Prospective Clients

Prospective Clients

What a new client can expect Our working style is pro-active and client-responsive. PR at Jazzmyne Public Relations has two meanings: public relations and personal relations.

A new client’s relationship begins with Jazzmyne Public Relations developing a comprehensive PR program and timeline to guide our working together. This includes goals, objectives, strategy, and specific steps. This working document is used as the basis for a campaign.

As we continue working with you, we customize your campaign to draw upon specific information we gather as we get to know you and your needs. The program and timeline are flexible to allow for adjustments throughout the course of a campaign. We are in frequent contact and meet with you on a regular basis. Monthly progress reports provide a detailed summary of activities carried out on your behalf.

In order to deliver optimal results, we do our homework. We get in your back pocket, learning about your company and industry from the inside out.

Some of the questions you may be asked as we get to know you include: 

  • Describe your company mission or purpose in a sentence or two. 
  • Explain why there is a need for your product, film, service, or Web site. 
  • What unique thing sets you apart from competitors? 
  • What research have you done to support the need and uniqueness described above? 
  • Who are your current/expected/desired customers and how would you describe the profile of your customer?
  • What are your short- and long-range PR goals? . What benefits do you expect to receive from a PR campaign?
  • What are your concerns, if any, of using PR, and how might these concerns be alleviated?
  • What PR mistakes have you made in the past and what was done to overcome them?
  • What have you done to promote your business to date? . What types of PR tools and activities have you employed and how would you rate their effectiveness?
  • List some of the key media outlets you have reached, and provide names of some key media outlets you are targeting today.
  • Describe your strategy for branding and promoting your corporate image, and list the opportunities and challenges involved with this approach.
  • What is your primary message, the main thing you are trying to convey to your present customers or target audience?
  • What are the key factors for success in your business? . What is unique about your business, and what is unique about each of the key executives? 
  • If you have a Web site, who developed it, when did it go live, and have you officially launched the site? . If you have ever advertised, provide some examples of your campaign. 
  • Do you have a corporate logo, printed stationery or other collateral?
  • Do you have a current press kit? 
  • What services have you or your PR agency used for distribution of news releases and for the tracking of news?
  • Regarding graphics for the press kit, do you have recent photos of key executives in both digitized and print format? . Do you have reprints of key media placements? 
  • What trade shows, if any, are you considering for the upcoming year, and which ones have you participated in during the most recent past?
  • Who at your company will be appointed for daily contact with the agency, including approval of press releases and other editorial copy? 
  • Who at your company will be the official spokesperson, available for media interviews by phone or in person?

As part of our initial research about you and your company, we gather the information for your press kit and initial press releases. We help you to streamline and enliven your messages so that they will have the most beneficial impact in the marketplace.

Development of a press kit and key corporate messages occurs at the start of your campaign. Typically, your kit will include a corporate backgrounder, bios and photos of key executives, relevant industry background, and recent news releases. If you are a business, a colorful screen grab of your home page and other relevant Web pages is also included.

If your company spokesperson(s) need media training, we can provide this before the initial media interviews. For more background on what to expect when you interact with the media, see FAQ.

Disseminating your news

When you have a press release, the agency services it to its targeted media list, utilizing the method journalists prefer. For example, some media request mailed copies, while others prefer either fax or e-mail. Increasingly, journalists are requesting a majority of their information electronically. This means that when you have news to announce and it includes photos, the images need to be in a digital format for sending via e-mail. When your news warrants the expense of distribution by PR Newswire, we provide the release to this service. The dissemination can be tailored to the needs of each particular news story–being sent either locally, nationally or internationally and targeted to specific types of media desired. For international distribution, the news is translated into the native language.

Monitoring results

We work with news monitoring services which provide a regular reporting and copies of news clippings. Typically, there is about a three-week lag time between the time the news appears and when the agency receives it. For optimal tracking, the agency provides the monitoring service with copies of press releases and advises when interviews occur. We provide clients with monthly activity reports, and these include copies of news clippings.