FlyingOver50 Brings Exotic Movement to Yoga in Quartz Hill With Special Valentine’s...

FlyingOver50 Brings Exotic Movement to Yoga in Quartz Hill With Special Valentine’s Day Dance Workshop


Quartz Hill -Yoga In Quartz Hill, a cozy and welcoming Yoga Studio and Wellness Center, located in the heart of Quartz Hill, will offer residents a unique Valentine’s Day dance workshop on Saturday, February 11 at 1:00 p.m. The wellness center will host “FlyingOver50 Dance Flow – Exotic Movement w/ Makeda” an enriching presentation of exotic movement and dance flow, particularly catering to women over 40 and 50 years of age.

Makeda Smith is a 56 year old grandmother, Palmdale resident and Hollywood publicist who has received national attention for her dancing acumen. She is bringing exotic movement classes to the Antelope Valley with the intention of offering older women an outlet for self-expression and self-love through movement which is specifically designed to tap into the feminine center. She describes the class as a dance movement session that will nurture womanly essence while conditioning the core and toning muscles. The Special V-Day Dance Flow Workshop, on Saturday, February 11, will launch a series of weekly classes to be every Saturday at the studio. Yoga In Quartz Hill is located at 42116 50th St W, Ste A, in Quartz Hill, CA ( about 45 minutes outside of the San Fernando Valley.)

Makeda is currently featured in the February print edition of Prevention Magazine, the world’s most established healthy lifestyle brand. In the Prevention “Personal Journey” feature, written by Kera Bolanik, the magazine explores how Makeda uses pole dancing, movement and aerial art as a health and wellness regimen, and reveals the life altering events that propelled her to the dance studio. Makeda credits dancing for instilling her with a renewed sense of self-empowerment during a tumultuous period in her life after the market crashed in 2008. A former resident of Quartz Hill, Smith lost her home and real estate investments and filed for bankruptcy.

“I’m ecstatic that Yoga in Quartz Hill studio owner, Violet Davis, shares my vision for empowering women, particularly older women. Exotic movement as an art form and exercise program has exploded in popularity over the last several years, but many women over 40, and especially over 50, don’t believe it is something we can do. I had no formal dance or gymnastic training when I started, but when you approach this art form at a beginner level, you gradually tone and build muscle. I am hoping women, young and old will come to check out not only my class but the studio’s full offering of classes as well.

For more information, go to for a full itinerary of classes or call (661) 339-0638.  For additional details about Makeda and FlyingOver50, go to or call or text 323-380-8819.