Yoga Visionary Nandhi Announces World Yoga Day with Re-release of Yoga Music...

Yoga Visionary Nandhi Announces World Yoga Day with Re-release of Yoga Music Classic, “Cave of the Siddhars”


Santa Monica, CA – With the original release of “Cave of the Siddhars” back in 2004, Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi, under the guise of his band of musicians, Turiya Nada, opened a secret door revealing a mystical sound so heavenly that the listener knew the experience was indeed an initiation. Combining the powerful ancient and hidden Siddhar mantra chants of the enlightened yogis of South India with the didgeridoo, harp and percussion, Nandhi became an instrumental force, further fueling the reception of Yoga in the Western world.

With Nandhi’s announcement of World Yoga Day™, in alignment with Mahasivratri on February 20, 2012, along with the re-release of “Cave of the Siddhars,” the spiritual guide will once again impact the Western world vision and view of the ancient practice of Yoga. Having spent years in the caves and wilderness as a Saddhu under the guidance of enlightened gurus, Nandhi is an ideal candidate for the universal stance he holds of peace.

The yogis in India have observed Mahasivratri as the single most important vortex of time for thousands of years. It is a 24-hour period, based on planetary cycles, where enlightenment can be attained with ease. With Mahasivratri occurring on February 20 this year, World Yoga Day™ provides a vehicle for seekers to acknowledge this sacred occurrence. As the objective of Yoga is tuning into one’s true spirit while having a human experience, “Cave of the Siddhars” provides a beautiful sound enhancement experience for the event.

As Nandhi expresses, “In the Western world it is truly beautiful to witness the growth of Yoga as a practice, as an exercise and as a lifestyle itself. Practicing yoga does naturally provide benefits of health and less stress, but beyond it all is the experience of gravitating towards Source. When we go deeper into the science of yoga, to understand it as a journey through consciousness, we realize that words such as ‘liberation’ and ‘enlightenment’ are not a distant concept but an amazing experience we can have in our daily realities. Observing World Yoga Day™ in conjunction with Mahasivratri will serve to ease us into awakening the potential underlying objectives within yoga.”

For yoga practitioners and those wanting to participate in Mahasivratri, World Yoga Day™ allows a wondrous opportunity to join millions around the world in the universal observance of this most sacred vortex of time for blessings of transformation and grace.

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