Former Playboy TV Producer Turned Incarcerated Author Ken Francis Drops “My Buckwild...

Former Playboy TV Producer Turned Incarcerated Author Ken Francis Drops “My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg – Poppin’ Bottles with Models Touring Around the World”


Hollywood, CA – Before there was Snoop Lion there was Snoop Dogg aka the Doggfather, one of hip hop’s most iconic figures. And though the rap legend has rebranded and refocused his image, it is no secret that he made his original mark by getting “buckwild.” In fact, the rapper is quoted in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine (May 23, 2013) reminiscing about his former ‘pimp’ days and an actual prostitution ring he ran during his Playboy tour in 2003. Former Playboy TV producer Ken Francis rolled exclusively with Snoop Dogg during that time and others, capturing and recording some of the artist’s most notorious moments in hip hop history via his trusty camera lens.

Now he reveals the details and drama, along with the mad fun, insanity and angst of those long gone days in his new book, “My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg – Poppin’ Bottles with Models Touring Around the World” Edited by Maxim Magazine editor, Joel Randell, “My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg” is a tell all tale that encapsulates life on the road with one of hip hop’s most celebrated characters. The smoke, the women, the music and the celebrities all come together in this vivid recount of what used to make the newly named lion roar!

With “My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg,” Francis recalls those times and more, reliving first hand his experiences within the music industry and his life as Snoop Dogg’s personal biographer. With never before published anecdotes about Russell Crowe, Anna Nicole Smith, Ray J and Kim Kardashian, Leonardo DiCapricio, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, a young Carmelo Anthony and Bishop Don Juan to name just a few, Francis takes the reader on the road, in the green room, down the red carpet, behind the rope to VIP and around the world with insights and revelations about life with Snoop.

Ken Francis and Snoop surrounded by models.
Photo credit: Joel Payne

More than just another celebrity spill all however, “My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg” uncovers the mind and spirit of Francis as a man on his own path of evolution and redemption. Beyond the hype, he discovers that a continual diet of sex, drugs and ego is not all that it appears.

“I tell myself I’m going to quit working with Snoop and sever the proverbial umbilical cord to him and this celebrity lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to. The money, the fame, the women… well maybe not all the women, but seriously most of it needs to be left behind. Kicked to the curb. Stopped cold turkey like a bad habit. I can do it, and I will right after tonight…,” Francis begins in his opening chapter as he chronicles his journey down the hip hop rabbit hole.

Snoop and Ken Francis – back in da’ day. Photo Credit: Joel Payne

Francis’ own personal hip hop adventure is also urban legend status. Written while behind the walls of a federal penitentiary in Fort Worth, TX, Francis once ruled Hollywood’s hip hop scene with his camera. An original underground video veteran, Francis’ early productions included the “Buckwild Beach Week,” “Buckwild in Brazil,” and “Buckwild 2001” DVD productions that were the first to showcase the beauty of women of color back when the “Girl’s Gone Wild” series was ignoring them.

It was also Francis who introduced hip hop programming to Playboy TV with his original series “Buckwild.” The shows highlighted uncensored videos and interviews from the likes of OutKast, Snoop Dog, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Jo and the Eastside Boys, the Ying Yang Twins, Loon and Treach from Naughty by Nature. Real hip hop heads still own the Playboy TV DVD classic “Snoop Dogg’s Buckwild Bus Tour” which Snoop referenced in his Rolling Stone interview. Francis directed and produced the project.

A 15-year entertainment industry veteran who worked his way up from an ambitious intern at Polygram Records to owning and operating the hip-hop industry’s most sought-after video vixen modeling agency, Dimepiece USA, Francis furnished countless models for the music videos of superstar artists like Usher, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Nelly and many others.The operation of Dimepiece USA saw his eventual demise however when he was convicted for the agency’s involvement in an international drug smuggling ring.

“My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg – Touring the World, Poppin’ Bottles with Models” is a must read for anyone wanting to know not only what’s real in hop hop, but also yearning for truth. Ken Francis has seen it all and done it all. And now with nothing but time on his hands, he serves it up straight, no chaser.

“My Buckwild Adventures with Snoop Dogg – Poppin’ Bottles with Models Touring Around the World” is available as an eBook on and wherever eBooks are sold. The print edition will be available June 20, 2013 at