Tech Designer Kristen Addix Innovates Doctor/Patient Relations With New Medical App, MyDrLynx

Tech Designer Kristen Addix Innovates Doctor/Patient Relations With New Medical App, MyDrLynx


Los Angeles – When is comes to post operative surgery care, patients often complain about not being able to reach their doctors in a timely fashion. Conversely, doctors and staff readily note not having enough time in their day to call back and personally attend to patients. When Kristen Addix had her own medical issue in 2013, she became acutely aware of this issue on a personal level and vowed to address it. And she did. As the CEO of MDL Solutions ( ), a high tech, healthcare start-up company, Addix is introducing an innovative new app that revolutionizes doctor/patient communication relations. The MyDrLynx (MDL) app directly connects doctors and their patients via the tap of a phone screen, directly enhancing communication while ensuring and improving patient care and compliance, facilitating “Healthcare in a Heartbeat.”


It was during her post-op recovery when Addix noticed that despite advances in mobile technology, its use in communication between doctors and patients has remained relatively non-existent. Had it not been for her doctor inadvertently leaving behind his cell number, and her texting him a question about her medical issue, it was very unlikely she would have reached him as quickly as she did. But doctors rarely, if ever, give patients their cell numbers.

The MyDrLynx app provides a solution to this dilemma, without physicians having to share their private cell phone information. The MDL Solutions’ app capably provides virtual assistance, instruction and support betweens doctors and patients, eliminating worrisome timely waits between typical doctor and patient callback scenarios. Developed with the singular objective of maximizing the efficiency, as well as the accuracy, of how doctors and patients communicate in a technology driven medical landscape, MyDrLynx is an industry disruptive solution that utilizes algorithms, predictive behavior technology, medical data and mobile technology in an easily distributable HIPPA compliant app.

MrDrLynx is a unique resource for each individual as the patient’s fingerprint and case number automatically connects them to their doctor. The app comes pre-loaded with aftercare visit instructions, usually given at the pre-op appointment. The app loads into the patient’s phone, and in lieu of a stack of papers with notes, all care and prescription details become easily accessible at one’s fingertips. Patients can leave messages, questions and concerns about their care via the application, and doctors can respond back directly.

MDL Solutions is in a unique position to directly benefit from the projected 2017, $26 billion mobile health application market (up from $2.4 billion in 2013). Rapid incorporation of mobile medical technology in the clinical healthcare setting further insures that MyDrLynx is ideally positioned to benefit from the new smartphone communication evolution.

Addix, new to the medical field, spent months of research and development and designs changes while interviewing surgeons, clinicians, insurance specialists and administrators to perfect the app. A former key art direction coordinator on shows for Fox, HBO and Showtime, Addix has always been an advanced forward thinker about design concepts. She was a contributing member of the design team at MODA CAD and worked on the first touch CAD interactive furniture catalog.

In the process of the app’s developmental stages, several prominent figures from the medical field and beyond became excited by Addix’ vision and are now aligned with MDL Solutions to help make MyDrLynx a reality. Celebrated physician Kent Shoji, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., the medical director of the emergency department at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance, as well as the president of its emergency department physician group, is a MDL senior advisory board member. Janine M. Taylor, an executive with an extensive track record of leading and guiding both emerging and commercially-driven life science, medical device, industrial biotech and technology companies, as well as NGO’s, through rapid and successful growth, serves as MDL’s advisor. Neko Sparks, a U.S. Army Veteran with honorable discharge and recipient of Bronze Star and Service Commendation Medal, is MDL’s marketing consultant. Savvy veteran technology expert, Nishit Rathod, the co-founder and CTO of Audiolife & GoodThreads, is the company’s senior tech advisor and is overseeing the final development stages of the MDL app.

“The MyDrLynx app is a game changer on so many levels because it addresses and solves so many issues. For doctors, time is a primary consideration in patient flow and the maximization of patient satisfaction.” explains Addix. “For patients, post-procedure instructions and the ability to communicate with care providers significantly reduces stress and lowers repeat unanswered phone calls. Last but not least, administrators and insurers benefit as well as patient satisfaction and quality of care is enhanced.

Intuitive, easy-to-use and efficient, the MyDrLynx app is a solution that simplifies doctor and patient pre-procedure and post-procedure communications.  Kristen Addix’ vision to impact “Healthcare in a Heartbeat” puts a heart back into healthcare and for that reason alone, the MyDrLynx is assuredly a success.

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