Hollywood Hair Stylist Dr. Boogie Captures The Ultimate Merger Look with Toccara and Opens New Salon “The Beauty Parlor by Boogie’s Secrets”


Hollywood, CA – As the fabulous super model Toccara makes her debut on Season 2 of “The Ultimate Merger” on TV One, you better believe she will be bringing her “A” game. With fourteen eligible bachelors vying for her attention, a girl has got to look her absolute best. For hair that speaks volumes, there is only one doctor in town to call, and Toccara called the one and only, Dr. Boogie.

As the man known for his defining signature styles, Dr. Boogie sets the pace for a season of high fashion and fun with Toccara’s trend setting tresses. With an image best described at ‘couture pin-up’ Dr. Boogie keeps her mane fierce, fabulous and funky. Having developed Eve’s hallmark platinum short cut, creating Kimora Lee’s sexy glam look and defining Lisa Raye’s signature style, Dr. Boogie now brands Toccara with an illusion that will set a new tone in salons around the country.

Inspirational Sports Author Richard LoPresto To Donate 500 “Old Timers Day” Books To Central Church During Speaking Engagement

Las Vegas – Inspirational author and sports enthusiast, Richard LoPresto put readers on notice during the World Series when his Celestial Baseball Association announced plans to make a film based on his baseball book, “Old Timers DayAs Told by God to Richard LoPresto.” An epic tale about the forces of “Good vs. Evil,” the book was inspired by and takes place at Central Church, a beautiful non-denominational megachurch headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. LoPresto will make his debut speaking appearance at Central Church on May 5 and May 6, 2018, during the 5:00 p.m. PT service on Saturday and the 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. PT services on Sunday. The engagement will be marked by his gifting of 500 autographed books toward the fundraiser to provide summer camp scholarships to children in need. The event will take place live during all four weekend experiences and will be available on demand beginning Sunday morning at https://www.centralonline.tv/media/.

In “Old Timers Day,” God Almighty and Satan the Devil face off and select their own major league baseball teams comprised of illustrious players, living and dead. Each agrees that once the game is in progress, neither of them can have anything whatsoever to do with the end result. The beloved pastime transforms into an extreme sport of ‘Winner Takes All’ as the instant the game is over, the loser, God Almighty or Satan the Devil, will be stricken from the mind of man and from the annals of history forever! The great game takes place at the legendary Ebbets Field in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.

“Old Timers Day” packs its storyline with amazing baseball tidbits and interesting historical facts, dating all the way back from the inception of baseball to the present. With the opposing teams comprised of over 100 of the greatest baseball players of all time, including players from the Negro League Baseball, joined by celebrated managers, umpires, coaches and announcers, the reader is immersed in a baseball history lesson. Veteran filmmaker Foster Corder has secured the film rights to “Old Timers Day” and recently completed the screenplay.
Veteran filmmaker Foster Corder
Author Richard LoPresto is a well-respected baseball aficionado who knows the game. “God literally gave me the vision for this book while I was sitting inside Central Church,” reveals LoPresto. “I am deeply humbled to have witnessed with my own eyes, here on the church’s campus,the compelling saga that is revealed within the pages of the book! I am overjoyed to be able to share not only that life changing experience with the congregation but to also donate copies of the book knowing that young lives will be impacted with the knowledge of this tremendous family game.”
“Old Timers Day” took LoPresto over seven years to complete. The author spent the last couple of years writing from a wheelchair and in rehabilitation on a walker and then a cane after suffering a debilitating injury. He reveals that God’s voice kept him inspired even throughout the painful ordeal. “My injury actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Where some might have questioned God’s intention, I never did. Those last couple of years provided me a great opportunity to focus on completing the book while allowing God to heal me,” expresses Richard. “And through the grace and favor of my Lord and Savior and with the patient assistance of my best friend and mentor, Jerry Schafer, the award winning writer, producer, and director, I was able to fulfill my mission.”
Founded in 1962, Central Church operates a 148,000-square-foot church building in Henderson, NV with ten additional locations around the world and a thriving online ministry including their God Behind Bars prison outreach program. Listed as the ninth largest church in the United States with a weekly attendance of over 21,000, the church’s mission is to “Introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.” Jud Wilhite is the dynamic senior pastor of the broadcast location.

“Richard is one of our esteemed ‘Generosity Rockstars,'” cites Geoff Sage, CFO and Pastor of Generosity and Giving at Central Church. “It has been astonishing to watch God work his plan through him. ‘Old Timers Day’ is an extraordinary read and God’s voice and vision echoes in every word. We are excited to have him share his personal testimony and broadcast it around the world. His generous literary donation of books toward our fundraising campaign is an extra added blessing.”
“Old Timers Day As Told by God to Richard LoPresto” may in fact be of one of the best baseball stories ever told. The book is available on Amazon.com . Watch the book trailer here YouTube.com.
Listen to Richard LoPresto’s Central Church presentation at https://www.centralonline.tv/media/.
NOTE TO MEDIA:  For interviews contact jazzmynepr@gmail.com .

26-Year-Old David Busby Survives Gun Violence and Lands Debut Role on Bounce TV’s “Saints and Sinners”

Atlanta – When viewers watch young, upcoming actor David Busby in his debut recurring role on the third season of Bounce TV’s sizzling series “Saints and Sinners,” they are witnessing the passion of a young man who has had his own personal run-in with real life saints and sinners. Working alongside the show’s veteran stars, including Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell and Keith Robinson, most would never guess that twice in two years, the determined 26-year-old thespian almost lost his life to street gun violence.
The first time Busby was shot was July 10, 2016. He was at a local laundromat in Inglewood, CA when a gunman aimed on him close range firing seven shots and hitting him. Then again, on May 6, 2017, Busby’s life was almost snatched for the second time. While in front of his grandparent’s Inglewood home, a car pulled up just 15 feet away and opened fired on him with an assault rifle. With a total of 18 shots were fired, four bullets hit David’s car and one pierced his head. These traumatizing ordeals would have pushed many into despondency and depression, but instead they fueled Busby to live his life to fullest.
Actor David Busby on the set of “Saints and Sinners” pictured left to right:   recording artist / actor Black Child, David Busby (center) and Clifton Powell

The remarkable survivor is now racking up the kind of notable acting credits it takes many industry newcomers years to book! He has secured four episodes on the third season of “Saints and Sinners,” portraying Profit, a villain who is the perfect menace to society. In addition, Busby has landed a coveted role in the upcoming original BET miniseries, “The Bobby Brown Story” slated for airing later this year. Busby will play Billy, the long-time friend of R&B icon Bobby Brown.

“David Busby is a remarkable talent,” cites Christopher Young, talent agent at BYSB Talent Agency. “BYSB signed him immediately upon auditioning him. His unfortunate life experiences have propelled something magnetic in him. His determination to succeed is so palatable you can taste it.”
An Inglewood, California native, now living in Atlanta, Busby was raised by his school teacher grandmother and jazz musician grandfather. Church played an important role in his childhood and he always believed he was destined to do great things. After two near death experiences, Busby decided that time was now. He always felt drawn to acting and finally decided to seriously pursue it.
“My two brushes with death pushed me to live. It’s crazy because when I think about it, I’m not supposed to be here, but I am. When I changed my mind and my thoughts, my world changed. Today, just a year after being shot for the second time, I’m working side by side with actors I looked up too while growing up. But it’s not just about me. I want to let others know, especially those my age who are going through something bad, that there is good out there. There is hope. Your situation and your circumstances can change for the better and it doesn’t have to take forever for that to happen,” expresses Busby.
“Never giving up is the key,” continues Busby. “I once modeled myself behind man and man is flawed, so I’ve really been aligning myself to that which I feel in my heart is true. God is my truth and I model myself behind that and continue to grow and live in it.”

David Busby is a self-realized saint who was almost destroyed by sinners. He serves as an amazing example of perseverance, strength and vision. Catch him on this season of “Saints and Sinners” and look out for him in “The Bobby Brown Story.” This young man is making moves, and nothing can stop him now!
Follow David Busby’s journey on Instagram at @nonregular .

Vocalist Sandra Booker Tributes Sarah Vaughan At Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Grill

Los Angeles – When jazz vocalist Sandra Booker first burst onto the Los Angeles music scene in the 90’s, the comparisons to the legendary Sarah Vaughan came fast and furious. Her stirring, soulful renditions didn’t just mimic the melodious icon, they seemed to channel her. On Sunday, April 22, Booker will pay a unique homage to her muse with “Forever Sassy: The Divine Music of Sarah Vaughan” at the popular performance venue, the Vibrato Jazz Grill.  Described as a love letter to one of the great ladies of swing, scat and song, Booker now sadly shares more in common with Vaughan than she had initially dreamed.
Vaughan passed away from lung cancer in April of 1990. Booker is currently in her own battle with the deadly disease. Her loving tribute is slated to benefit Jazz Musicians Against Cancer. A premier jazz and dining space, Vibrato Jazz Grill, owned by music industry icon Herb Alpert, is located at 2930 Beverly Glen Circle, Los Angeles. The show will run from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Tickets to the show are available at  www.vibratogrilljazz.com or by calling (310) 474-9400.
Booker will pay reverence to Vaughan, known as the “Queen of Bebop,” with royal treatment. The high-octane musical celebration will honor the magnificent voice, style and career of Vaughan with feature selections spanning the diva’s 40 plus year career, covering the familiar to more obscure numbers. Joining Booker is her “5tet” featuring Andy Langham on piano, Edwin Livingston on electric and acoustic bass, Tony Pulizzi playing guitar, and Thomas White on drums.
Sarah Vaughan was undeniably the voice of bebop and so much more. From the intimacy of nightclubs to the vastness of the orchestra stage, she was a musical force to be reckoned with. She was a four-time Grammy Award winner, including the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The National Endowment for the Arts bestowed upon her its “highest honor in jazz,” the NEA Jazz Masters Award in 1989.
Booker is highly respected for her own virtuosic scat ability, impeccable timing and phrasing, crystalline tone and bold musical individuality, placing her in a league of her own.  She has been the voice of major advertising campaigns including Coca-Cola and Ralph Lauren. The New Orleans native embraces traditional jazz while incorporating gospel, R&B, neo-soul, tropical, and classical influences into her style combined with precise intonation, uncompromising vocal agility and a sophisticated musical sense of style. Frank Collett, who served as Vaughan’s musical director and pianist in the 80s, and also co-produced Booker’s debut cited, “If there’s anyone to compare to Sarah Vaughan, Sandra is it.”
In 2016, Booker established the Jazz Musicians Against Cancer (JMAC) fund to provide no-cost concerts to cancer patients, families and friends, as part of her “Music is Medicine” campaign and tour. “Cancer has the been the most painful and beautiful gift I’ve ever received, and I get to live my NOW life. Music has always been a powerful healing balm and artists like Sarah Vaughan have provided me nourishment and joy on my journey. I’m so looking forward to my “Jazz on Sunday” event at Vibrato Jazz Grill and I hope my music continues to carry on the legacy of healing for others.”
“Forever Sassy: The Divine Music of Sarah Vaughan” at the Vibrato Jazz Grill will be an evening to remember! For more show information and tickets, go to www.vibratogrilljazz.com .
Go to https://youtu.be/N-El-l9xpK0 now for a sound test and to keep singing with Sandra Booker, go to https://www.sandrabooker.com/ .
To support Booker personally, go to https://www.gofundme.com/sandrabookerinparis .
Promo for Sandra Booker’s “Forever Sassy:
The Divine Music of Sarah Vaughan”

57-Year-Old Publicist and Grandmother, Makeda Smith Inspires During National Women’s History Month With Release of Pole Dance Performance Video

Los Angeles – Veteran entertainment industry publicist, Makeda Smith, made international headlines last year – not for her acumen as a press agent with her agency, Jazzmyne Public Relations, but for her remarkable pole dancing skills via her dance brand FlyingOver50, a blog-turned-movement that has inspired legions of older women to reclaim what she describes as their ‘divine femininity.’  The pole dancing grandmother recently joined forces with Christina Villegas and Jeff Mercer, the owners of MercVille Productions, to celebrate National Women’s History Month by creating a pole dance video that she hopes continues to motivate her ‘over 50’ followers across social media and her blog.
Filmed as part of the “Goddesses In Motion: A Pop Up Video Shoot” series and produced by Flying Curves Dance Studio, the dancing diva performs pole acrobatics in nine inch heels, defying mainstream notions about grannies and aging!

Pole dancing publicist and granny Makeda Smith
MercVille Productions first featured Makeda last year in “The Pole Dancing Chronicles.”  Sponsored and co-produced by Mighty Grip Inc., a leading worldwide sporting goods manufacturer, “The Pole Dancing Chronicles” showcases people and events from within the pole and aerial community. The working couple invited Makeda to participate in their “Goddesses In Motion” pop-up video series, with the notion to continue to showcase pole performers as the recognition of pole dance and aerial art swells as respected fitness regimens.
Cites Christina Villegas, a former reality show producer, who also owns and operates Flying Curves Dance Studio, “Providing a global platform to reveal the compelling stories of women who have evolved through pole dancing is one of my many passions. Makeda’s “Goddesses In Motion” performance was a joy to direct and film. She proves that aging is what you make it and not what society tells you to do with it!”
MercVille Productions in action!

A dance movement teacher, with seven years of study under her belt, Makeda offers private lessons, workshops and classes to all women, but targets those 50 and older. Participants in her sessions have ranged in ages from 20 to 85 years old! She also blogs weekly at FlyingOver50.com with positive affirmations that she combines with her pole and aerial photography.  Just recently the dance maven presented at the K.I.S.S Women’s Retreat (Keep Inspiring Strong Sistahs), an event produced by celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Danine, that was hosted by Fox News’ Leah Uko, with keynote speakers, gospel singer and reality star, Tina Campbell and business woman and mother of singers Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

Makeda, who’s been featured in publications that include Prevention Magazine, XONecole.com, People Magazine South Africa, and Love Sunday Magazine in London, comments, “My journey has morphed into a movement among older demographics because it is actually about movement! We as women naturally stop moving as we age. Stress and depression makes us want to sit still. When you get up and move your body, your spirit rises up and follows. I tell women in my FlyingOver50 flow movement classes, start with your hips and just shake them. A woman who shakes her hips can shake up the world! Society tries to make us feel less than, but we are actually more – more knowledgeable, more wiser and more sexier even!”
Makeda is currently celebrating the 30th year anniversary of her agency, Jazzmyne Public Relations. Her ability to successfully maintain her professional persona as one the industry’s most respected public relations experts while defying the norm with her pole and dance movement practice is just one of the many ways she continues to inspire women to “Fly Over 50.”
Follow @FlyingOver50 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Watch Makeda dance to “Gangsta” by Kehlani’s on YouTube.

FlyingOver50 Pole Dance Video to Kehlani's
FlyingOver50 Pole Dance Video to Kehlani’s “Gangsta”

New Blockchain Game Fishbank Celebrates Big Catch with Over 200,000 Users



New York – The alpha version of the new crypto collectibles blockchain game Fishbank is steadily hooking new players in its fun filled cyber waters.  Fishbank recently celebrated serving more than 200,000 users with 1200+ ETH (over one million USD) in total turnover on the Ethereum Rinkeby smart contracts.  The game has garnered huge hype and its official stable launch is planned for March 18 on Ethereum Mainnet. The Fishbank beta version launch has raised the value of game asset tokens up 200%. ChatRobotic, the team behind Fishbank, is famous all over the world for its chat bot games on the messenger platforms including Telegram, Kik and Facebook Messenger, with more than 500,000 players and 2.5 million messages sent daily.

Fishbank is a massively addictive multiplayer PvP (player-versus-player) battle game on blockchain with the sole aim to grow the biggest fish and dominate the “decentralized food chain.” Catching a crypto fish in Fishbank is almost like fishing in real life — you never know what you’ll get, and the chance to hook a legendary ‘species’ is one in 5000. Every game asset is an ERC-721 token stored in the Ethereum network that can be sold or transferred just like any other cryptocurrency.

A partnership with OPSkins, the world’s largest marketplace for safely and securely buying and selling digital items, was announced recently that allows the trade of crypto fish tokens to over 10 million active users!  One of Fishbank’s early celebrity adopters is Stefano Oppo, an Olympic athlete and Italian national team rower, who is training a couple of the legendary crypto sharks to become champions.

Fishbank is in constant development daily with new updates. The beta release features a list that includes an innovative fighting algorithm, faster cool down periods and a batch of newfangled crypto fish species to bait. Players are now allowed to use special modifiers for crypto fish tokens to temporarily boost their characteristics, thereby implementing a number of new play strategies and elevating the excitement factor.  Modifiers can be found in game chests that are also traded on the market with ERC-721 tokens.

Anyone can preorder certain fish species for the stable release of the game with 5% discounts in effect till March 10.  After the game is officially launched, the only way to get a fish is to catch a random one (approximately 0.03 ETH / 26.00 USD for a try) or buy directly from other players on an integrated marketplace.

The most powerful creatures in the Fishbank game are the crypto whales that recently became available for preorder with prices starting from 15 ETH (13,098.11 USD).  Only 100 whales will be pre-minted for the game, therefore the chance to catch one in the game after its launch is one in a million.  This means that there will be approximately 30,000 ETH (26,107,799.64 USD) in tickets sold to give a birth for a new whale.

ChatRobotic recognizes its mission as creating a solid motivation to educate a wide range of users on how to use cryptocurrency and digital wallets through fun and gamification. As cited in their mission statement, “games have always played an undoubtedly significant role in the early adoption of almost every complex technology.”

For more info, check out the following links:

Website: https://fishbank.io

Telegram Group: https://t.me/fishbank_en

Telegram News: https://t.me/fishbank

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chatrobotic

Facebook: https://fb.me/fishbank.io

Event Host Kevin Rouse Announces 2018 Party Calendar with Comedienne Luenell’s Birthday Bash

Los Angeles – After hosting “The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot,” deemed one of the flyest Hollywood affairs on Grammy Night, Kevin Rouse and his Rouse House Entertainment have announced a  2018-line up of events designed to keep Los Angelenos excited, engaged and entertained.  Next up is the the Comedienne Luenell’s Celebrity Black Carpet Birthday Bash 2018. The celebration will be held Sunday, March 11 at the historic Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The Globe Theater is located at 740 S. Broadway and the event starts at 7:00 p.m.
Everyone knows Luenell is known for her bold and no holds barred tongue and Rouse is making sure the party will reflect her flamboyance and panache.  “Black Excellence” is the theme for the night and the performers will include some of best classic hit makers, including Kid N Play, Bow Legged Lou, Troop, Michel’le, The MGJ Girls (The Mary Jane Girls), Mikki Howard, Norwood Young and comedian Sinbad.  Brazilian and burlesque dancers will add additional ambience to the night.  “Birthday celebrations are very important to me,” cites Luenell, “And I don’t trust mine to anyone but Kevin Rouse.” 

Premier event host Kevin Rouse and comedienne Luenell
Rouse has joined forces with longtime friends and promoters Roland Wirt and Don Derbigny to continue presenting Los Angeles’ longest running “Grown & Sexy” events.  Their Brand New First Fridays is celebrating 17 years now! This event provides Los Angeles professionals a quality venue for upscale nightlife entertainment.  This year the trio has planned a special “Grown & Sexy Nightlife Voyage.”
“The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot,” presented in association with Honeycomb Entertainment Productions and held at Ohm Nightclub in Hollywood last January, launched the year in a big way for Rouse House Entertainment. In a rare West Coast appearance, the heroic bass god himself, William “Bootsy” Collins, was joined by the legendary hip hop personality Bishop Don Juan, alongside celebrity friends and family as he shot a video for his new single release, “Hi-On-Heels.”  The video release will serve to memorialize the magic from that evening.
Kevin Rouse, Rouse House Entertainment; Bootsy Collins and A’Queen Kaitina Lee,  Honeycomb Entertainment   Productions

Rouse, along with business partner, Pernell Clark, are reputed for producing one of the largest “All Black Attire” events in the country, held for the past several years at the prestigious Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This year however, the duo will take a break from the Black Party and focus on Rouse’s “LA Night” event.  “LA Night” launches this year with the best of the best in comedy, live entertainment and DJ fueled dancing, offering what Rouse calls, “A Live Fresh New Perspective.”

Also, this July, Rouse and his lovely wife Schvone Rouse, along with business partner Jaysee Coney, will host their annual community affair, “The Light Bright Damn Near White Gala 2018 Nobody Parties like Pacoima” affair. This significant gathering honors Pacoima’s coaches, sports figures and community leaders and donates a portion of the event proceeds for uniforms and equipment for community’s little league teams.

Rouse has been successfully producing quality entertainment for over 20 years at some of Los Angeles’ premier venues, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, OHM Nightclub and the Globe Theater.   Plan to join him by checking out the links below for more event information:


Boxing Champion Yahu “Rock” Blackwell Enters the Cryptocurrency Ring with New Fight Game “Crypto Boxers”

Atlanta, GA – Boxing champion, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell is entering the cryptocurrency ring with the release of a digital collectibles fighting game, Crypto Boxers. Slated to launch this summer, Crypto Boxers is the first and only boxing game operating on blockchain technology, with crypto tokens issued by boxing celebrities. Hall of Famer and legendary referee Joe “Mr. Fair But Firm” Cortez is the first celebrity announcement with his own avatar calling all the fights on the game!  Crypto Boxers will feature real life boxing professionals as collectible tokens for the virtual fighting action on Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.
Boxing champion,  
Yahu “Rock” Blackwell

Cites Yahu Blackwell, “My team and I are ecstatic about this launch. We originally planned this as a fighting game app, but I’m always looking for and reaching to the next frontier. Cryptocurrency is the next frontier and merging our game into that space seemed like a perfect marriage. So, we delayed our original launch and went back to the drawing board. I’m now offering gamers a unique opportunity to not only fight in a virtual boxing ring but to also explore this new realm of digital currency. What Madden did for the game industry is what Crypto Boxers is going to do for cryptocurrency.”

Andrew Gilliam, Blackwell’s manager and consultant also offers, “Crypto Boxers is the next logical step up over PlayStation. The game allows the player the opportunity to not only compete, but to also earn money upon winning. The game’s virtual boxers will not only battle in virtual reality matches, but they will also earn digital rewards for their wins!”
“This game will be the closest thing to getting in an actual ring with your gloves on!” cites referee Joe Cortez. “You think you got what it takes to be a professional boxer? You think you can beat enough opponents to earn your way to a title? Then bring it to Crypto Boxers!”

Legendary referee
Joe “Mr. Fair But Firm” Cortez 
Yahu Blackwell, named the World Boxing Union (WBU) novice world champion, has compiled a record of 15-0 in the International Boxing League (IBL). Known as “The People’s Champion” the Nigerian boxer was raised and still resides in Baltimore, MD. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, the handsome young boxer continuously seeks to expand his brand outside of the ring. The champ has become the face of My Sister Cares Foundation, a non-profit that is dedicated to providing food, shelter and clothing to orphans, in Cameroon, Africa. He donated to the organization to help build a new orphanage. He also recently became a franchise owner with the purchase of his first store, Rita’s Italian Ice restaurant. Blackwell will make an upcoming appearance on a popular Bravo TV reality show and has plans for the big movie screen as well. He has trained with the likes of Freddy Roach and Floyd Mayweather Sr. and will be entering the real ring again later in March, with additional matches planned for the year.
To throw your glove into the digital ring, check out Crypto Boxers at cryptoboxers.io.
To stay abreast of game developments and launch news, follow Crypto Boxers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow Boxer Yahu Blackwell on Instagram.
Crypto Boxers is going to knock out the fight game!

Recording Artist Tiffani LeBlanc Reigns as the #PartyPrincess With New Track “Let’s Party”

NEW YORK – When recording artist Tiffani LeBlanc dropped her first hit, “Kinda High” in 2017, music fans took notice of not only her soaring vocals but also her dramatic sense for fashion and style. The new artist continues to gain heat as she drops her latest track, “Let’s Party” a feel-good anthem for fun times. “Let’s Party” is already being added to Top 40 Billboard reporting playlists on stations across the country in markets such as California, Miami and Atlanta.  The upbeat pop tune positions the young songstress as a #PartyPrincess whose reign has just begun.

A natural performance artist, Tiffani boasts the confidence of a woman who has always known just what she wants. When just three years old, she would walk around in her mother’s heels singing everything from R&B and hip hop to pop to classic rock. In the early 2000s, she began making her voice heard performing at an array of events, including musical theater competitions and opera shows. In 2010, she won the Critic’s Choice award in the Florida State Thespians Festival.

“Let’s Party” is Tiffani’s first major release since signing with the label Wonda Music, Inc. The song was produced in part by Murk Da Mic and Jerry Wonda. “Let’s Party” is currently topping the “DRT Global Top 200 Airplay,” “DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay,” “DRT Global Top 50 Pop Airplay,” and the “DRT Global Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay” charts.

The music video “Let’s Party,” directed by Joan Pabon, captures Tiffani’s wild woman essence and rebellious attitude. Influenced by trailblazers like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Drake, and Emmylou Harris, Tiffani LeBlanc is the #PartyPrincess for the new millennial generation. As she continues to hone her unique sound incorporating hip hop, pop, dance, and R&B, music fans will continue to bow down to her reign.
Follow Tiffani LeBlanc on Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Tiffanileblanc.com
Tiffani LeBlanc’s new single “Let’s Party” is available now at all digital retailers!

Check out the video here on YouTube !
“Let’s Party” Tiffani LeBlanc

Funkateer Bootsy Collins and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan Bring the Funk in 2018 with a House Party, Players Ball, Video Shoot Affair

Los Angeles – Sunday, January 28, 2018, Grammy night will be on fire from coast to coast as West Coast party goers, players and pranksters will have their own affair to blast into the future in full musical gear! New York may have the Grammys, but Hollywood will boast the funk as Honeycomb Entertainment Productions, in conjunction with Kevin Rouse’s Rouse House Entertainment present “The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot,” at OHM Nightclub in Hollywood. In a rare West Coast appearance, the heroic bass god himself, William “Bootsy” Collins,” will be hosted by legendary hip hop personality Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, alongside celebrity friends and family as he shoots a video for his new single release, “Hi-On-Heels.” DJ Don Juan and DJ Paradise will bring the noise throughout the night! Ladies are encouraged to wear their highest heels and gents their sharpest threads as this Los Angeles-based Grammy night event will galvanize the new year with a titanic blast! OHM Nightclub is located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 433, in Hollywood. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.com.
William “Bootsy” Collins is an iconic figure in R&B, soul, rock and funk. He launched his career early on with the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown in the late 1960s before establishing his full funk presence with the “Father of Funk” George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic in the ’70s. Collins’ driving bass guitar and tongue-in-cheek lyrical prowess established him as an unforgettable persona in the music industry and beyond. His vast musical catalogue is heralded internationally for his driving and uniquely rhythmic master grooves. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. “Hi-On-Heels” is his latest release from his most current melodious chapter, “Word Wide Funk” on the Mascot Label. The project oozes with Collins’ signature cosmic sound and is an unadulterated 15-track tour de force album!
Bishop Don “Magic” Juan imparts an added exceptional ingredient to “The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot” as the host. Don “Magic” Juan has been long heralded in the hip hop community for his elaborate Players Ball presentations for decades now. His decision to leave the ‘street game’ is well documented in his 1994 book “From the Pimp Stick to the Pulpit-It’s Magic” yet he continues to host mythical Players Ball events around the country. Attendees are well reputed for their extravagant displays of fur, diamonds, sequins and style. Notables in attendance over the years have included Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Ice-T and Wiz Khalifa. Don Juan recently hosted his own “43rd Annual Official Bishop Don “Magic” Juan Players Ball” in December on Chicago’s West Side.
“Rouse House Entertainment is well known for bringing ‘grown and sexy’ nightlife events to Los Angeles’ professionals,” notes premier event host, Kevin Rouseof Rouse House Entertainment. “We are excited to partner with Honeycomb Entertainment Productions on this spectacular production! We know social media will be on fire that evening as folks come out to celebrate these two amazing tastemakers known for their extreme fashionable flair. It’s going to be a total experience of music, fashion, fun, funk and flavor!”
Premier event host, Kevin Rouse
Rouse has been producing quality entertainment for over 20 years at some of Los Angeles’ premier venues, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, OHM Nightclub and the Globe Theater.  On the heels of this event, Rouse House Entertainment is hosting yet another extravaganza, Comedienne Luenell’s Celebrity Black Carpet Birthday Bash 2018.”
“The Bootsy Collins Players Ball Hi-On-Heels House Party and Video Shoot” is sponsored by Chuuuch Cannabis and Sompers Fur.  This event will sell out, so set 2018 off with a bang! Follow on Facebook for event updates at “Bootsy Collins Hi on Heels Hollywood House Party” and get your tickets now at Eventbrite.com. May the funk set you free!

Real Life Urban Super Hero, DangerMan Honors Community Activists at 2nd Annual DangerMan Hero Awards

Los Angeles – America’s Real Life Urban Super Hero, DangerMan, will once again honor the heroics of local community activists at the 2nd Annual 2017 DangerMan Hero Awards Show, to be held the evening of Saturday, December 9 at the California African American Museum (CAAM). The highly anticipated event will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a red carpet and VIP reception. Produced by actor, mentor and philanthropist Roger I. Tinsley, the founder of the DangerMan Urban Superhero brand and CEO/President of the DangerMan Education Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the gala will recognize eleven “DangerMan Heroes” and one “DangerMan Hero of the Year!” CAAM is located at 600 State Drive in Los Angeles. Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dangerman-hero-awards-tickets-29359898246 .  The show will also stream live at Facebook at @DangerManUrbanSuperHero .
Actor/comedian Melvin Jackson, Jr. (“The Wire” “Everybody Hates Chris”) will serve as the Master of Ceremony for the evening. Actor/producer Brandon “Lark” Larkins (“Cougar Town” “The Wire”) is among the presenters. Musician JMosley and performing artist Alina Artemova will provide entertainment during the night.
“It takes a team of concerned citizens to keep our city safe,” notes DangerMan, “and as a super hero, I need a super team. Therefore, each year, DangerMan brings the community together for a celebration to extend our appreciation to selected DangerMan Heroes. DangerMan Heroes are ordinary everyday people who give a damn and work very hard to make the world better for others. DangerMan Heroes are People Making California Better.”
The Danger Man Hero Awards consist of an online nomination and voting process. Voting began on November 12 and will end Monday, December 4 at noon. Individuals can vote up to 10 times a day at www.DangerManHeroAwards.com. Each DangerMan Hero will receive a beautiful handcrafted award and a check to help with their journey. The “DangerMan Hero of the Year” winner will also receive a grand prize.
This year’s local champions include Sterling Barbour, VP Veterans Advocacy Group of America; Wendell Blassingame, Skid Row Counselor; Robbie N. Butler, President of the Speak Up Empowerment Foundation, Inc.; Marcia Coppertino, Director of Operations, US Team; Ann Duson, Founder & CEO Women Veterans Utility Group; Tung Nguyen, Life Coach/ Community; Monalisa Okojie, Owner Nehita Fine Jewelry; Raymond Owusu, High School Teacher; John Paizis, Founder & Director Performing Arts Studio West; Robina Suwol, Founder California Safe Schools and Reverend Clarence Eziokwu Washington, Co-Owner and VP We Can Foundation. These DangerMan Heroes are generous and caring people who continue to cheerfully give of their time and resources to make life better for those in need.
Roger Tinsley first introduced DangerMan to America in 1998 after

Real Life Urban Super Hero DangerMan

being emotionally impacted by the death of a four-year-old. The toddler was tragically killed on her birthday by a stray bullet from gang-related gun fire. Tinsley felt compelled to create a real life super hero who could serve as a role model for school age children in under served communities while addressing issues that specifically affected them. Using his own money and resources he created DangerMan, the Urban Super Hero.

As a ‘real life’ urban superhero, DangerMan is an advocate for children’s rights promoting literacy, safety and good health. He wages against bullying and also fights human trafficking. DangerMan visits schools and community events encouraging his audience with a motto of “No gangs, guns, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.” He has traveled throughout America and Haiti, empowering children to live their best life. “Protect, Promote and Provide” are the pillars DangerMan lives by. DangerMan has steadily evolved into the fastest growing super hero brand in the world and will celebrate a 20-year anniversary in 2018.
For sponsorship information and to vote for this year’s nominees for the DangerMan Hero Awards Show go to www.dangermanheroawards.com.


’70s Soul Singer, The Natural Four’s Chris Bell, Pens Revealing Memoir “Music Saved My Live”

Book Trailer for
Book Trailer for “Music Saved My Life” by Chris James from the Natural Four 


Atlanta, GA – A good old school love song can take you on a journey and incite the resurgence of memories long gone. The 1973 hit “Can This Be Real” is a prime example. The melody was a Top 40 break through on the R&B charts and The Natural Four were the singular force behind the hit. Ollan Christopher Bell, better known at Chris James knows first-hand about song-induced travels. The Natural Four was his group and in his newly released memoirs “Music Saved My Life, From Darkness Into The Light, My Life As A 70’s R&B/Soul Singer” he takes us on an intimate trek through his life and times.

The Natural Four originally formed in 1967 in Oakland, CA and started receiving notoriety in the early ’70’s after signing to Curtis Mayfield’s label, Curtom Records. To date, Mayfield is still one of the most influential creators behind soul music. The group reigned under the production of Leroy Hutson, the former lead singer of R&B vocal group, The Impressions. From 1972 to 1976 the Natural Four toured the United States and appeared at major venues including the Apollo Theater. They also appeared on numerous top TV shows including Soul Train and American Bandstand. After releasing a string of hits inside of three albums, The Natural Four called it quits in the mid ’70’s.
In “Music Saved My Life,” James takes us back to his early days growing up in Oakland. He started his music career at the age of 10 playing the bass guitar and at the age of 12 he performed his first singing solo.  His musical background originated in the church and from his mother, who was also a professional singer. With poignant detail, James recollects how music has been his lifesaver from childhood into adulthood. The reader travels with him through a dysfunctional childhood with an abusive and controlling mother. His turbulent relationship with his mother unfortunately set the precedent for countless encounters with bullies throughout his life, including his first wife of over 20 years. “Music Saved My Love,” recalls a life riddled with regrets while seemingly filled with career successes.
James has performed and shared the stage with legendary artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Temptations, Kool and the Gang, the Isley Brothers and his former producer Curtis Mayfield. With more than 200 songs composed and distributed on various albums throughout the world, his discography is more than impressive. However, the man behind the music seldom knew inner peace. Life on the road in the ’70’s was riddled with drama, drugs and busted dreams, while life at home reflected much of the same.
Zakiya Hooker and husband, Chris James

Today, James is happily married to Zakiya Hooker, the daughter of the late great blues icon, John Lee Hooker.  In addition to producing all five of Zakiya’s albums, he also produced the final John Lee Hooker CD “Face to Face.” In addition, James is also the president and co-owner of the John Lee Hooker Boom Boom Recording Studio in Douglasville, Georgia.

“Music has been the salve for my tormented soul. It has been a lifesaver and redeemer for me. As a veteran of the music business, I watch young artists today and recognize the telltale signs that betray that all is not well. Having survived five decades in the industry, and still being sustained by doing what I love, I’m hoping that my book will give hope and credence to not only artists, but anyone in need of healing,” offers James. “When I look back on my life, I never would have dreamed of the peace and happiness that was just waiting for me. So many of my contemporaries are no longer here. Music is one of God’s ultimate healers and I have a testimony to prove it.”
James now finds himself touring around the world and spending most of his time in South America, with a home base in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he has become a well-recognized recording and performing artist. His smooth vocals still reflect the warm timbre, control and range that resonates throughout the catalogue of the Natural Four as he trains and produces singers from Paris, Japan, England, South America and the US. His last project was a compilation of jazz standards entitled, “Tenderly, Unplugged.”
“Music Saved My Life, From Darkness Into The Light, My Life As A 70’s R&B/Soul Singer” takes the reader between the notes as Chris James navigates his troubles while rubbing shoulders with some of R&B’s greatest legends, including Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone and Isaac Hayes.

Sing along with Chris James at https://www.chrisjames-naturalfour.com/ and get your copy of his book on Amazon.com at  http://a.co/gsFqcTs

available on paperback and Kindle.  Friend Chris James on Facebook at @OllanCBell .
View the book trailer, produced by Markus Watson, the production genius behind Your Video Ninja, at https://youtu.be/0-P6HejuAsE .

Tonier Cain Muldrow Receives Special Recognition From Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, for Work With Trauma Survivors and Re-Entry Population


Baltimore, MD – Recovering addict, Tonier Cain-Muldrow, was granted special recognition from Baltimore’s State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, for her efforts to construct healthier communities and her dedication to raising awareness and providing resources for trauma survivors and the re-entry population. The honor was presented during a black-tie gala held last week as part of the second annual Healing Neen Trauma-Informed Care Conference hosted by the nonprofit organization, Neen Cares.

“It is such an honor to know that Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby knows my name – and its not for an indictment,” said Cain-Muldrow. The founder and president of Neen Cares continues with humor, “To receive a certificate from the state that doesn’t say the state versus Tonier Cain shows me that my message that where there is breath there is hope is reaching people in high places that can make changes in the way they treat homeless, incarcerated, and drug addicted populations.”

During her 19-year crack addiction, Cain-Muldrow racked up 83 arrests and 66 convictions. She turned to prostitution to pay for drugs, lost custody of four children, and, when she wasn’t locked up, she slept under a bridge in Annapolis, MD. Since completing treatment in 2005, she has become a celebrated speaker and trauma care expert and even testified before Congress and lectured at Yale University. She authored a poignant memoir, “Healing Neen,” and has a feature-length documentary of the same name, exposing her traumatic childhood filled with abuse, rape and neglect. There is a docu-series in development chronicling her and her husband, Adrian Muldrow’s work in the community, and her second book, “Relationships After Trauma,” is due out March 2018.

Themed “Together We Are the Resolution,” the conference convened experts from across the country to discuss how to train and empower local communities to implement trauma-informed approaches to combating drug addiction, violence and other issues plaguing America. The participants were treated to a moving performance by award-winning minister, author and singer, Stacey Lattisaw, during the closing event.

Neen Cares is a Maryland based nonprofit organization providing trauma treatment, peer support, healthy lifestyle coaching, substance abuse counseling, prison re-entry assistance, and therapy. Programs include a mini basketball camp, football clinic, and the annual Healing Neen Trauma-Informed Care Conference. For more information on their services and programs visit www.neencares.org.

PHOTO CREDIT: Exquisite Images

1) Representatives for the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s office Miesha Rice (L) and Andrea Curley (R) present Tonier Cain-Muldrow (center) with a certificate of recognition for her work with trauma survivors and the re-entry population.
2) Award-winning minister and singer, Stacey Lattisaw, gave a moving performance during Neen Cares’ annual Healing Neen Trauma-Informed Care Conference. Pictured (L-R) Adrian Muldrow, VP Neen Cares; Tonier Cain-Muldrow, Neen Cares; Lattisaw and her husband Kevin Jackson.