival footage of various artists like Kim Kardashian and Ray J, Quincy Jones, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Russell Crowe, Justin Timberlake and more. Additional content also includes history-making footage such as the attack on Dr. Dre at the Vibe Awards and other historic music events.

Francis’ personal adventure in the hip hop industry is urban legend status. The television and video producer once captured and documented Hollywood’s most intimate hip hop scenes with his lens. A pioneer underground video veteran, Francis’ early productions included the now cult classics “Buckwild Beach Week,” “Buckwild in Brazil,” and “Buckwild 2001″. These DVD productions were the first to showcase the beauty of women of color back when the popular “Girl’s Gone Wild” series was ignoring them.

It was also Francis who introduced hip hop programming to Playboy TV with his original series “Buckwild.” The shows highlighted uncensored videos and interviews from the likes of Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boys, the Ying Yang Twins, Jadakiss, Loon and Treach from Naughty by Nature. Real hip hop heads still own the Playboy TV DVD masterpiece “Snoop Dogg’s Buckwild Bus Tour” a project directed and produced by Francis.

A 20-year entertainment industry veteran who worked his way up from an ambitious intern at Polygram Records to owning and operating the hip-hop industry’s most sought-after video vixen modeling agency, Dimepiece USA, Francis furnished countless models for the music videos of superstar artists like Jay Z, Usher, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Nelly, Missy Elliot and many others. It was the operation of Dimepiece USA which saw his eventual demise however when he was convicted for the agency’s involvement in an international drug smuggling ring. Francis maintains his innocence to this day.

“My ordeal with the Feds and subsequent imprisonment was a very humbling experience after having such broad access to Hollywood’s elite hip hop community,” reveals Francis. “I believe the journey has enlightened me and given me the answers to some of life’s hidden secrets. I have literally sat in a prison cell and dreamt of days like this.”

“While incarcerated, I spent much of my time writing my memoirs and reading tech and business magazines. Once I realized the Internet was taking over the industry and moving toward original content, I knew I was sitting on a vast catalogue of prized footage. I am more than thankful to be aligned with Fullscreen, the number one content provider in the marketplace. Securing this deal with them is a huge affirmation for me and a tremendous boost as I work to secure and reposition myself again.”

New episodes of “The BuckWild Show” air every Tuesday on YouTube and new airings of “In The Lab” premiere every Thursday. Check out “The BuckWild Show” Channel on YouTube at .

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Congressman John Lewis, Dr. Joseph Lowery, Ambassador Young, Mayor Kasim Reed, and Rev. Jesse Jackson Discuss Fight for VRA


Atlanta, GA – Sitting alongside three generations of civil rights leaders, the dean of the civil rights movement, Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, told an intergenerational crowd at historic Wheat Street Baptist Church that “the black spirit” was the key factor to their success in getting the Voting Rights Act (VRA) passed in 1965. The rare gathering of leaders was part of a day-long event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act last week.

Hosted by The Peoples Agenda, led by Helen Butler; and Realizing The Dream, led by Martin Luther King III; “The South and the 2016 Elections: Overcoming Contemporary Challenges to Political Participation” featured sessions outlining current barriers to political participation, voter education and voter registration training. Co-sponsors of the event include: NAACP National Voter Fund, African American Human Rights Foundation, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, among others.

The luncheon discussion recounted the struggle for the 1965 VRA and outlined what citizens need to do to make sure key provisions of the VRA struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013 are restored. Joining Lowery in the dialogue were: Congressman John Lewis (D-GA); Ambassador Andrew Young, the nation’s first African-American Ambassador to the United Nations; Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., founder and president, Rainbow PUSH Coalition; Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell; and Wade Henderson, president, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Congressman Lewis, who recently joined a group of Senate and House lawmakers to introduce the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015, urged the crowd to “get in the way, in good trouble.” He said, “I think we are too quiet. We need to get up there and make some noise. Bring the Bill to the floor and we will pass it and President Barack Obama will sign it into law.”

“Back then coming together was not about us,” said Ambassador Young. “It was about us moving the society forward…. We understood that God brought us here to give leadership and vision to this one nation. We have to move forward with black and white together, rich and poor, together. Hold on to the plow and keep on keeping on.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson added, “We’re on the back of legislature like we were on the back of the bus. The South Carolina flag come down, but the agenda did not come down. We need an amendment to the constitution.”

“We have to fight on two fronts,” offered Mayor Reed. “We have to fight on the intellectual level and we have to take it to the streets and punish any politician that does not sign on to the reauthorizing of the Voting Rights Act.”

A proclamation from the Atlanta City Council was presented by Mitchell to The Peoples Agenda and Realizing The Dream for their commitment to keeping the dialogue alive on issues related to voting rights and their work in the community. Mitchell commented, “It’s great to celebrate the work of the ages but when we leave here the work has to continue in our neighborhoods.”

Henderson, a civil rights attorney, pointed out that President Barack Obama would not be president today if leaders had not fought for the VRA in the 60s. He said, “Demand your rights as full Americans. If you don’t vote, you don’t count.”

Lowery, founder of The Peoples’ Agenda, closed the program preaching, “I shouldn’t be out but I couldn’t stay away from this meeting. I want to thank all of you who came out and I want to thank the spirit in which you’ve come; that’s the key to Black progress, the Black spirit.”

The co-founder with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of SCLC continued, “They can’t keep us down because of the Black spirit. We must keep the spirit alive. Don’t let anybody tame that spirit, it’s loose, it’s unbridled, untamed and uncontrollable, and it’s the key to the future.”


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PHOTO CAPTION: Civil rights leaders of the past and present stand behind the dean of the movement, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery after a conversation on the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Standing (L-R) – Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell; Rita Samuels, GCBW; Ambassador Andrew Young; Martin Luther King III; Rev. Jesse Jackson; Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; Helen Butler, The Peoples’ Agenda; civil rights attorney, Wade Henderson; and Congressman John Lewis and Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery seated.

PHOTO CREDIT: Clyde Bradley

Dance Instructor Selenia Logan Opens Pole Fitness Mega-Center to Benefit Breast Cancer Cure Campaign


Burbank, CA – When Selenia Logan founded (P.P.P.) five years ago, her goal was to organize and inspire women to dance for a cause, in an effort to raise donations for the American Cancer Society’s (A.C.S.) Making Strides to End Breast Cancer Campaign. Her passion and commitment, fueled on by the loss of her best friend to the deadly disease in 2013, now finds her owning and operating Pole Fitness Mega-Center, a newly opened pole-fitness, aerial arts, and multi-style dance facility located in the heart of Burbank, CA. officially opened its doors in May at 2422 West Victory Blvd. and is the largest facility of its kind in Southern California.

Logan is dedicated to engaging the community and dance world at large with her vision to “Dance for the Cause, so we can Donate for the Cure.” is 4600 square feet of dance and aerial playground. Creating what Logan calls the “Pink Experience,” P.P.P. is designed to add a sense of ease to the workout experience: ease of location, parking, space, finding classes, and availability. The state-of-the-art mega-center boasts three separate studios featuring incredible Sonos wireless sound, a private practice dance room, a spacious lobby, snack-kitchen, merchandise boutique, multiple locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, and amenities.

The 1100 square foot “Studio A” houses 17 “Pole-Away System” X-Poles, professional “sprung” hardwood floors, and dual LED monitors that feature the instructor on screen during classes. The 1150 square foot “Studio B” aerial-fitness room is home to five 10 foot X-Pole “A-Frame” rigs for Lyra (hoop) and silk training. It has padded carpeted floors ideal for self-defense training, tumbling, stretching and other activities. 950 square foot “Studio C” serves as a warm up/cool down social lounge for members before and after classes. It features wall mounted stall bars; mirror mounted ballet bars, and a 65-inch T.V. for entertainment. The center offers free multi-filtered oxygenated water and free internet to complete the packaging toward offering a unique, profoundly comfortable and immersive work out experience for all women.

“The idea behind began with team ‘Racheal’s Roadies’ that I formed in 2010 in support of my cancer battling best friend Racheal Brooks. I organized team walks for Breast Cancer at events such as the Los Angeles Revlon Walk, the 3-Day Avon Marathon Walk, A.C.S Relay for Life, and committed annually to the American Cancer Society Making Strides to End Breast Cancer walk. Because I was a pole dance instructor it also just made sense to put on “Pink Pole Parties” to ‘Fun!raise.’ This grew into what it is today, the pole-fitness mega-center,” expresses Logan.

Adds Logan. “The studios are available for private parties, private lessons, a variety of pole classes, aerial arts classes, and a wide range of “workshops” such as belly dance, hip-hop, self-defense, contemporary, salsa, and more. Most importantly, the center will serve as a creative space for fundraising events to support breast cancer research.”

Jordan Buskirk, community manager, A.C.S Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, California Division states, “Selenia has been so supportive of our breast cancer initiatives and community outreach. That even a portion of her fundraising proceeds will go to our patient programs and research is amazing. She genuinely cares about breast health; health living and living life. We can’t wait to see our partnership with grow!”

Selenia Logan was a full time event planner and executive assistant in the corporate world for years, and a part time pole-fitness instructor during her down time. She has since become a certified personal trainer, certified in BarreVite instruction and most recently a Silver medalist at the 2014 Pacific Pole Championships in the Masters Level 3 Division. Her students lovingly know her as “Miss Selenia”.

True to her original concept, will uphold its commitment to support a cure for breast cancer by donating time, instruction, and facility space to Pink Pole Parties, with a portion of all profits donated to American Cancer Society’s Making Strides to End Breast Cancer Campaign. is hoping to build relationships throughout the community and around the country, in a continued effort to support the fight against breast cancer. To support this cause “LIKE” them on Facebook at: Pole Fitness Mega-Center has applied for a $100,000 grant from Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants ® to help further it’s cause, and needs support to be moved on to the next step by receiving 250 certified Facebook votes to complete its eligibility for the grant. Support can be shown by voting at: using Facebook Connect.

For class offerings and more information go to:, email at or call (818) 736-5601.

Soulful Songbird Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley Still Believes with New Music Release


New York – When Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley sings, every ear in the room listens. She has the kind of sultriness that seeps underneath every nook and cranny in the listener and grips with a firm hold. It’s one of the reasons why famed director Tyler Perry has continued to cast her for over a decade now in his many productions. With her new music project, “Still Believe,” on her independent label, SodaFace Records, Riley has delivered a true showstopper. “Still Believe” is a faith filled, heart drenched conviction of love persevered and Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley delivers sweet dominion with each pumping note.

Passion packed with 12 tracks, penned by Riley and her writing partner, Luke Austin, “Still Believe,” reverberates with silky soul, rhythmic R&B, dreamy jazzy undertones and bluesy thunder. “Still Believe in Love,” the single release, is a powerhouse declaration of defiance in the face of love gone wrong. Showcasing Riley’s scintillating vocal ability, the track is a melodious stampede with righteous fervor. On “Just Can’t Stop,” another selection, Riley dives in deep and serves up down home, blues trodden angst amid unrequited lust. “Work in Progress” reveals the songbird rocking hard in an anthem for trust-shattered hearts.

Many remember Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley from when she first burst on to the music scene in the late ’80’s with her torching classic “Thanks for My Child.” She has since continued to propel her career and remains a formidable force on today’s musical landscape. “Still Believe” is her second independent release since her CD project “Let Me Be Me,” four years ago. Her fan base has grown exponentially via her exposure in numerous Tyler Perry projects, including “Madea Gets A Job,” “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Class Reunion,” “Why Did I Get Married?” and most recently her starring role in “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.”

One of the Brooklyn native’s proudest accomplishments to date is her homegrown vehicle, “Black Velvet Mondays,” a musicians’ and singers’ jam session and showcase at New York’s legendary Village Underground venue. The Monday night event has been going strong for almost 10 years now and streams live at nurturing an international audience.

“I am so thrilled to be releasing this project right now. I know my audience has been waiting for some new music from me! This project further expresses who I am as an artist and where I am as a being,” offers Riley. “We included a few of NYC’s most phenomenal musicians and there is a song included which is an ode to my Black Velvet Monday’s weekly event and all the artists who participate, titled “Trust Your Gift.”

“‘Still Believe’ is an absolute treasure,” adds Riley. “You can press play at the beginning and just let it go. It flows and feels good and you will absolutely want to listen and repeat. I’m excited for everyone to hear this music and look forward to performing it for the world! I still believe that music should be as much about how it personally moves you while listening as it is about how it sounds! With “Still Believe” the songs go beyond your ears and straight to your heart and soul. My prayer is that “Still Believe” touches everyone as a full experience, sounding great and feeling greater!”

“Still Believe” is available on iTunes at .